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wildtexspirit 10-02-2012 03:47 PM

Has anyone tried "Flower of essence -Dandelion for Menopause?
I made this thread in hopes that I could get others results or finding from it. I started taking it yesterday. I slept well with it but woke with a sensation to head to the bathroom. I have read online that it can cause diarrhea. I did get a little diarrhea. But nothing bad. I have used ACV (apple cider vinegar) Before and it caused bad diarrhea. I stopped using the ACV and then found the Dandelion essence and started it. I wanted something to help with a lot of my problems I am having. I use to use Magnesium and it helped for 2 years. But now I have stomach problems and stopped using it.
[B]My problems are[/B]: Heart palpitations,racing heart(when I do anything) acid in tummy that causes my Re-Flux to kick up,solid feeling in my head,Hot flashes,cold flashes, irritability,Panic attacks,burning stomach,memory loss,and so much more. I just can't remember them all.

[B]When I started having my problems after being on magnesium,which were ,my head feeling like it was solid and if I bent my head upwards to look up while leaning and feel my pulse really hard in my head,and my eyes were blood shot all the time. I stopped taking magnesium cause I thought it should be after taking it for so long. Then new things started happening to me. I started getting heart pounding in chest all the time except when i was in bed in a resting position. I could be just walking to the bathroom and heart pounded hard. not fast just real hard. Then if I just walked around house folded clothes anything I couldn't do it cause it would pound so hard and wear me out like I ran a race. not fast just hard. Then panic attacks started out of the blue. I would be laughing with someone and bam a panic attack. I keep trying to find a cure for all I have but seems either no one has tried it yet or has no findings . I got desperate cause I am low income. Meaning I am broke as broke can get. even net will be off soon if I can't find something soon to help me be able to work again. So I am trying this Flower Essence Dandelion now. I used it last night and so far so good.[/B]

[B][I]So far my Hot flashes aren't so bad, still got a few Palpitations,my bowels are so far the biggest thing that I have seen as a result from it. It helps with my panic I think. I at first placed a drop to test if I have an allergic to it and noticed it calmed my heart and tummy a bit. So when I felt a panic attack comeing on I placed another two drops on wrist. Then later felt a panic attack trying on me and placed two new drops on wrist. I started to think it was all in my head and thought I need to try it in my mouth now like it says. But was so scared to for not knowing what it would do. yes then causing a panic attack. I decided to do it and placed 1 drop on tongue. :) I got my nerve up to do it. lol yays for me. Well I started to see my panic go down. I then placed a second drop on tongue and sure enough I felt better. So later I tried it again after at least 4 hours. Then started getting a little sleepy. I laid my head down and fell asleep. I woke with a sweaty body. Which is normal to me. lol But then my tummy was saying "better get to the bathroom" .

I am now placing 4 drops of the essence into my glass of water. But this is the only thing I have seen to happen so far.. [COLOR="Magenta"]nerves calm down,tummy feels a little better,Hot flashes while I am awake aren't so bad (mild if anything), burping more,slept really good[/COLOR] I know this is a new thing cause I haven't seen it on the threads yet. But if you have used it please let me know your results as well. ^.^ Thanks [/I][/B]

wildtexspirit 10-03-2012 12:17 AM

Re: Has anyone tried "Flower of essence -Dandelion for Menopause?
Well I'll keep you updated with my findings . But by no means does this mean I am a doctor of any kind lol I am just a lab rat for myself . lol

Okay like I said Yesterday I did well with the Dandelion essence.
[COLOR="Sienna"]I first used it on my wrist. testing if I was allergic and found I am not. 1 drop to wrist.[/COLOR]
[COLOR="DarkOliveGreen"]Then later I did 2 drops on same wrist and rubbed together like perfume.
[COLOR="DarkGreen"]Then a little later I did 2 more because I was feeling a panic attack coming on.[/COLOR]
[COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"]When I felt i needed to get some sleep I finally got the courage to place it in my mouth. Yes I am a scardy cat when it comes to trying something new without not finding anything online about it . lol So I placed it under my tongue 1 drop. then a few minutes later said what the heck and did 2. lol hey it says up to 4 . But like I said Im a chicken. [/COLOR]

