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helpmedudes 11-13-2012 10:39 AM

Red lump on foreskin - please help :O
I noticed a pink lump on the left side of the head of my penis, looking like the start of a pimple. Knowing that zits could appear down there, I thought nothing of it. In a week’s time (I believe it was a week) it grew considerably large, hurt on touch and while wearing tight pants. It was a pinkish color bump with no visible puss in the middle, so I excluded the idea of a zit.
The bump did recede to what is now an oval-shaped lump. I then thought of it as a small deal that would heal away in a matter of weeks, so I went back to not-sustaining from sex.
It’s been around 2 months now and it’s still there, same in size, only hurts less frequent and with an even smaller intensity.
I used to feel itching or a very slight pain in that area – but it was in that area, so maybe it wasn’t the bump itching/aching.
I once felt a stronger sensation of pain that I believe was exactly from the lump. Upon inspection, I saw a very small, dark dot on its side; but through the lens of a magnifying glass it looked like a white, thin splinter coming out of the lump. After a while (about a week) it went away (the tiny dark spot is still there, but the ‘white thing’ is gone and I believe the tiny spot is just a shadow).
One thing I’ve noticed about 3 days ago, was that the lump itself looks… well, calm. I don’t know how to explain, it’s probably just my psyche but the thing looks like it’s receding – the funny thing is, it’s the same in shape and size (and that’s why I think the ‘receding’ is just in my mind).

Visual: It varies from pinkish-skin-color, to pink, to a brownish-red. In the mornings or during weekends (when I don’t move very often and wear relatively comfortable clothes) it’s either pinkish-skin or light pink. After a lot of movement it’s pink; and at night it looks brownish red (I can’t really confirm the brownish red color, since it may just be bad lighting).
It sometimes looks like the bump is actually two inflamed penile papules.

Feel: Not much to say about its ‘feel’. Doesn’t hurt on touch, doesn’t itch, doesn’t swell… nothing. It’s moderately hard. Once I put my finger on it, it has a familiar feeling that I can’t quite identify.
While it kinda looks like some weird-*** insect bite, it’s been around too long to be such a thing. The penis is relatively soft, so I can’t determine whether the lump itself is soft, but I’d stick to describing it as ‘moderately hard’.
The skin on that part feels no different to my touch. It does have a ‘rubbery’ charm since the skin is stretched out because of the lump, but nothing out of the extraordinary.

Movement: If I move the foreskin around, the lump moves in the direction the skin is being tilted. Upon erections, it slightly changes to a more circular shape and moves to the shaft (so it’s either on or slightly under the foreskin).
It has a constant size, doesn’t shrink on low temperatures (unlike the penis itself :P ).

I’m sure it’s not an STD, so you can exclude that topic.

Thanks in advance.

mc7 11-16-2012 09:31 AM

Re: Red lump on foreskin - please help :O
[QUOTE=helpmedudes;5088228]Iím sure itís not an STD, so you can exclude that topic.[/QUOTE]

I'm sorry. That doesn't sound anything like a pimple or cyst. If you are sexually active, it could be a STD. The description sounds like a wart (including the tiny splinter-like growth from it). Warts are caused by HPV, a skin virus. HPV is considered a STD when it affects genital/groin region, but it's possible to have warts anywhere on the body. And they're transmitted through skin contact or even just things skin has touched. For sex, condoms are better protection than nothing, but they're not good protection from skin viruses (like HPV, HSV, MC), and carriers need not be displaying symptoms.

I hope I'm not worrying you without reason, but I would get it checked by a doctor (or at least a clinic) and definitely refrain from sex until then.

IF it is a skin virus, they tend to clear up when the immune system finally overcomes them (though that may take a long time). It may help to be in the best health you can be otherwise (eat well, avoid stress, alcohol, etc.). I believe there are some drugs now too that might help.

helpmedudes 11-16-2012 12:44 PM

Re: Red lump on foreskin - please help :O
Thank you for replying to my post.

