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maxmutt1018 01-26-2013 07:35 AM

Low T help!
Diagnosed with low T in 2008. Put on Androjel 5mg for nearly 4 years with decent results. Androjel 10mg from June 2012-Oct 2012. Had to quit Androjel completely due to extreme low levels of LH and FSH <.2 and <.7. Also diagnosed with Prolactinoma 3/2012. Placed on Cabergoline 3/2012-present. Prolactin levels have returned to normal range due to use of Cabergoline. Prolactinoma has disappeared which is great news. Since discontinuing Androjel LH and FSH have returned to normal levels 3.1, 4.1. However, my T levels are 247 and I've noticed a considerable drop off in strength, libido, and ability to lose weight. Endo doesn't seemed concerned about this but I am! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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