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Ongoing Testicle Pain, Swollen Prostate, Varicocele

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PDW2012 HB User
Ongoing Testicle Pain, Swollen Prostate, Varicocele

I understand the internet is not a great place for medical advice and I probably won’t get far but I have nothing else to lose so here goes. I do apologize in advance; this may be long, possibly gross, and hard to give an opinion on. I will try to keep things as easy to follow as possible. Some of this may be “TMI” or completely unrelated, but I am trying to get the best educated guess from anyone here. I am 22 years old.
In January 2010 I was working overnight at my job when I noticed a sharp pain on the right side of my torso, under my rib cage. The best way to describe it was like a cramp you sometimes get when you run, but I was not running. This pain radiated outward and down to the lower right quadrant of my stomach. The pain started after I ate my “lunch” for the night and I thought maybe it was gas or something weird from the food. My wife is a nurse and I called her shortly before I left work at 8 am and asked her what she thought it could be as the pain had continued for over 4 hours now without getting any better. She suggested appendicitis but being stubborn I went on home anyway hoping the pain would go away. About an hour later I was doubled over in pain on my floor with this cramping dagger-like sensation in my lower right stomach. My wife arrived and forced me to go to the ER. Long story short they found nothing, even after a CT scan. They loaded me on morphine while I was there and then sent me home. That was the end of it for a while.

Again this may be unrelated but I am trying to tie in anything to my current issue. Sometime around February 2010 my wife and I decided to have anal sex – unprotected. I had a bit of a cold so I assume my immune system was weak, because a few days later I noticed a burning sensation when I urinated. This pain got worse and more frequent. I actually let it go for a few days because it came and went, but eventually went to the walk-in clinic to figure it out. I’d like to add that I am a very healthy individual, this whole ordeal is the first time I’ve ever been sick or to a hospital. The doctor at the walk in clinic was convinced I had an STD and I told her there was no way, my wife (fiancée at the time) and I had been monogamous for over 5 years and I had no reason to suspect STD. I told her I thought it was a UTI but she refused to listen. She took a urine sample and checked for Chlamydia and I think Gonorrhea. She sent me out with Ciproflax (I believe…I remember my wife asking why she didn’t just give me bactrim) and Azythromicin in case I had Chlamydia. I held off on the Azythromicin (never took it) because I knew I didn’t have Chlamydia. She called back to confirm I did not have Chlamydia but she did detect small amounts of bacteria in my urine so to go ahead and take the Cipro. I took it, things cleared up, no more burning in the urine and I was fine as far as I could tell.

April 2011 – I am in the military (reserves) and was doing my weekend training. The pain from the day I went to the ER was back now, a year later and very intense. It started small and weak, around 4pm. By 730PM I was in so much pain that I was hunched over, if I stood straight up the pain was insane, and my breathing was very shallow. If I took in a full, deep breath, the pain was so intense I thought I would pass out. Again this was on my lower right side…started under the rib cage and radiated until it settled in the lower right side. Except that the pain was a little different this time. Every now and then, I would get a twinge of pain from the lower right stomach into my right testicle. I went to one of my medics to get looked at. They put me on watch, and decided that if the pain got worse (which it did not) then I probably had appendicitis, and if it stayed the same I likely had a hernia. I went to the doctor the following Monday and the doctor examined me and said “you may have a very small, insignificant hernia, but what I think you may have done is pulled a muscle from working out”. She gave me some muscle relaxers and sent me home as the pain had subsided altogether at this point. I know what a pulled muscle feels like, and I still do not believe that is what I had. I never took the muscle relaxers – since the pain was gone anyway. This pain has not come back since, although I have had moments where I will get a cramp that feels like the same pain, but goes away quickly after that. Since I was not happy with her diagnosis I went back to the walk-in clinic for a second opinion. The doctor there asked the same questions and I explained to her the cramping and the slight pain in my right testicle.

Here is where my current issue began. The doctor examined me, then had me stand up to do the hernia exam where they use a finger to shove up your scrotum and invert it. When she did this, I was in so much pain I thought I would die. When the previous doctor did this, I was in no significant pain; just a slight twinge which I assume led her to believe I had a “slight” hernia. The doctor continued to fish around while I was in complete agony. Her assumption was that I could very well have a hernia – and ordered me blood work and another CT scan. The rest of that day I had a soreness in both testicles that was unbelievable. As I went to sleep that night, I remember being in so much pain in my testicles that I just laid there all night. I literally did not sleep a wink because of the pain. The next day I woke up, I noticed the pain not as severe but I had a very heavy feeling in my left testicle. I examined myself in the shower and found the left testicle veins were extremely large and swollen. After researching online I found what seemed to tell me I had a varicocele. Later tests would confirm this. I went ahead and had my CT scan later in the week, and my blood work. By this point I am back at my weekend reserve duty where I have no cell phone service. I get a call from the doctor and listen to the voicemail – “This is Doctor XYZ calling in regards to your blood work, please call me back immediately as it is very urgent.”. I spend the rest of the weekend panicking because they are not open until Monday and I have no clue what is wrong other than “Urgent”. When I call the doctor on Monday the doctor who left the message was not in and I was told by the other doctor that she had reviewed my results and I was absolutely normal. I explained to her the doctor’s message and she said “Sir your tests are normal. If you are in that much pain then go to the ER.” I was very ****** off about her attitude and never went back other than to get a copy of my medical test results.

