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Embarrassing Disease & Confused

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Old 06-21-2010, 04:09 AM   #1
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Embarrassing Disease & Confused

Hi, just stumbled across these boards in an attempt to find information on a condition which i may or may not have.....please let me explain...

It is a very embarrassing problem which i have, but please bare with me:-

I am a 37 year old male, and approximately 18 months ago i started getting a red rash which looked like small blisters appearing on the 'glans' of my penis.

I went to the doctors, however my own doctor was on holiday and i therefore was checked by a 'cover doctor', and much to my shock he referred me to an STI Clinic!

I was very embarrassed visiting this clinic as it was my first time, and also very confused, because i have been with my wife for the last 17 years and both her and myself have NEVER engaged in 'any' sexual behaviour with anybody else other than each other. We were both Virgins before meeting, and before we met we had got off and petted other partners, however nothing more than petting and snogging.

The clinic carried out all tests available, with the exception of HIV, as i am a blood donor and this is routinely tested each time i donate, so i therefore opted out of this test.

I was kept waiting for 4 weeks for my results, my wife was worried, i was worried, and then all tests came back negative as i had expected.

However, the problem persists and i went back to see my doctor several months ago and he said it looked like Balantis to him but said he would refer me to a Dermatologist as it is the first type he has ever seen in a Doctors surgery, which may be due to the embarrassing nature of the condition.

I went Privately to the Dermatologist and the first thing he said to me was 'ok, it is not Cancer, that i am sure'.....

He said it is one of two things, the first he said 'Zoons Balanitis', and the other was another condition which i can not remember the name, but he said that the second condition is an autoimmunie disorder and more common in woman than in men.

He said that there are options, he said the first would be creams/drugs, and if these don't cure it then possibly cicumcision should be considered. He prescribed these purple pills that are disolved in water and i had to dip my penis into the water daily for 1 week, and also Dermovate cream to be used twice per day for a few months.

The condition looked like it was getting a 'little' better, however there was still a trace of it on the glans and under the skin when pulled back.

He then prescribed me another drug, but when i researched it on-line, it said that some patients went on to developing Penile cancer after using that drug, i therefore decided not to use it and went back to see him, he then suggested another cream, but i said that i would rather consider cicumcision as it had gone on for long enough - i had been seeing the Dermotologist for around 4-6 months and had it for 1 year prior to seeing him....

OK - sorry for the long post, but this is where i am at now - and VERY WORRIED!

My Dermotolist referred me to a Urologist and the urologist took literally 10 seconds to look at it and said he will recommend i have a circumcision - i have it booked in for this coming Thursday 24th June....

However, the surgeon then said to me that the plus side of having a circumcision is that it will enable the glans to dry out, and this cures it in about 85% of cases, as forskin releases some type of fluid which aggrevates the glans, and he said also they will send the foreskin away for checking to ascertain exactly what they are dealing with here, as they need to rule out Penile Cancer due to the amount of time i have had the problem.

He then said to me that he isn't saying that i have Penile Cancer and doesn't want me to go out of his office worrying, as the chance is very remote....

He then went onto telling me that i have BXO, and when i've researched it on line it states that BXO is present in about 30% of Penile Cancer patients.....and is considered a Penile Cancer Risk and Pre-Cancerous condition....

So, firstly the Dermotologist i have been seeing for 4 months tells me that i have Zoons Balanitis, which i understand is pretty harmless, then i get told by the Urologist within 10 seconds of him looked at me that i have BXO, which i now understand is considered a risk factor to Penile Cancer and Pre-Cancerous.

30% of patients presenting with Penile Cancer also having BXO i believe is a pretty high risk and very worrying.....

Are there any qualified persons on these boards that can offer advise? What are the differences between the 2 different Balantis types as detailed above?

I should note that i do not have ANY white patches on my foreskin, which i believe is a common sign in BXO, however the foreskin has always taken about 10 attempts to pull over my Glans since being a child, it didn't start retracting until i reached 13 years of age...

Sorry for such a long post, but i am both confused and worried..

I have the circumcision done on Thursday afternoon, apparently the Urologist will come and see me in the hospital before he does the operation so i can ask him things then, but its another 3 days away...

