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Oblong 03-31-2009 09:36 AM

large varicose veins in penis

I've found little useful information to date on the net hopefully this post can help others out in that respect :).

Varicose Veins of the Penis - (My) Overview and Chronology

- 26 y/o - Male

- Large varicose veins across penis,
o Superficial dorsal penile vein - large engorged vein
o Left side penile vein - small engorged veins (increasing in size quickly, tributary of superficial dorsal)
o Right side penile vein - large engorged vein (similar in size to dorsal vein, may be linked to dorsal at base of penis)
o End of foreskin - ‘tangled’ veins

- Vein related lump/coiling of vein half way along penis shaft on right hand side. Lump/coiling appears to move deeper into penis. Lump/coiling is present when flaccid (can be felt) and when erect (pronounced bulge that is painful to touch/contact).

- Suspected varicose veins in scrotum (burning sensation), though a secondary concern.

- Varicose veins present in right and left legs, treatment in progress (see history).

- Sitting - burning, stinging discomfort

- Standing - as above

- Walking - less so

- Intense exercise - strictly avoided since occurrence of penile varicose veins

- Lying down - ok, but often sore from standing up burning, stinging discomfort

- Intercourse - 'strained' (distracted by the 'veins')

- Quality of Life - pain and discomfort is damaging quality of life

- Work - reduced work performance (can’t concentrate)


2006-01 Long saphenous vein (left leg) surgically removed

Due to varicose veins (attributed to excessive standing in teens-early 20’s (retail). No known history of varicose veins.

(Vascular Surgeon)

2006-01 Post surgery, mild inflammation of superficial dorsal penile vein

Abated within 1-2 weeks of surgery.

2008-07 Further varicose veins in lower limbs apparent

‘Tell tale’ pain factors in groin and back of knees. Accelerated appearance of distended/engorged veins in feet (right foot especially).

2008-11 Engorgement of penile veins becomes pronounced

2008-11 Visit new Vascular Surgeon

Advises to avoid surgical intervention at penis and legs at this point as the penis condition may/may not abate.

Full leg and abdominal ultrasound performed which did not locate the source of penile vein engorgement/reflux.

To remedy varicose veins of the lower legs/feet I’m referred to a private outpatient clinic.

2009-01 Private outpatient clinic

Quick ultrasound performed, results in-line with prior diagnosis.

Not impressed by outpatient service (cost, no fix for penis, long waiting list).

2009-01 Visit Vascular Surgeon

Another ultrasound which locates vein reflux into the superficial dorsal penile vein, probably from the external epigastric vein.

Doctor advises that options to resolve penile issues are limited, any surgical intervention can have downstream/unforseen impacts.

Recommends sclerotherapy injections for varicose veins in legs.

2009-02 Sclerotherapy injection – left leg

2009-03 Sclerotherapy injection – right leg

2009-04 Discover relieving properties of ‘ice packs’

Placed an ‘ice pack’ on groin when home from work (penile veins aggravated from sitting/standing at work).

Applying the ice pack alleviated the constant burning sensation that comes after a period of being vertical.

Appearance of the penis also returned to a familiar state as the cold temperature contracted the engorged veins, the penis looked 'normal'.

2009-04 Visit Urologist

Doctor had not encountered reflux into the penile veins such as mine before. Angus advised that there is no simple fix and surgical intervention to block or remove engorged veins is a high risk activity. Specifically the risk of blocking/obstructing the ‘deep veins of the penis’ which would lead to sexual dysfunction.

He suggested it would be possible to ‘tie off’ or remove one, maybe two of the engorged veins, but remove no more than that.

At current there are two main offending veins, the superficial dorsal vein on top and a vein on the right side of penis (may join superficial dorsal at base of penis). Other veins appear to be connected to these two veins (e.g. thin left side engorged vein). ‘Tying off’ the engorged veins is becoming an appealing option.

He advised he would investigate further by searching literature and conferring with other Urologists.

Waiting to hear back before taking further steps.

2009-04 Further use of ‘ice packs’

Regularly applying an ‘ice pack’ to penis (after work/weekends). Appears to ‘shrink’ engorged veins. Doing so provides temporary relief for the burning/stinging symptoms present in the penis (specifically the foreskin toward the tip of the penis).

