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Penis Problem that is RUINING my life. Please Help Me :(

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Old 01-09-2010, 09:41 PM   #1
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davecurtis HB User
Penis Problem that is RUINING my life. Please Help Me :(

Hi Guys

I am posting here because i have a problem, a problem that is completely ruining my life. I am getting no help from doctors, ridiculed by friends and family and have no idea where to turn to get help. It's a very embarrasing problem, which also sounds insane but i can assure you that it is true.

I'm 22 and have been suffering from this problem for the last 3 years.

Basically, its my penis. One day, out of the blue and all of a sudden it stopped working. I couldnt get erections. I havent had an erection in the morning since it started. I havent had a proper erection that i can keep up for more than a few minutes for sex either. I can still ejaculate fine, and can manage sex (albeit very unfulfilling for both me and my partner) - there is a loss of feeling in my penis also. All i can get is small half-full erections.

However, this isnt the main problem. The main problem is that my penis has become constantly withdrawn. Its tight, and constricted and as a result is sometimes painful and often uncomfortable.
Its so tight that it doesnt properly droop down like a normal flaccid penis, and sticks out more at an angle. Its also really thin. - I know this problem occurs after taking certain recreational drugs like amphetamines- as the body diverts blood to more important areas, but this is only a short-term issue and i cannot find any information on this happening on a constant basis.

When i mention this problem to doctors, and especially the urologists ive seen - they dont believe me. They just see me as a man, who has issues with his penis size. Upon inspection they say there is nothing wrong physically - and when i mention the constriction/withdrawn issue, they tell me that i am making it up and that its not as bad as it sounds as i am anxious about the problem. I am not denying that anxiety obviously now does occur after so long of suffering from this very embarrasing problem- but this is not the root cause and never was. I have had my penis my whole life - and i KNOW when something is blatantly wrong.
This infuriates me. They won't listen to me and send me away saying its all in my head. However i have never been a hypochondriac of any sort, and this problem is very real. It happened suddenly one day and has never gone away.

I used to take drugs and drink fairly often between the ages of 19-21. I stopped recreational drugs completely over a year ago as i believed it may have had some influence on the problem, however quitting has not made any difference. Staying 100 percent sober allows me to make the best of the situation as i can get my penis almost half up and the tight and withdrawn issue is not as bad. It is interesting to note, that if i get drunk, after a few hours my penis will withdraw a bit into my body and become very thin and uncomfortable. It then stays like this for a few days and is fully unuseable in a sexual setting. It hurts in the morning when i try to wee as well and is very embarrasing.

I have tried cialis, viagra and levitra with absolutely no effect apart from headaches and a redness all over my face and neck and chest.I've had a doppler scan which showed normal blood flow and no apparent problems. Ive tried the caverject injections and they give me a small erection but it hurts my penis as it feels as though its stretching my blood vessels too much.

I refuse to believe that a penis can shrink in size from 7 inches to 4 1/2 inches for no reason.

Also, i dont know if this is related, but when i masturbate and have any sort of sexual activity i get huge red rashes on my chest and neck and my face rushes with blood, also my eyes get bloodshot and ejaculation causes me to feel dizzy and get headaches.

Does any one have ANY idea why the hell this would happen, and what i can do about it? This is severely ruining my life, and i dont know what to do any more.

Thanks in advance

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Old 01-17-2010, 10:07 PM   #2
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maazzini HB User
Re: Penis Problem that is RUINING my life. Please Help Me :(

Well, it sounds that you are very much concerned about this issue. Try to ignore it an do not think too much about it. If you are physically OK, do not take any medicine. It is temporary and your penis will be back to normal soon.
I have had similar problem and I figured it was because of some depression that I had. I am fine now and my penis is back to its normal size.
Good Luck

Old 01-19-2010, 10:13 AM   #3
Living still
Senior Member
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Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Living still HB User
Re: Penis Problem that is RUINING my life. Please Help Me :(

