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Irritation at meatus - has ruined my life.

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Old 09-10-2011, 10:09 AM   #1
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qnjiewmc HB User
Irritation at meatus - has ruined my life.

The meatus at the end of my penis has become very irritable. Usually after masterbation it will get red, swollen, and feel 'raw' and irritated. It's almost like there are two lips at the end and I have a carpet burn. This will usually last a few days and has caused me to gain a significant amount of weight, anxiety and almost completely lose my sex drive (which was never high to begin with).

I believe it all started a year and a half ago, I got this new burst of sexual energy and masterbated a few times on a weekend until I got sore. Unfortunately, the soreness never really went away.

I visited a doctor (who prescribed fungal cream), a urologist who gave me more fungal cream, several rounds of antibiotics, and even performed a cystoscopy with no luck. I also visited a dermatologist who said this can happen and suggested I rinse in salt water and apply vaseline (soothing, but doesn't help). All of this was over the course of the last 18 months. Since then my life has been ruined, I have gained weight, lost what little libido I have, and can barely even maintain an erection anymore. I'm a shell of who I used to be. Granted, I think a big percentage of this is likely anxiety, but I just need this problem to go away so I can move on with my life.

Is there any way to prevent the tip of my meatus from getting irritated and red? How do I alleviate these symptoms? I want my libido back..


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Old 09-14-2011, 08:13 AM   #2
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rabbit707 HB User
Re: Irritation at meatus - has ruined my life.

Hey man, I'm sorry to hear about this. Anxiety is no fun, especially when it's health related to some problem you can't figure out! Check out these threads, some guys have been discussing a weird problem which may be the same one which you are describing. Read these and see if they ring true...
It's a chronic irritation of the meatus which isn't an STD. I've never had sex, but I got it this past spring and have been struggling with it ever since. While we don't have cure yet, we have some discussions on what may be causing it and how to deal with it in day-to-day so it's doesn't control our lives.

For what's it worth, i think the best thing is to find a way to accept it, so that the anxiety can diminish. It doesn't mean your giving up, but while you visit medical options with patience, you don't have the anxiety causing this problem to control your life. And trust me, easier said than done. but it's worth accepting it so it doesn't ruin lives. I've definitely seen both sides of this and no anxiety is worth fighting for more than the problem.

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Whatcanitbenow HB User
Re: Irritation at meatus - has ruined my life.

I have read this thread and I can understand your pain as I had same thing what you may want to talk to your doctor about is a meatal vaporization! its a simple surgery where your urologist uses a carbon dioxide laser to burn off the layer of skin inflamed and it will kill what ever infection you have there. it will hurt of r7-10 days after but not worse than what you have now and most likely this will help take away the pain. They can do a biopsy too and send it to a lab to see what you had! Ask about it

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bronse HB User
Re: Irritation at meatus - has ruined my life.

Is that what it is? A localized infection at the meatus. I've got the same issue but not as old. Very chronic so I"m worried I have the same thing. Hoping I'm not feeding the issue with anxiety.

This is the first I've heard of the vaporzation.

Old 06-22-2013, 06:40 AM   #5
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jstuart HB User
Re: Irritation at meatus - has ruined my life.

