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Chest pains, Swollen knees and many more symptoms, PLEASE, i NEED some advice :(

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Old 01-14-2010, 08:07 PM   #1
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Location: calgary, alberta
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becca1981 HB User
Unhappy Chest pains, Swollen knees and many more symptoms, PLEASE, i NEED some advice :(

I don't even know where to start.....I am so desperate for some advice , right now any type of advice is helpful. I am totally at my wits end and don't know what to do anymore. Some mornings i can't even get my self out of bed it is that bad. Yes some of it is emotional but i think the emotional is due to the health issues i am having.

So to start off i will list off my symptoms and the diagnosis for each one that has been diagnosed ( although i don't believe all of them are correct ). The list will go from worst symptoms to the mild ones.

Swelling in both knees, now spread down to ankles and toes:

The swelling started about 2 months ago and it began in my right knee. It just started around the knee cap. The pain was pretty intense but bearable. so i went and saw my family doc and he told me it had to be an injury. I argued with him and explained that at no time did i injure my knee. About 3 weeks later my left knee began swelling up. This time it was swelling all around my knee, front and back and on top of the cap. I began losing feeling in my left knee to the point i collapsed numerous times in a span of 3 or 4 days. I was told to put my feet up and rest with ice packs so i did that but saw absolutely no changed at all.

I went and saw my doctor again and was told he thought it could be gout ( but i don't eat red meat nor do i drink alcohol AT ALL, and i don't eat seafood ). So this really didn't make much sense to me. The swelling is still there and getting worse day by day. Now i have noticed it is moving above my knee caps and down to my ankles and toes.

If i walk on them too much it cause intense unbearable pain. The swelling is knees look like cantaloupes. Sometimes i get complete numbness and other times just a pins and needles feeling. I am still waiting to hear from my doctor about the gout results. I have booked an appointment to try and get in as soon as possible but it is a 3 week wait .

Chest pain /Restriction

Sometimes , usually at night, I get this chest pain......maybe not so much a pain but it feels like there is a restriction and i feel my heart pumping harder in my chest. This has been going off and on for a few months now. But whenever i bring it up to my doctor he says that my blood pressure is fine and i had an ekg that came back normal. so i have no explanation for it at all. My doctor started me on monicore 10 mg but it doesn't seem to help. Yes i am a smoker but i have cut back from a pack a day to about 8 or 9 a day. It seems when i began to cut back is when the chest pains began.

Persistent cough

I have had a persistent cough for about 2 months. It isn't all the time nor is it all day long. It kind of comes and goes through out the day but worse at night. A greenish colored flem comes up every time i cough. That is one of the main reasons i am wanting to quit smoking. After 4 visits to the doctor about it i was told everytime it has to do with the smoking and not to worry.


I am ALWAYS drained and tired. I have no energy at all. This has been going on for 6 or 7 months. My doctor just tells me it is raising 4 kids and having Ehyler danlos ( a connective tissue disorder i was diagnosed with about 4 years ago. Prior to this diagnosis they thought i had marfans syndrome).I don't see it being the disorder because prior to the last 6 or 7 months i was very energetic. I would take my kids hiking everyday for 2 to 5 hours ( depending on weather) and we were always out doing things. Now i can't even get changed into clothes and out of my jammies i have that little energy. I have pretty much been in jammies now for 6 weeks or so. I use to never be able to sleep and if i did i would get 6 hours and be fine for the day. Now i can't get enough sleep it seems like. all i want to do is lay around, curl up in a ball and cry. I think this may be a slight case of depression sinking in due to the amount of health complications i am having.

Brain numbing

Sometimes ( about twice a month ) i get a numbing feeling in my brain. When this happens it only lasts about 45 seconds or so but while it happens i lose my vision and it seems to pass and i get my vision back. It almost feels like i my head gets electrocuted.

Tumor in my uterus

I found out about 4 months ago i had a "small slow growing tumor" in my uterus. I booked an appointment with a gyne and was told i had surgery to have it and the fibroids removed on the 21st of January. Due to complications it has had to be postponed. But when i went to the gyne ( which was only a month after they found the 2 inch small tumor ) the tumor had grown to the size of a baseball.

Sudden Weight Gain

I use to be very tall and thin ( 6 feet and 110 pounds maximum ). Even after i had my kids i would fall back to my usual weight very quickly. I was told i had a high metabolism. no matter what i ate or how much i ate trying to gain some, i never would. Till recently. In the last 6 months i have gone from 108 pounds up to 172 pounds. I don't eat very much at all. not enough to gain that amount of weight. It was enough to concern my doctor and he figured my thyroid. when that came back negative he just sluffed it off. He told me this time it was normal.....a totally different reaction then the first one he gave me. I am still gaining but not as quickly. I have also pretty much lost my appetite this last couple of months . I literally have to force myself to eat everyday.