Well I slept great and woke up refreshed . I felt a pain in my bowels. ^.^ but is normal they said. It is basically a purifier of the body. It works cleaning your toxins out of your body.
Now the reason I started using it was for a few reasons.
[COLOR="Blue"]all around health for one. lol
but mostly cause I am going threw some body problems like acids bad in tummy from Re-Flux and also a small pain in my tummy right between my belly button and my sternum. Just a small pinch feeling. I also have menopause. Was told about 4 or 5 years ago I was starting menopause. so pri? lol I am 43 now. Feb Ill be 44. anyways back to what I was talking about. I have hot flashes that run off even my dogs when i sleep or even if I just sit stand lol I also have a solid feeling in my head that gets tight and heavy. I have heart palpitations,racing heart beat to where sometimes causes panic attacks. I also get hard heavy kinds. My eyes are going faster than I thought they would. No headaches yet. (knock on wood) ,ringing in ears,breath feels labored like my lungs are heavy. aches and pains on body ..ect ect. ^.^[/COLOR]

Well I just took two drops straight to tongue and the taste is a bit strong but thats the brandy they have to mix with it. Must not place the dropper against anything they said. Must stay pure and clean. So I do it to where it drops on to tongue. I read you should eat before you take it. But last night I didnt. could be why it went threw me when i woke up. But not in a bad way. It just felt like a cleaning and then I was fine. ^.^ I felt kind off and on good threw the day. But I didn't take it again until just now. But it says do it 4 drops at least up to 4 times a day. ^.^ I just worry about the fact it said online somewheres that it can make your sugar level drop. When I had to recently go to hospital the EMT took my blood by finger and told me it was a lil low. So not sure. Just hoping for the best . I have no money so :/ This is what I have to do. :(

ok now i felt a small panic but recovered fast. like no panic mode. Just the fact that I got a bit nervy in my tummy. But that could have been the effects it gives. Like a numbing of the tummy or something. Kinda like Kava Kava does. (which i tried really don't know about Kava Kava but does help with menopause.) I almost had another panic attack but was really because i was bent over and cut off my tummy from digesting. I also did some breathing because it helps the Solar plexus. Which for people with hiata hernia (sp) it is very helpful a doctor said. Is helps to relax it diaphragm to move back to where it should. I want to say I am a smoker as well. I am trying to quit but is very hard so I am using those Tarbar thing's .To cut back on the ciggs.

Okay thats it for now. I am only using 2 drops at a time if I do and not using a lot of it . So my findings may not be great as if someone did the 4 times a day. If you try or have tried it please let others know your findings. ^.^

I have tried many things for my palpitations but only Magnesium has only been the true thing that has worked for me. But had to get off of the pill version and am hoping to get some of the flakes and make a spray version for the skin so my tummy doesnt get over kill on pills. I have a sensitive tummy. So I have to be careful what I use in it. Ok that is all for now. <3 Have a wonderful day.

wildtexspirit 10-03-2012 07:22 PM

Re: Has anyone tried "Flower of essence -Dandelion for Menopause?
[I][COLOR="DarkRed"][B][SIZE="3"]Hello to all that have been reading. I do hope this is helpful. :D Well last night was great to a point. After I wrote about my two drops on tongue I then left for the night and after doing so . I sat there in bed and was talking to a friend online. I started to feel a little strange in my left breast. It had a small ting. Like an ache. I shrugged it off and then had another one. I got to thinking about what it said for women. How it can help with menopause . I found some wheres that it helps with lactation. Now guys it was meaning for women. ^.^ But after awhile the ache went away. I sat up and burped loud. :eek: I so was not expecting that and neither was my friend. ^.^ But felt better. I am or use to be the type that felt it wasn't lady like to burp in front of anyone. So never did and held it in until I was out of eye and ear shot and then burped. But never have I burped that loud. But now I have a new found thought about lady like. lol I will if I feel it makes me feel better. ^.~

