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Going insane with Peri

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Old 05-18-2012, 06:19 AM   #1
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Karatemom40 HB UserKaratemom40 HB User
Going insane with Peri

I think I am literally coming unglued, unhinged, off my rocker. How can peri cause all this stuff? Or is it? I'm 42 and miserable!!!!! I don't know what to do anymore and just want it to go away! I have 4 young boys to care for and all I do is yell at them all the time. We are out of school as of today and I am in such a funk of misery because I know I have 2 1/2 long months of misery ahead of bickering, fighting, boredom, etc. Even a trip to the grocery store is going to give me fits of rage.

It's just a mystery to me how peri can cause your whole outlook to change. How is that possible? I have NOTHING to be unhappy about. My life is nearly perfect but yet I have headaches all the time, don't sleep well most of the time, have crying jags, then screaming fits, and utter irritability. The rage I feel sometimes scares me. I've never been an angry person. I have diarrhea and stomach cramps all the time and night sweats that are awful!

Last summer I went into such a depression I had to hide in my closet crying for hours. It was awful.... I cannot do that again. I took Celexa for a while, but I ended up on 40 mgs and the side effects were so awful, it just wasn't worth it to me. I've tried Xanax and another med (can't recall name) for the anxiety and they do nothing for me. It literally is like taking a placebo. I recently went back on the combo birth control because my face was breaking out like I was in high school.... so we are on month 2 of Ortho Tricylen. I've had a headache for 2 weeks straight. Every single day! My skin looks better, but the moods swings are awful and I am just miserable.

I don't want to feel this way! Is peri really this bad? Or am I just going NUTS!?

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Old 05-20-2012, 02:15 PM   #2
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Laye HB UserLaye HB UserLaye HB User
Re: Going insane with Peri

Sorry to break this to you..I've been in it for years now..and it only feels like it's getting worse for me. It's always something..I've not felt like myself for almost 5 years now. No one warns you about this...all I do now is take one day at a time..sometimes one hour at a time. I can go from frightful..mad as hell..down right crying all within an hour. This young woman I work with told me I'm always irritable..and she called me Grandma. And then get this...when I told her I was at the doctor for my female issues..she laughed and smirked and said.."Menopause.." Can you say hold me back? I was fuming inside when she did my partner scolded me for making dinner "too early" because he can't eat that early because then he'll have to eat before bed. When I told him to warm it up then..he replied.."'s just not as good when you have to reheat it..."

FURIOUS!!! Is all I can say right now...Sorry to vent to you..I totally understand. I dislike most people right now..except the ones going through everyone on this's not fun.

Old 05-21-2012, 11:44 AM   #3
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irisrose HB Useririsrose HB Useririsrose HB Useririsrose HB Useririsrose HB Useririsrose HB Useririsrose HB User
Re: Going insane with Peri

I'm pretty much hating peri anymore. Before this past year the things going on were an annoyance, now they are more daily life impacting. Mainly because of my poor sleep, which really, really makes me mad! If there was one thing that was a constant for me was the ability to sleep. Now I have light sleep or disrupted sleep or night sweats or my body gets so keyed up, no sleep. And the bad sleep only makes the emotional aspects of peri so much more magnified.

Since you're only 42, having so many symptoms and many years to go before you go through menopause, maybe you should consider seeing a doctor that specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Most women become estrogen dominant in their 30s, definitely 40s and 50s. Progesterone declines at a much steeper rate than estrogen, leaving more estrogen and unopposed by the calming hormone progesterone.

I've been using bioidentical progesterone and it is HUGE in helping with the anxiety. I still feel like I could rip someone's head off every so often, but I no longer have that anxiety feeling in my chest and head, which is a BIG relief! I hate feeling anxious and every little thing startles me. It has helped with my sleep. It's still not perfect but much, much better than it was without it where I was sleeping 4-5hrs per night, and waking up every hour to two hours.

Maybe do a search for estrogen dominance and see if it sounds like the things you're experiencing. Sometimes birth control pills can help with the peri symptoms and other times it doesn't or makes things worse. If you could do a hormone balancing with bioidentical hormones, you might see better results. Something to think about since you have a lot of years ahead of you before menopause. You shouldn't feel miserable while waiting to get past it.

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reptilian HB User
Re: Going insane with Peri

Struggeling with the very same feelings! How can this wreak such havoc on our lives?? Im trying todecide how long I have been having symptoms and if they are just becoming gradually worse. I will be 41 this August. My mother and sister both started peri at 40. I have had the extreme anxiety,mood swings, crying fits and depression, hard to cure yeast infection and hot flashes and night sweats that seem to be increasing. And as of last wednesday diarrhea out of the blue! Im scared to eat anything! Which is fine because Im not interested in anything including eating except researching my symptoms! What gives? I feel like I am going insane!What will it be next?? I guess the good news for me is that since I feel like I already have the worst symptoms of peri possible, I should be able to easily handle any others. Ugh!! I think I am going to make an appointment with my gyno next week. There is no possible way I can live like this for years! NO WAY!!!

Good luck to you! I hope we find some relief and get through this quick!

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