Brown Skin Rash / Spreading

For about 3 years now i have had these brown spots all over my chest. They are all different sizes but the same color of brown. My Doctor told me it was this and that and so on. He has had me try 3 different creams and NONE of them have done anything. Now these brown spots have shown up down around my "women parts ". They don't really show up until i pull my pants down and the air hits it. then they get darker and darker. When i saw him last week he said a yeast infection and gave me cream but again no results. The thing i don't get is my daughter started getting the same thing on her chest about a year ago. but hers show up white because she is darker skinned. now my 2 year old has them around his penis and balls. My other 2 children have not had any of these spots show up on them. So i am at a loss as to what it is, how my 2 kids have it and why we cant get rid of it .

Swollen lymph nodes

I have had 1 swollen lymph in my neck for the last 10 years. I was told it was just a sack of white blood cells. It doesn't usually bug me unless i am sick, then it just feels kind of irritated. Now i have 4 swollen lymphnodes and that just started about 2 months ago.

Can't catch my breath

I have troubles even catching my breath. Just a trip up the stairs ( and there are only 10 or so ) leaves me breathless. I feel like i can't catch a deep breath and when i finally do my heart thumps pretty hard in my chest.


I am very VERY irritated lately. to the point i have secluded myself to the house, i don't go out , i rarely talk to people, i don't like being touched, loud noises set me off and give me a massive headache. This only started about 4 or 5 weeks ago and it is really hard to handle especially when you have 4 kids.

Those are all the things i can think of right now. I don't know if they are all related and i feel like i am talking to a brick wall when i bring it all up to my doctor. He seems to just pass it off. I have tried to get a new family doctor but they are so hard to come by in this city. I have gone to a walk in and they did some blood work that came back showing there was inflammation but that's about it.

I have been diagnosed with Ehyler Danlos syndrome and due to that i am on some medications.

Here is a list of the medications i am on :

Monicore 10 mg ( for a prolapsed metro valve )
Oxycodon ( for chronic pain and issues i have due to my disorder)
Zoplicone ( to try to help me sleep through the pain )

I have been on all of these medications for 3 years plus. so i don't think they are causing these symptoms but could it be a possibility?

I am begging anyone out there, if they have any advice on anything ( whether it be tests i should request ,or what they may be or if these are all linked to one thing) any advice would be helpful. I am so lost and i feel like it is starting to affect my parenting. I feel like these health problems are consuming my world and i don't know where to go or how to change it.

PLEASE PLEASE help me!!!!!

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Old 01-15-2010, 11:46 AM   #2
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Location: calgary, alberta
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becca1981 HB User
Re: Chest pains, Swollen knees and many more symptoms, PLEASE, i NEED some advice :(

I am still seeking any type of advice at all please!

I am off to my surgeons office right now to get a needle ( leuprolide) I have heard of others taking it and have been told that it cause really REALLY bad side effects.....almost like early menopause. Does anyone know if this is true? I am having a surgery called endometral ablation......has anyone had this done? Is it painful? Does it work to get rid of heavy bleeding and massive cramping?

Please can someone help me to understand what all these symptoms may be or what tests i should be requesting to find out what they are?

thank you all in advance

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Junior Member
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emmol2 HB User
Re: Chest pains, Swollen knees and many more symptoms, PLEASE, i NEED some advice :(

I am so, so, sorry you are suffering from all these things! I wish I could be of more help, but it baffles me what you are afflicted with. Some of your symptoms may be due to anxiety, other than that, I would urge you to shop for another doctor, if your finances can handle it, go to a top hospital in the country, maybe the Mayo Clinic to find out what some of this is. I wish you so much luck and am very sorry for your situation.

Old 01-15-2010, 07:00 PM   #4
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Location: calgary, alberta
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becca1981 HB User
Re: Chest pains, Swollen knees and many more symptoms, PLEASE, i NEED some advice :(

Thank you emmol2 ! I wouldn't be surprised if some of it was anxiety but due to all the things the doctor is throwing at me for diagnosis and the way i feel it doesn't shock me if some of it is panic attacks. i just don't know too much about panic attacks and maybe should do some research on them.

I live in Canada so our health care is covered, but i can't seem to find another doctor that will take on the things i am going through and the only way to get in for a ct scan or mri without waiting 6 months is to get admitted into the hospital. I am debating going into the urgent care center here to get something done about my knees and legs. I can barely walk now and the pain seems to get more and more intense everyday, along with the swelling

I did a bit of research on the needle i had today and i wish i would have looked it up sooner . the side effects of it are pretty scary

Thank you again for the advice and i will most definitely look into anxiety!

Old 01-17-2010, 04:02 PM   #5
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Location: calgary, alberta
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becca1981 HB User
Re: Chest pains, Swollen knees and many more symptoms, PLEASE, i NEED some advice :(

I was given that lupron ( not sure on spelling ) needle and i feel like crap. Does anyone know if it is possible to feel horrible 2 and a half days after being given the needle? I am going through sever hot and cold flashes.....mostly hot though. I don't feel like myself and don't have any idea how to control it or what to do. Please if anyone has any advice on these needles and what to do .......please please help me

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Aguy44 HB User
Re: Chest pains, Swollen knees and many more symptoms, PLEASE, i NEED some advice :(

Becca 1981. I understand you are desperate, and I know the Canadian health system is slow because I have relatives in Canada, and I was there for a week last July. But I feel
that the first thing you can do is lose weight, because I creates a havoc in various functions of your body. Also, many women have a problem with water retention, or your kidney function may be sub-optimal, and that may be part of the swelling. I also feel that you need another physician - if you can transfer you care to another facility. But try to bring your weight down to around 130-135 pounds first. Good luck to you!