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tommy124 HB Usertommy124 HB Usertommy124 HB Usertommy124 HB Usertommy124 HB User
Re: Embarrassing Disease & Confused

The circumcision to cure BXO is not entirely truthful. Women get this condition, they call it LSA, and are almost never subjected to surgery.

This, "My Dermotolist referred me to a Urologist and the urologist took literally 10 seconds to look at it and said he will recommend i have a circumcision" is unfortunately the default cure all in the US. If it were me, I would cancel the circumcision immediately, and get a second and third opinion, from uncircumcised or foreskin-friendly doctors.

Circumcision does not always cure this. You could end up losing your foreskin, and keeping the BXO. There are other treatments, such as steroids.

"circumcision is that it will enable the glans to dry out". This is absolutely true. Is it desirable? It is a mucous membrane, like your mouth. Would you like your mouth to dry out? This, "as forskin releases some type of fluid which aggrevates the glans" is false. If this were true, literally billions of men would be walking around with glans aggravation.

A biopsy of the foreskin is the laziest way to check for cancer imaginable. It would also prove nothing, and give a false sense of security, since your foreskin is not having the problem, your glans is. A biopsy of any abnormality on the glans would be the correct way to check for cancer of the penis in your case.

My real point is that both you and your doctor have jumped to circumcision as the fix.
This is truthfully not the case. You both need to do more research, and find a more permanent, more conservative treatment, even if it takes more homework to find it.
They would never take this course of treatment in Europe or South America.

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Re: Embarrassing Disease & Confused

Hi mate, i'm in the UK.

There are a few things i forgot to mention in the above post.

Firstly, my foreskin didn't become retractable until i was around 14....

My mother always warned me that i may need to be cut, however i thought i had escaped it, as since the age of 14 i was able to retract my foreskin just fine....

However, over the past few years, i've been less able to retract the foreskin as easily.

It was taking approximately 10 attempts to get it over the glands when flaccid, and once erect there was no possibility of the foreskin retracting over the glans, which ultimately meant before my wife and myself engaged in 'any' sexual/physical contact, it would be necessary for me to retract my foreskin first! As if i left it too late, i would need to de-arouse myself, pull the foreskin back, and then we would have to start again all over - which kind of ruined the experience - bit like watching a good film and then the commercials start.

So, firstly my foreskin was very tight and uncomfortable and when i went to the Dermatologist, he gave me some purple pills that dissolve in water, some Dermovate cream, and then he gave me this other cream, which i didn't use as read some worrying reports on line about this medication, and then when i went back to him he wanted to give me another cream! I 'personally' wasn't prepared any longer to keep paying out for medication and cream and also puting my penis through all the trauma of creams with the worry i could be doing more damage, and in the end said to the Dermatologist that i'm unwilling to keep trying creams, if it is ultimately going to end in Circumcision then lets just do it, that is when he referred me to the Surgeon who looked at it and then said immediately 'circumcision required'.....

Also, i forgot to report above that as well as the irritation to the glans area, i also had a dark red rash/irritation and also a small ulcer type mark on the underskin (if you know what i mean), the bit directly behind the glans area where it joins the foreskin.

I was circumcised yesterday and the surgeon said he removed the ulcer part also, and that is whats being sent off together with the foreskin.....

And the result of my circumcision? I am really happy with it!

To be perfectly honest with you i actually liked the look of my foreskin and penis, and was a little worried about the dramatic change in appearance that it will look like when circumcised - as i had only ever seen the 'tight circumcision' type.

However, when i came through the anaesthetic yesterday i needed to check to see what it looked like, and was pleasantly surprised on the type of circumcision performed. It literally just looks like i've pulled my foreskin back behind the glans and left it there - the only difference being it stays there permanently whereas before the circumcision it would roll back over the glands in about 5 seconds......

The whole glans area is exposed, however after the glans area it just looks normal! Whereas some i've seen look bony looking with no skin, and also some i've seen have had colour changes along the shaft where the outer and inner skin join, i do not have this.

I am very pleased with the look of it, it still looks like 'my penis'

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tommy124 HB Usertommy124 HB Usertommy124 HB Usertommy124 HB Usertommy124 HB User
Re: Embarrassing Disease & Confused

Glad things worked out for you. I wish you a speedy recovery.

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