After the tests I put everything off for a while. I was fed up with doctors and did not know where to turn. I now had pain in both testicles, though the left one was far more severe. The pain would come and go randomly, sometimes a dull ache, sometimes a stabbing pain. As it stands now the right one rarely hurts, but it is very sensitive to touch sometimes. I noticed that my prostate sometimes felt very swollen and this was a new cause for concern. Over the summer I went on a two week training exercise where I did not have an orgasm for the two weeks I was gone. When I came home my wife and I had sex and when I ejaculated the pain in my testicles was unbearable. I do not know if this is just because things were “backed up” or if this was related to my previous issue. The pain continued every time I ejaculated for at least 3 days. I also noticed for about two weeks after this my sperm was very “chunky”. It was the normal liquid sperm, but with globs of some jello-like substance that looked like it had a tinge of yellow. I also noticed my sperm count seemed to have been less and still seems this way. The globs came back once a few months ago but have since disappeared. At this point I noticed that I was sometimes having trouble urinating, the stream was never forceful and when I was almost finished I had to squeeze out the last little bit like ten times to try and empty it.

I finally broke down in September and went to the Veteran’s Affairs doctors. It is free for me and I could not afford to keep going to doctors to cause me worse pain and charge an arm and a leg for it. I was going to get the VA doctors to get me in with a urologist. I went for my appointment, and gave the same information. I mentioned that my prostate sometimes felt very “full” and the urine issues. She did a prostate exam and mentioned that my prostate did feel enlarged. She had me pee in two cups – one for a “mid stream catch” and ordered an ultrasound of my testicles and a consult with a urologist. She later said she did not find anything in the urine. The ultrasound confirmed what I was afraid of – a “moderate sized” varicocele. I understand these are common but if that is what is causing my pain then something needs to be done. The ultrasound also found that I had a “cyst” and some kind of “fluid” all on the left testicle. I can’t be sure what the cyst or the fluid was as I do not have the paperwork in front of me, but the urologist assured me they were both very common and nothing to worry about. I took him at his word, and before I left I asked him about the prostate issues. He said “I mean I can do a prostate exam again if you would like but at this point I don’t think it is necessary.” To be honest I wish he did because I am tired of feeling crazy…but he made me uncomfortable to “ask” for a prostate exam when he is the doctor and didn’t want to do it. I went home, empty handed and in pain once more.

Today I still have all of the symptoms – pain in the left testicle that comes and goes sometimes significant, sometimes dull, and sensitive to touch. When the left testicle pain comes, it radiates up the cord and into the lower left side of my stomach almost into my hip bone area but closer to my belly-button. My prostate feels swollen every now and then but I notice it every time I am at the gym. I do not know if it is straining from lifting, or sitting on the equipment but it feels very large when I am there. I lift 3 days a week, for 2 hours at the gym. On the days I do not go to the gym I do about an hour of cardio at home (typically running). While at the gym I have to urinate a LOT. Like 4-6 times in a 2 hour period regardless of how much I drink. When I urinate there the stream is very weak and slow, and I usually have to “crank” it out and never feel fully emptied. Like pumping the urine, squirt by squirt – essentially what you usually do with the last bit of urine on a normal trip to the bathroom – but mine is like that from start to stop. I also notice that the urine drips out for a while after I go to the bathroom. Usually about 5-10 minutes after I go to the bathroom there is still urine dribbling out. This happens randomly anywhere else but always happens at the gym. I can sometimes recreate the pain in my left testicle on the hip adduction machine but not always. I found out this week the best way to recreate the pain is by leaning backwards like I am stretching my back, but then sucking in my lower abs and bearing down. This causes severe and significant pain in both testicles but mostly the left (I was not doing this on purpose but was stretching and discovered it). I have recently noticed that I get “semi erect” at random periods throughout that day and at work while sitting down for long periods of time which I attribute to the prostate being enlarged. I also have noticed that my erections during masturbation and sometimes sex are never as firm as they were a few months ago. I still get hard – just not rock hard like a 22 year old male should be able to. For the last few years I have sometimes had trouble in the bathroom when going number 2. I have to strain pretty hard sometimes, and think it is very likely that this or the gym has caused the varicocele. I have noticed when I have to go #2 sometimes it causes pain in the left testicle, and almost always does when I am actually pushing it out. About 2 months ago I was going and pushing exceptionally hard and when I finished and then wiped I noticed that I had dribbled some kind of fluid from my penis. It looked like prostate fluid and was sticky. That was the first and last time I have noticed this.