Okay after that I was up all night talking and lost all track of time. Before I knew it ,it was 5 am.^.^ I told the friend I needed to get some sleep. By the time I did get sleep it was closer to 9 am. ^.^ yes 4 hours later. But whole time i was sleepy and yawned a lot but guess I was feeling so much better I just stayed up longer. So that should show you how well it made me feel. The Flower Essence of Dandelion that is. Well one thing I forgot to mention and is cause I am very shy about talking about my BM. But this stuff does make you need to get to a bathroom in the mornings. This morning not so much. But I think it is cause after the two drops last night I went to the bathroom and had a BM. The stool is on the greenish yellow side. Which I found to be normal for this Dandelion being used. It is basically cleaning all those toxins in your liver and Gallbladder and spleen and intestines. Purifies the blood as well.
Lets just say I feel so much better since I have been taking this. It gives me a few worrying things that make my panic mode want to kick in but I am doing good to stay calm. It helped my stomach to calm down and not kick up to do tummy breathing. Never realized it is a good thing to learn to breath from your belly than you chest. lol Well after the BM I felt much better but then when my tummy got empty and cleared out from food it started up with the acids. I then drank water but didn't help the acids. So I had a few baked chips and that did ok and later I finally fell asleep. I was told that I was snoring. ^.^ finally I slept so hard and so good that I snored. ^.^ When I woke I felt refreshed to a point. Yep the morning BM time. Well I didnt have as much come out as usual. and less liquid in form. It was a bit thicker. (again sorry) After I was done. Lordy I felt so good all around. I had more energy and felt happy. I wanted to clean my whole house. But my body can't get up and do that yet. I have to take it easy until my heart gets right. All in all...
I toke about tops 6 drops total yesterday. 4 in water and 2 by mouth on tongue. Straight is harder in my mind and is why is caused a few problems. I noticed when I place it in my water I do well. 4 drops is your basic amount to take but like I said I only use 2 at a time on tongue but the glass of water dilutes it for me.
Please check with your Healthcare provider before starting anything . I unfortunately do not have that choice seeing how I am with no income. My bills are paid by someone else. So :/ yeah. now today I have not used any of the Dandelion Flower Essence which I am about to use in my water this time. If I feel a serious panic coming on I don't think I can handle? I will use 4 drops on my tongue like it says. It is suppose to help as a relaxer as well as all the other things it does. ^.^ I will try and keep all information I get, posted . Now time to get those drops in my water. ^.~ Have a great day. [/SIZE][/B][/COLOR][/I]

wildtexspirit 10-04-2012 02:05 PM

Re: Has anyone tried "Flower of essence -Dandelion for Menopause?
Well all, I am in confusion now. Last night I had place 4 drops into my water and by about 2 or 3 am I was in a weird panic attack mode. But this time I could not calm down. I had ate a banana around that time as well as drinking the water with the 4 drops in it. Now it is around 3 pm. I slept from 7:30 am until 1pm so I got plenty of sleep. I woke up went to pee and then walked over to pick up my dogs mess on floor and then my heart started to race again and I got weak and shaking.
I ate last time and it helpped but this time i had a glass of protein . That didnt help. I drank a lil coolaid and that isn't really helping at all. i have my water here but nothing seems to get rid of this shaking and coldness. Any ideas? I can't go to the doctor cause i have no money and no car. Er is too far away to walk and on top of that the only way to get there is an ambulance..

wildtexspirit 10-04-2012 09:30 PM

Re: Has anyone tried "Flower of essence -Dandelion for Menopause?
I know I am the only one that is posting all the time on this but this will be my last on this subject and thread.

Okay after I received my new Magnesium supplement in the mail. I then opened it after I have my Protein shake I cut the large pills into halfs. I took a half and then another half about an hour or two later. Then did that 1 more time until I have taken 2 whole magnesium pills that equal 200 mg of magnesium. The daily dose is 320 for a woman my age. 43 and so I am waiting until about either 12 am or 3 am not sure before I take the next 200. Reason for takening the whole second dose is cause the Dandelion might have reduced the magnesium in my body and caused the serious rapid heart beats this morning. I am almost (not for sure it was) the banana that caused the rapid heart beat. Cause after I tried to throw it back up I went back to a better heart rate. It also caused my blood sugar to drop as well cause when I ate I felt better. Still shook like a leaf on a tree but much better and was able to sleep.

Anyways back to the Magnesium. I took the Chelated version not buffered and is doing well on me. I do sweat bad now on my hands and tummy is still sensitive . I get a pinch in my sternum and my tummy feels a little shaky. But heart seems to be staying level and also I feel much calmer. Just keep getting that acid feeling. Not as bad though. ^.^ yays
I just wonder if the magnesium should have been more seeing how I might have depleted from the diuretic (Flower essence of Dandelion). I just hope I don't have what happened last night to EVER happen again. It was that strong of a beat so hard and soooo fast. over 100 a min. Son wouldn't call an EMT so I suffered. Just wondering if there is something else I should take as well. I am drinking lots of water like I should with the magnesium. I think that could be why I am peeing a lot more than I did on the diuretic. I did poo at least 1 or 2 times in that day while on the diuretic. But hardly peed. :/ So guess it didnt work like I thought it would. If you can help me on this and let me know how long it takes to be totally out of my system even though I didnt take much of it and not for but maybe 3 days worth. Just Hope and pray I am ok and didn't screw myself up by doing that stuff. :( Have a bless day ya'll

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