Hmm. The last posted reply I don't think I agree with. I have had a similar issue all of my adult and preteen life. I am 40 now. For years (like decades) I faught with the doctors trying to convince them I had issues which they never listened to. I was at one point a full on cocaine addict which did infact make my problem worse and may have had some effect on the level of impotence longterm however I found out about six months after I got clean that the root problem is that I have "Chronic Bacterial Prostititis". Meaning my prostate is infected and was since I was a kid. It's not an STD and doesn't ususally show up in tests. This makes it very difficult to diagnose. Worse it is extremely difficult to treat. Not only did I have to quit the drugs but alcohol (which the cocaine replaced) and years of cigarettes and 5 to 10 cups of coffee a day all had to go. Ahead a few years (3 or 4). I struggle with the coffee but don't drink smoke or do drugs at all and am now very conscious about my diet and take a barrage of specfic suppliments. I have been on and off heavy duty antibiotics for a few years now aswell. The current result is with prostate massages (not sexual, IT HURTS!) I am sitting around 90% cured. I may end up with a bit of ED due to my own stupidity (chemicals) but I easily have 70% erectile function which is hard enough for pleasure and penetration. My gut tells me I am going to fair better than that in the end too. BTW no viagra (or whatever) is involved here. Here's the thing. The doctors can help. This is a reliviely young science and they are learning piles of new stuff everyday about it. What you explained sounds much like my symptoms. You have to keep going to the Docs for help. If they don't listen ditch em and move on. Don't waist your time fretting about them either. Sexual anxiety doesn't effect one the way you explain and is usually only noted when in the company of another person. I will say it again. If you don't fight this for yourself no-one one else will. Make them prove your wrong!

Old 03-03-2010, 10:32 PM   #4
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zod HB User
Unhappy Re: Penis Problem that is RUINING my life. Please Help Me :(

I have to say that I was suprised to come across your posting. I recently turned 39 and have been dealing with similar issues since I was about 24, and can relate that it has and continues to ruined my life. Because my penis will not work, relationships are pretty much impossible. After sometime my partner always start with the same questions. They begin asking if I'm not interested in them and want to know why they can not turn me on. Needless to say, the outcome is always the same. Like you I too have seem many doctors and that too is always the same story with the same outcome. I have been prescribed everything you can think of and of course nothing works. I have even noticed that my penis is getting even smaller as well as thinner which I can't for the life of me figure out why. Doctors certainly don't have the answers. It has gotten so bad that I am now considering having my penis removed. IT doesn't work so why have it? I did manage to locate someone who had been dealing with this problem for many years and did eventually remove his penis. I know this is very extreme but it has come to that.

I Honestly hope that your situation turns out differently from mine. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. DO what you can to find the answers and a solution to your problem. I continue but turn up more frustraited.

Old 03-05-2010, 09:03 AM   #5
Living still
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2008
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Posts: 137
Living still HB User
Re: Penis Problem that is RUINING my life. Please Help Me :(

Hey Zod. I guess by what you are saying you have soon no improvment after what the Docs have done at all? I have which is the positive side of things. I have had runs of Antibiotics that went like 4 months numerous time. Also I have instituted some natural treatments and of course abstained from drinking and whatnot. All together my Doc says I am 70% better. I think I probably am but the other 30% seems a bit illusive as of yet. Positve mindset seems to help a lot.
Amputation... HMM. Not for me thanks! I had found when I was younger and my doc confirmed it that for some more ejaculation helps. Now that my testicle isn't causing me severe agony (antibiotics) that is a doable thing and for me does help. Also HOT sitz baths after ejaculation. Another thing is prostatic massage. It hurts like hell and made me very sick (fever, lethargic...) at first but as I did it I improved rapidly. The thing to remember there is drink lots of liquids. As a gay man I am no stranger to the prostate but I can tell you this is NOT a sexual experience. Basically rub (with lub and with a glove on so you don't damage the inside of your rectum) where it hurts the most! You should talk to your doc about this as I found it helped to be taking Antibiotics at the time when I started.
Back to the cutting it off thing. Did you know that it is only in the last few years that anyone has really started to research this stuff to any real degree? Our government did a study and found that this condition is much more prevelent than what it is even said to be and is costing tax payers stupid amounts of money because no-one knows what to do with it. Hang in there man. Trust meyou can get through this without such extreme measures.
We never heard back from the young lad. My heart totally goes out to him as he just didn't know what to do. I hope he found some help.

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