I've been reading these discussions with interest as I also have a problem with the tip (meatus) of my penis being extremely sore and irritated. I think my trouble began when I convinced myself I had an std following a dubious sexual encounter. Over the course of 4 months I had several rounds of std testing done and I now know I don't have an std, however I think the months of manhandling my penis, applying creams, and extreme anxiety etc have taken their toll and now my penis is very red and irritated, along with several others who have posted here I also now have trouble with urine trickling from my penis after urination, particularly when I sit down, this is something I don't think I had prior to the incident (although maybe I just didn't take any notice of it then). Like others on here I don't think this combination of a red/irritated swollen meatus and a dribbling penis is std related, I now believe it is more the result of some kind of trauma or long term misuse of the penis causing irritation and general wear and tear. Anyway, I found myself having to deal with a chronically sore penis tip, previously I used to wear boxer shorts but I soon found myself having to wear briefs, wearing boxer shorts was just too painful, even my penis in my briefs could at times be irritated. I went to the doctors several times and was given emollient cream on one occassion and anti-final cream on another occassion, neither seemed to help, in fact if anything they seemed to make matters worse. Like others who have posted on this problem, I became quite despondent and downbeat, it just seemed like whatever I did didn't seem to make any difference, my penis never seemed to heal. Everyday activities like walking and sitting and exercising could often be
uncomfortable at times, and I had anxiety just waiting for the next time my penis would start getting sore again. Trawling the discussion boards offered practical tips on dealing with the condition which did help, but none could
completely eliminate the problem. I then came across a posting which boiled the solution to the problem down to one sentence, in order to let the penis heal would take 3 things: time, exposure to air, and dryness of the penis tip. Given these conditions it might be possible for the penis tip to heal naturally. Ideally wearing boxer shorts would be the solution to the problem, but wearing boxer shorts for me was just too painful, each time my penis tip caught on the material it really hurt and made the condition worse, and was demoralising. Briefs were more comfortable, however they did not offer a suitable environment for the penis to heal, basically briefs for the penis is a rather damp, dark and cramped environment hardly condusive to healing! and also I often found myself having to "adjust" myself in my briefs, which just
meant manhandling the penis even more and led to further irritation.
After applying my mind to the problem, a possible solution suddenly occurred to me whilst I was cycling home from work one night(I do quite a lot of cycling and running which just exacerbated the irritation to my penis). The Penis Protector (PP) was then born! basically a home-made device to wear on the penis so that it wouldn't snag on clothing and would be exposed to the air so that it would heal naturally. It would have to be comfortable and unobtrusive to wear and easy to use. Anyway I made such a device and have been using it for the last couple of days and I have to say it has made a great impact. I now wear boxer shorts again and the tip of my penis now is exposed to the air continually and doesn't hurt. Anyway I will keep posting to let anyone who reads this thread know if it rectifies the problem. If you want to try this yourself this is what you need to do to make it, I know it sounds slightly barmy but if you are as desperate and sore as I was it is certainly worth a try. Get some card, not too thick but then not too thin, it needs to roll around your penis and not be easily bent out of shape. I used a flyer I got through the door which was slightly thicker than a magazine cover - ideally a glossly piece of card should be used for a reason explained later. Cut the card into a rectangular shape, the card needs to be wide enough to roll around your penis quite comfortably, and the height of the card needs to measure just over 2/3rds the length of your penis when flaccid. Cut the card out. Then get a paper handkerchief and fold it lengthways twice over,
then folder it over the longest side of the card and on each side of the card cellotape the hanky onto the card. Then roll the card around your penis - the hankerchief should be at the penis tip end. Cut the card accordingly so that it
rolls around your penis approx 1.5 times, and as said before the roll of card should be placed 1/3 of the way down the penis shaft and the hanky covered end should just entend beyond the tip of the penis by approx 0.5-1 cm. That is basically it, you then just need to keep a small roll of cellotape in your pocket. Cut off a piece of cellotape and leave it stuck on a chair or something. Then roll the penis protector (PP) around the penis so that it is firmly in place but not too tight, you don't want to cut off circulation to the little fella! then with the bit of cellotape secure it in place by wrapping the cellotape around the penis, fold a corner of the cellotape over at the end so it is easy to lift up and take off. Once in place you it should basically look like a tube round the penis, with the paper hanky on the penis tip end, and you should be able to see the tip of your penis when looking down the tube. Once the PP is in place on the penis you can wear boxer shorts, the little device is completely unnoticeable when wearing trousers and you won't even notice it's there. When you go to the toilet for a wee you will need to gently remove the cellotape wrapped round it (that's why glossy card is better to use as the cellotape does not rip the paper off the card), and take the PP off. Have
your wee, then if you are having problems with the penis dripping after urination milk the penis to get all the urine out, then gently dry the tip of the penis with a bit of tissue. Then put the PP back on and secure it is place again with the cellotape. Check the penis once more to make sure the tip is completely dry.

If anyone else decides to re-create this device I offer the following suggestions:

- Try using the PP for approx a week without using any creams on the penis, as it could just be a case of irritation on the penis tip that isn't healing. Just wash your penis with water. And make sure you have showers, not baths.

- If the penis is still red/sore after a week you should see the doctor as you may need to apply some cream to the condition, however you can still continue to use the PP afterwards, the beauty of it is that the cream won't be rubbed off by your clothing any more, and the tip of the penis will be exposed to air which will help with it healing.

- Eat healthily and drink water (but not too much - you don't want to be going to the toilet every 5 minutes, this will just be a pain and will not help with the healing process). Avoid alcohol if possible.

- Continue exercising if you exercise, the PP can quite happily be worn when cycling or running, but of course you will need to wear briefs at this point to keep the PP in place. But as the PP is worn 2/3rds of the way down the penis, when wearing briefs it is quite easy just to tuck the penis to the side, and it is quite comfortable.

- Obviously you will need to take the PP off at night when you go to bed, having erections at night with the PP on will not be much fun! But when you go to sleep either wear very light cotton pajamas or sleep naked.

- Avoid masturbation and/or sex for at least a week until the irritation at the tip of the penis has sufficiently subsided.

- Keep wearing the PP for a good few weeks to allow it to work, you have to wear it religiously during the day. And ideally when you go to the toilet at work you should have a cubicle to use so that you can take the PP off and put it back on again without undue embarrassment.

Just thought I'd share this in case anyone else may want to try this rather novel solution, good luck!

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jstuart HB User
Re: Irritation at meatus - has ruined my life.

One other thing which is worth a try, which was recommended on another forum is a natural herbal remedy called uva ursi it can help with urinary tract infections. Will also give this a shot.

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