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katsar 01-23-2012 07:14 PM

Hi everyone,

I've enjoyed reading here over the last few days and have learned a lot. I am 51 and I think I've just gotten on the menopause roller coaster! About a month ago I started getting hot flashes and night sweats. The hot flashes come every 40 minutes or so and I am up 3 or 4 times a night with night sweats. My period has been very regular up until November and I haven't had one since then.

I have had anxiety for many, many years but a year and a half ago it went into overdrive. I have felt ill on and off since then. Have been in counselling for that. Around the time that my anxiety got worse, my periods were messed up for a few months. Then they got back on track. Now I am wondering if it could all have been the start of perimenopause.

Anyway, I have tried over the counter black cohosh pills for the hot flashes but they upset my stomach and didn't help with the hot flashes. Then I read about progestrone cream. I don't have health insurance so I bought Kokoro progesterone cream at a health store. I used it once and that night my breasts and all around them were so painful. I skipped using the cream the next day and the pain went away. I used it yesterday (though used a little less than is suggested) and I had pain again last night, though not as bad. Has anyone experienced anything like this? After using it the first time my hot flashes the next day were every 90 minutes or so, instead of every 40 minutes. Should I keep using the cream and hope that my body will get used to it and the pain will go away?

Also, I was reading that menopause increases cholesterol levels. That is a big worry to me as my cholesterol is already over 300 (hereditary). I cannot tolerate statins so I am kind of freaking out over that. When I got my cholesterol tested last year, it had already risen 20 points in a year. Has anyone else had to deal with this issue? What did you do?

I have to say that this has all been quite stressful for me! My mother passed away when I was young so I don't know what her experience of menopause was like.

I appreciate your input.


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