2009-04 Suspected adverse effects of antibiotics

Prescribed a course of antibiotics (Terbinafine-DP) to treat a fungal infection of the toe nail. Fungal infection is due to continual wearing of socks/heavy footwear. After discussing possible (vascular) side effects with my GP, assured the antibiotics were safe to use.

Started taking the drug upon waking (am), that day experienced severe pain burning/stinging in the penis and left thigh (recent sclerotherapy leg) whilst at work (sitting in office).

Ceased taking the antibiotic for the time being.

2009-04 Research and Worsening Condition

Extensive research on the internet has yielded few directly relevant results.

Though appears it may be possible to insert a ‘coil’ to block (embolisation) either the superficial dorsal penile vein (at pelvis) or the external epigastric vein (as per 2009-01 ultrasound).

Condition is worsening with the beginnings of tortuous veins in the foreskin towards the end of the penis along with increased pain. Now engorgement/pain is still present whilst body is horizontal.

2009-04 Planned to visit Vascular Surgeon

A family friend has recommended and organised an appointment to see Dr within a week.

Planning to see Dr for another opinion, hopefully some action. Else will return to organise embolisation of the symptomatic vein(s).

Oblong 04-01-2009 07:47 AM

Re: large varicose veins in penis

1) placed an ice pack (from freezer) on groin when I got home from work today. Relief at last (only temporary), maybe I need to move to the South Pole to live with the condition ;).

But seriously, applying the ice pack alleviated the constant burning sensation that comes on after a period of being vertical.

Appearance of the penis also returned to a familiar state as the cold temperature contracted the varicose veins. Penis looked 'normal' (except for being shriveled up from the cold).

2) Urologist appointment in the morning. Hope to report back with news tomorrow.

looking4help12 05-15-2009 07:05 PM

Re: large varicose veins in penis
I have the EXACT same thing except for the vericose veins in the legs.

Have you found any help yet?

I have found a little relief by using a warm compress, taking warm baths, and really focusing on relaxing the muscles along that area.

I've done some research on Mondor's Syndrome. You may want to look into that.

I'm going to a vascular surgeon on Tuesday to consult about emobilization.

I REALLY hope that you find the help you need.

Please let me know if you find anything that works and I'll be sure to do the same.

exodusss 10-24-2009 12:24 AM

Re: large varicose veins in penis
hi i have the veins blue-purple on my penis also and have pain over 3 months. now using a vein pill that doctor gave me it helped with pain but veins are still tehre. he told me to use 3 months and now i am in 2nd week.

this feels so bad. i am depressed and started smoking..

apzlo 11-05-2009 12:44 PM

Re: large varicose veins in penis
Hi, did anyone here get better spontaneously or with any treatments?? I have the same problem, only in the penis, and wish i could know about how/when it will get better. thank you!

exodusss 12-11-2009 11:58 AM

Re: large varicose veins in penis
i was in plenty of urologists.. and at last went to a professor. he made lots of tests and also penile doppler ultrasound. it showed i am ok. blood circulation is normal there. but my varicosed veins in penis are growing. maybe they will be huge in time..

he gave me vitamin e for tissue support and i continue taking that vein support pill. also eating lots of fruits, herbal tea, take garlic capsule from time to time and try not to hopefully my pain there will totally dissapear. but it has been 5 months till now and i feel a bit down. better after the professor visit but still i dont have a good quality of life. from work to girls..

so really waiting for someones advice.. or wanna hear someone got rid of varicosed veins in time.

fiets 05-21-2010 02:17 PM

Re: large varicose veins in penis

I have some questions regarding your penile varicose veins. I think I have them to. They suddenly appeared two weeks ago. Three days after I had vigorous sex and five days after I removing left leg varicose vein by laser therapy. Could this be the cause of the swelling of the penile veins. The don't hurt at al. There visseble when penis is flacid and even more when erect. Four years ago I took a supplement called axis ht. It messed up my hormones for a while I think, because after stopping I experienced dry mouth for 1-2 months and sex drive gone. After three months I noticed a had a varicocele. Think this is due to this supplement. I also had a small varicose vein on the left leg. I had the varicocele removed 1.5 year ago. The one on the leg I had for three years. I had that one removed 2.5 weeks ago. I never experienced any pain of the varicose vein on the leg. But it became bigger after using arginine, so I had it removed. You can imagine that I am worried about the engorged veins on my penis.