I am literally begging for some kind of advice here. I am 22 years old, otherwise very healthy and active and in great shape. I should not be having these kinds of issues and I am terrified – mostly worried about future infertility or erectile dysfunction. I don’t know if I have a prostate infection as a result from waiting so long to get treated for my UTI, or if all this pain is from the varicocele? I understand varicoceles are not generally painful, and that prostate bacteria problems are hard to diagnose but I need some advice. I know this is gross and embarrassing but I don’t care anymore – I need help.

I know this was a novel so if you didn’t read – I am 22 years old and having severe prostate problems and testicle pain that no one can seem to diagnose.

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arcummings HB User
Re: Ongoing Testicle Pain, Swollen Prostate, Varicocele

Hello, I can't really help much. All I can say is I am a 22 year old male with extremely similar symptoms. Grant it, I do smoke cigarettes but honestly plan to quit soon since I am running out of options the causes of these symptoms. I had a CT scan, ultrasound, took multiple antibiotics, had blood work, and saw a few doctors. I had a cyst, hydrocele, and a firmness in mostly my right but sometimes both. Your description of random pains and timings is similar to mine as well. The only thing I have found that I think helps is YOGA and stretching my hips out. Also sitting down for the least amount of time possible also helps. I noticed a lot less symptoms when I was working were I had to stand all day. I am now not at that job anymore so it seems the symptoms are back a severity. both testicles are larger than they should be and I also noticed semi hard ons that come about at random times. I also got diagnosed with a slightly larger prostate. I literally am just as frustrated and have no idea what to do. I am also fed up with doctors as well with no proper known cause and cure for my problems except cut my dang balls right off. Ibuprofen is the only drug iv found that helps a lot and I have to take 600-800 mg for it to work. I know that's terrible for my liver so I don't want to stay on it long but have been for several months now. Iv had pain since Nov. Dec. of 2011. I feel your pain and wish I had some answers. I am going to try not smoking myself and limiting my sitting time on any hard surfaces as well as try some vitamins out. even during sex my testies will hurt if they even get jostled a little bit. It's very much terrible. Best regards.

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obsvproof HB User
Re: Ongoing Testicle Pain, Swollen Prostate, Varicocele

pdw2012 provided such an abundance of background and pertinent history, it is a shame that no physician can piece it all together to find a causative factor. This being a long shot, his pain in the testicles might have to do with over-exerting himself during ejaculation. It is interesting to note that his testicle problems started shortly after anal sex with his wife. He stated this was the first time ever, and typically one has to use a lot of pressure, both physically and emotionally to "penetrate" the anus; and to be honest, there is always the fantasy of "breaking" the woman, which ads to the enormous amount of pent-up libido that is expelled. Normally, this would not be a problem, but if pdw's general pelvic area was tight to begin with, this release would be akin to trying to lift 250 lbs the first time or doing an advanced yoga position as a beginner. I think the testicles and lower quadrants were "stretched" beyond normal endurance and strained the muscles in the general area. Without realizing it, every time he had more sex, the problem reoccurred and reinforced itself.

So what can be done with such cases of young men who are obviously healthy in every other way, and the Md's cannot find anything wrong in their book? Possibly hold of sex for a time; keeping the testicles warm as in baths; and perhaps have the general area strengthened with lower leg exercise. After all, he admitted that the symptoms can be willfully brought upon with the right muscular flexing.

