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william1986 11-14-2012 09:58 AM

Glans and foreskin red patches
Hi All,

I've been reading a lot about my current issue, including many posts on this site. Here is the details of my issue.

I started dating a girl a year ago, we both were tested for STD's at the start of the relationship, and everything came back negative as we expected. We don't use condoms or lube during sex. This February we both had yeast infections, my glans was red, itchy and had smegma, all the standard yeast infection issues. After using Monistat cream for a couple days things cleared up.

A couple months following that, I got what I thought was another yest infection. It started out with small red bumps on my glans, which went away after a couple days and turned into a red patch on a portion of my glans that was scaly, and a red ring on the inside of my foreskin. I tried treating it with yeast meds again without any success. As this was in April, I can't remember if any itching or smegma accompanied the redness to start, but for the past several months I have not noticed any itching or smegma, just the red patch.

The redness will wax and wane a bit, and has seemingly spread and contacted in terms of the area affected, but has never gone away.

I have seen 2 doctors, the first prescribed a steroid cream, hydrocortisone, which didn't really do anything, the second said it was a lingering yeast infection and perscribed Loprox (I think), which did nothing. My research said loprox is an anit fungal that is generally used on other parts of the body, not the genitals.

I am not circumcised, I am very clean and have been for a long time in that area, I also don't use soaps or really anything in that area. I'm also not on any prescription meds, or have diabeties (classic yeast infection causes).

My gf and I have abstained for some periods, however not for this whole time frame. The only reason I still suspect a yeast infection is because she recently had another one, and I'm assuming its from unprotected sex with me (she hasn't has sex with anyone else, i hope, haha).

The only cause for this that supports the yeast infection theory is diet. I've never eaten great, i like pizza, fast food burgers, etc. I'm not overweight and I exercise a lot though. Currently I'm just trying to eat better without going on a full yeast free diet and I also have another doc appointment at the end of the month where I will ask for difulcan and to have my skin checked out to confirm yeast is the issue.

What I'm looking for here I guess is can this still be a yeast infection without the itching? If not what else could be causing this?


mc7 11-17-2012 12:33 PM

Re: Glans and foreskin red patches
[QUOTE=william1986;5088861]can this still be a yeast infection without the itching? If not what else could be causing this?[/QUOTE]

Yes, it sure can be. You might find cranberry helps fight this sort of infection (along with mild UTIs). Cranberry might be good advise for your girlfriend too.

If your foreskin isn't too tight, you might find keeping your foreskin retracted for some time helps. It desensitizes the penis a little bit (reversibly), but it's great for fighting fungal infections to dry out the affected area. In fact, just keeping it dry might be enough to kill yeast.

I like using Neutrogena T/Gel (medicated dandruff shampoo) as a liquid soap. It's quite strongly anti-fungal and very drying. You might find it helps. (It doesn't irritate my glans, but my skin's not particularly sensitive.) If it's too irritating for your glans, it will at least be the best pubis/scrotum soap you've ever tried. ;) (It's a pretty good shampoo too IMHO.)

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