My questions:
When did you first noticed that your penile veins where varicosed or swollen?
Did you take any supplements in your past. such as arginine, because this causes engorgement of the veins. But not neccecary varicose veins.
how long after you noticed the varicose veins on your penis, you felt pain?
what is the status of you penile veins at this time?
Did you had any treatment?
Do you think your weak veins is due to genetic weakness or is there an other explaination.
Should I be worried, since I have bulging veins to at this time/


exodusss 06-02-2010 11:49 AM

Re: large varicose veins in penis

i will soon be 26. i had used antidepressaints for around 4 years. so i had problems with sexual activies also. after i quit pills to get some power i started taking some supplements like l-arginine and some others. i also have varicocele and my parents have big varicosed veins in thei legs.

but what really caused is the trauma to penis. i have pain all the day but dont have problems with erections. so if u dont have pain or big erection problems there is no need to wonder.

taking some varicose vein pills and vitamins eased the pain but it is not resolved. i dont care how it looks but the pain is killing me everyday. i went to many doctors and they dont do anything they say it is a little vein but i now started to smoke over 2 packs.

i cant live all my life like this.

fiets 06-03-2010 02:58 PM

Re: large varicose veins in penis
I had the varicocele removed 2 years ago. Little surgery. If you have one you than get rid of it. It can cause serious damage in the furture. The veins in the penis cannot be removed according to the doctors. I can imagine this, becaSo use the penis is not something you want to mess with. But if you just have a small varicosed vein, then it must be possible to tie of that one. The other veins will take over the blood flow. I do have to note that removing the veins is not the solution because the blood valves still not work properly, so new engorged veins van appear again. What is the status of your veins right now(how big, how large, which side) I have big ones on the left side, dorsal vein not so noticable, but still bigger and on the right side they are becoming bigger as well. it has been a month now since they appeared. Maybe the pain will follow later. This is what I'm afraid of heariing your story. So I want to know.. when your veins appeared was this along with the pain, or did the pain come later. good luck..

exodusss 06-10-2010 06:08 PM

Re: large varicose veins in penis
i had it due to trauma so valves broken are caused by trauma not genetic weakness. but i can say i have this genetic weakness also.

pain started as veins got varicosed. the day i had trauma i had these veins.

if you dont have pain and your penis is workin then it is ok. mine is working ok. have no problem with erections. and i also have long erections as much as i want 10-20 minutes during sex.

but i think this is the main cause of this. i put too much pressure on penis. too long sessions of sex and masterbation.

i really dont know what to do. maybe a way to fix the valves. or totally remove them.

i dont live in a developed country right now and will try to go to a university hospital in my country.

i see some people on internet who has this condition for long and no cure for them.

i think best is to remove them. in anyway these veins are removed when people have erection problems due to leakage in veins. but it also scares me that there will be additional damage..

i searched everything from stem cells to ozone therapy but not any scientific result. my life is ruined......

please anyone who got rid of this write to here.

exodusss 06-10-2010 06:09 PM

Re: large varicose veins in penis
and my veins seem very little not so big and if someone looks to it they wont see anything wrong. and doctors usually say that is ok. just small veins.. but u cant imagine how it disturbs me..

DaisyParis 06-11-2010 07:36 PM

Re: large varicose veins in penis
Have you tried homeopathic remedies? I have done a lot of research due to suffering from hemmerhoids and have come to learn that this is sometimes the best option. Look into a product called diosmin95 - just google and read up as much as you can. This has been used by prescription in europe for vericose veins. It has also been succesful for hemmerhoids, as the are essentially an egorgement of veins in the anus. Diosmin actually 'fixes' the valves in your veins so that they are pushing the blood back up towards your heart as they should. I live in Canada and we have this available in the natural health not sure how you can get your hands on it. Good luck and don't give up.

exodusss 06-12-2010 04:43 AM

Re: large varicose veins in penis
i used a medicine that has diosmin in it for 6 months.. it releived pain but not totally.

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