Old 01-18-2010, 07:09 AM   #7
Join Date: Dec 2009
Location: calgary, alberta
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becca1981 HB User
Re: Chest pains, Swollen knees and many more symptoms, PLEASE, i NEED some advice :(

Hi Straightguy,

I would love to lose weight and be back to my average weight of 110 ( well that was a little too small for my height being 6 feet tall ) but i would like to go down close to that. The only problem is, i don't know how to lose the weight or where it is coming from. I don't eat nearly enough to pack on the weight. I eat maybe once or twice a day now due to a lack of appetite. the weight gain began when many of the other symptoms started. As for trying to lose it, It is pretty hard when i can barely even walk due to the swelling in my knees and legs. I have a hard time making it out of bed or even to the bathroom lately I fully understand being overweight can reek havoc on your body but for my height it actually doesn't look too is just the concern of how i never use to be able to gain it and then all of a sudden in a few month span i pack it on

Any suggestions on how to lose it i am game for! Anything that doesn't require walking at the moment.....not till i can get that part sorted out Thank you for your advice hun! right now i am willing to listen to anything and do anything to start to feel human again.

Old 04-30-2011, 05:19 PM   #8
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ste808 HB User
Re: Chest pains, Swollen knees and many more symptoms, PLEASE, i NEED some advice :(

hello becca1981
havent posted before hope yourn well now
it started about 2 years ago i used to smoke so i gave up for 2 weeks then started again. i smoked for a week and then started getting these strange chest pains like my veins or arterys were blocked and then all of a sudden there would be it would be like a sharp annoying pinprick pa\in like some thing in a vein had given way. my chest started to ache on both sides i had always been in good helth up to this point.
sorry about the crap spelling and grammer.
after that i got a buning sensation on the surface of my lungs

ithen about 2 to 3months later started to get a kind of sore pain above my kneecaps over the next few momnths it spread down my shins into my feet
.i then sytarted getting a numb sensation in my right hand. the same sort ofn sore annoyying pain stated down my arms.

the chst problemsturned into a buning sensation in the muscles
some tims pins and kneddles
sometimes sore
sometoimes numb
about 3 months after i started getting a feeling like my brain was swollen orit felt like lead.
this happennned quit a lot but seems to have eased of now.
i started to get neck pain.
that also eased of.
then i started to get abdomin\al pain but that got a bit bad and i wnent to hspital cos the last time i was bleaeding passing blood and i was in agony for 4 days,
ther gona do a sigmoid oscapy to check the intstins out.
i now just expeirence arm and leg pain and befoe it would stop me cycling.
now i just think sod it and cycle any way but when i am climbing my legs somtimes hurt like hell,
i understand the bit were u say u feel lethargic and knackered all the time its annoying,
lso experiiencing pain in my finger bones now.
and my left i feels blocked at the back sometimes whan i am try ing to read if that makes any sense.
i totally get what your saying i wish some one woild tell me what it is but in the end when i go to the doctor and tell them of all the simtomes they either nod patronisingly or the l telll u thy dont have a clue.

it is very annoying at times and some times i think I DEMAND A BODY THAT WOKS PROPERLY SO I CAN CYCLE FASTER AND HARDER AND p off ALL THE COMUTERS IN THE CARS eh? well thats my liittle rant.

my limbs feel swolllen some times also.

i sopose this is the frustrating thing when explaining the symtoms to docters as they probebly think wow that s a lot of simptoms maybe yourmking this stuff up as u go allong.
but one day hopefully i willl come across a docter whes say ahh yes u have this and it was caused by that.

so becca 1981 your not alone

hope this helps

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Lime67 HB User
Wink Re: Chest pains, Swollen knees and many more symptoms, PLEASE, i NEED some advice :(

It sounds like you have Systemic lupus erythematosus it explains many of your symptoms if not all. I'm sure your anxiety over some of these problems can really drain you aswell. Keep your head up and stay positive.

The following user gives a hug of support to Lime67:
solofelix (01-01-2012)
Old 01-01-2012, 11:42 AM   #10
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Re: Chest pains, Swollen knees and many more symptoms, PLEASE, i NEED some advice :(

Hi Becca,
I'm so sorry at the way you are feeling. If I was you I would definitely try and find another Dr. Dr's vary like everyone else and I should know I've had a few and I now have a super one who takes time with all my problems and is kindness herself.
Have you had tests for your Thyroids at all, I'm not sure which one e.g underactive or over-active, but that could be part of your weight problem, especially if you are not over-eating.
I hope you soon find an answer and I send my best wishes to you.


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