My girlfriend doesn't have anything wrong with her. I am her first and she is my first, so there is no way she could've gotten HPV, so I would definitely exclude the STD option, unless you can get it via non-sexual ways.
The thing that really has me concerned is cancer. Does it sound like it? Ė I hope not. The symptoms Iíve read online tell me almost nothing and the pictures (even those of early stages) donít look like what Iíve got, and they were of a stage thatís waaaaaaaay too advanced.
The white splinter thingy was really small (I could only see it through a magnifying glass) and itís gone now. It didnít stick out of the middle of the bump Ė it was somewhere along the bumpís border). There is now only a small dark dot.
The bump seems to be just under the skin rather than growing from it, like a wart does. The pictures (of warts) Iíve seen online donít even resemble the thing I have. Mah bump is smoothÖ (lol)
Penile_Synrigoma_1_070906.jpg (Google it and click on images) is the closest thing to what Iíve got. The difference is, I have only one, and itís on the head.
They look quite similar Ė especially the color and shape. Unfortunately that picture is the only thing I could find about ĎSynrigomaí.
What about other options? I read somewhere that a lot of smegma can be the prelude to c-cer. I washed down there with baby soap Sunday night (to kill any bacteria without damaging the tissue Ė yeah, Iím extra careful now) and on Wednesday morning there was a slight amount of the white chalk-like material again Ė even though I hadnít been sexually active during that time.
Itís embarrassing to say all these things, and it sounds kinda stupid not to just see a doctor, but where I live, youíd try arm-wrestling the Kraken before going to a health institution. Your parents must know youíre going; you have to pay; doctors will lie to you about having a serious illness, just so they squeeze more money out of you for testingÖ it sucks.
So is there anything the bump could be other than an STD? Should I worry about the ĎThe Big Cí?

Again, thank you for your reply, and please tell me what you can.

mc7 11-17-2012 10:11 AM

Re: Red lump on foreskin - please help :O
Considering the dimensions, I probably should have mentioned this first: [B]lichen planus[/B]. Had you seen that? It's a noncontagious rash. It's not known what causes it. Sometimes it may appear as a reaction to medication. They say it may resolve itself in time without treatment. If your foreskin is not tight, exposing the glans inside your clothes by retracting your foreskin could help it go away sooner (by keeping it dryer). (If it is too tight for that, you may want to loosen it. You can read about that under Men's Health thread "Stretching To Fix Common Foreskin Problems".)

You're right that it's not at all the shape warts usually are. The temporary microscopic nerve like growth out of the bump is what made me think wart (HPV). I don't know if any of these other growths do that. I also forgot that there are actually nonviral warts too: [B]seborrhoeic keratoses (basal cell papillomas)[/B]. They're not contagious. And you mentioned [B]syringoma[/B], which is yet another noncancerous growth, I see. I read they're painless though? (I'd not heard of them before.) There are also [B]angiokeratomas[/B] that [I]might[/I] look something like what you described. There are also inflammatory skin conditions like [B]psoriasis[/B] that can cause a raised area like you described. (Sometimes psoriasis is caused by a yeast infection).

About penile cancer, I've read that while it's not impossible for it to happen in younger men, it is quite rare. Lifetime risk is only 0.00070% in the US (with ~70-80% male circumcision) and 0.00059% in Denmark (with ~5% male circumcision). Penile cancer is most often a result of prolonged HPV infection (as may occur in immune system dysfunction/failure). Some of these conditions say they increase future risk for cancer, but none actually are cancerous themselves, so I wouldn't be too worried about that without more reason.

Incidentally, smegma doesn't have anything to do with having sex or not. It's an accumulation of skin oil & dead skin cells. In adults, it's a sign you should be washing under the foreskin better or more often. (Though I could see how you might have been washing inadequately lately because you don't want to irritate the mystery bump.)

If you didn't know, you want to wash your penis every time you shower (but probably not more than once daily). Soap helps but might be irritating too. Only use a soap that rinses off rather than one that leaves a film. Moisturizing soaps can cause irritation and even infections (especially with more sensitive skin). Use a gentle finger rubbing action to get any/all accumulation off all the skin (mucosa) of the foreskin and glans (avoiding irritating the bump). The shaft, surrounding pubic area, and scrotum need soap, scrubbed and rinsed daily of course too. Taking pride in genital hygiene is totally worth it because it gives you more confidence in yourself in sex making you a better sexual partner.

I just used bold to prevent losing keywords in all the text, I'm not trying to seem like I'm shouting or anything. :) I hope this helped.

helpmedudes 11-21-2012 08:30 AM

Re: Red lump on foreskin - please help :O
Thank you for your replies. Now I know it won’t kill me.
While it doesn't really look like anything of the above, the bump IS receding. It's definitely flattened and looks like it'll go away.
I hadn't realized that faking happiness in front of your friends is nothing compared to worrying yourself about cancer for two months. I’m glad it’s nothing serious/dangerous and I can start feeling safe again (yey for me :P)
I hope it’ll completely go away and not have a comeback.
Thanks for your help, all the best. 

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