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a6x6l6 HB User
Exclamation Re: Ongoing Testicle Pain, Swollen Prostate, Varicocele

I have almost the exact same thing happening to me! Please tell me what it is?!!? I am 24

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wes78 HB User
Re: Ongoing Testicle Pain, Swollen Prostate, Varicocele

i read your whole message, I'm not an M.D. but i would like to help you as much as i could. Now, i think you have more than one health condition, maybe not related, some are very obvious some are not, your obvious conditions are the inflammation of your prostate also called "prostatitis" due to bacterial infection ( perhaps due to the unprotected anal sex you had) that could be a different condition from your prostate enlargement also called (benign prostatic hyperplasia) or the infection caused your enlargement, because normally this condition of prostate enlargement affects men over 40 and not in your age range. Typically the prostatitis will need an antibiotic(s) to cure it and will take some time since penetrating the prostate is hard and takes time. Another obvious condition is your hernia, there are several kinds of it and some internal " i believe like yours" some external, but you didn't mention what did you do to treat your hernia, some small hernias get resolved on it's own but others -maybe like your case- would need a surgical intervention. The hernia could be due to pressure done by you during defecation since you have constipation" which should be treated also and not ignored" and/or from your heavy weight lifting at the gym. The constipation condition you have could get better if you take stool softeners which are sold in drug stores, also if you incorporate large amounts of fruits and vegetables and fiber-rich food into your daily diet, of course with drinking lots of water during the day even if you don't feel thirsty, minimum 2 liters or 8 big cups during the day, and when you go to the gym you gonna need to drink even more because you are going to sweat more. The varicocele thing should be accurate " since you say you had it examined" and you are sure it's correctly diagnosed, also i don't know why u didn't mention any "plan of treatment or course of action" to treat your testicular varicocele, which nowadays there are several options to treat them safely, most proven one is surgical Varicocelectomy "that is the removal of varicocele" and it's done millions of times all over the world but mostly to serious or infertile conditions " not sure if you are like that or not". The one condition that is not so obvious and could be due to several reasons, is your sharp abdominal pain that occurred few times with negative tests, i think it might be a nerve issue, you didn't say if you went to a neurologist or not i think you didn't go, as you know, nerves are present in all parts/organs of the body especially in the abdomen region, of course it could be other reason, I'm just pointing out some suggestions, and the chest,abdomen and testicles are all connected so pain could travel from one nerve to the other and from one region to the other depending on the connectivity of that nerve with other nerves. I really hate to break it to you but u still need to do some blood and other tests to clarify few things, i know you are fed up of doctors and labs, but you still have unresolved issues, and living in constant pain is not an issue.

One final note, you may want to take 2 caplets of Advil, whenever you feel pain in your chest/abdomen or testicles, it can subside the pain greatly "also don't know why nobody suggested that to you and left you with pain the whole night that you couldn't sleep because of pain" because i don't think you took any mild to powerful pain killer but the pain continued anyway! when taking Advil be sure to eat before you take the pills, don't take them on an empty stomach, also u shouldn't take more than 6 pills a day " unless your doctor stated otherwise", i hope i helped you even a bit, and I'm sorry my reply was so long , but to address your several health conditions and to respond to your lengthy message, hope you feel better soon..

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ironsheik7 HB User
Re: Ongoing Testicle Pain, Swollen Prostate, Varicocele

All of the things stated in your post are common signs of prostatitis from the yellow sperm, erection trouble, left testicle pain etc. Urologists generally don't like treating prostatitis because antibiotics rarely cure prostatitis. It should also be noted that Dr. Arnon Krongrad of the krongrad institute performed a prostatectomy on a man who had a hernia inside of his prostate, so yes it indeed can happen. Also, a CT scan is not going to show any prostate related problems other than an abscesses if one has an abscesses, it doesn't look inside the prostate but from a distance only. Also the urine is generally clean in prostatitis unless an infection spreads to the bladder. It should also be noted that many individuals whose organisms has been found and cultured in a lab through prostate fluid, urine or semen, is highly sensitive to the most commonest antibiotics such as doxy, cipro, levaquin, sulfa etc. Yet these antibiotics can not kill the same organisms in the prostate, because antibiotics can not reach a high enough concentration in the prostatitic tissues.

Example: If a bacterial infection is located in the bladder and the minimum inhibitory concentration of this organism for say ciprofloxacin is 30 ug/ml meaning the minimum amount of cipro it takes to kill the organism in the petri dish with nutrient rich agar applied as the proper medium. Ciprofloxacin can easily reach 30 ug/ml or higher in the bladder. But if this same organism is in the prostate ciprofloxacin can't kill it because it can't reach 30 ug/ml it can only reach 10 ug/ml. In fact in medical studies, it has been stated that the highest penetrating antibiotic given orally for prostatitis is levaquin which can penetrate at a maximum amount of 11 ug/ml. As we can easily see with scientific research it is close to impossible to kill an infection that has required resistance, thus encasing the infection in the slime matrix protective layer called biofilm which also makes an infection up to 1,000 x resistant to antibiotic agents.

So as we can easily induce with proper studying and scientific methods, prostatitis even when caused by bacteria is only able to be killed 35% of the time according to studies such as those funded by the mayo and Cleveland clinic.

In other words get away from the local boys and get to the professionals who actually do research for a living.

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