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avenuex 02-01-2013 06:58 AM

dots on my penis
Hi.. noticed these dots on my penis.. would love identification.. and help.. thanks..

mc7 02-01-2013 07:15 AM

Re: dots on my penis
I would ask a doctor about it and consider myself contagious until then to play it safe.

avenuex 02-01-2013 07:39 AM

Re: dots on my penis
my doctor said it was nothing to worry about..... Im really worried now.. sigh... if its hpv how am I gonna live with it? I will go back for a consult tomorrow.... =(

mc7 02-01-2013 08:01 AM

Re: dots on my penis
Oh, that's wonderful that you've already checked.

avenuex 02-01-2013 08:05 AM

Re: dots on my penis
Oh my god thank you! ><

I hope I can get this dealt with.. could these be physical manifestations of me being too worried about my sexual health (anxiety) ?

mc7 02-01-2013 12:07 PM

Re: dots on my penis
Worry can make you sick in a lot of ways especially digestive, but I don't think that it could do this.

Does it feel like anything? (I mean is it numb or sensitive or really sensitive? Does it itch or hurt?) Has there ever been any pain or irritation in that area?

Here's something speculative, is the skin really tight when you have an erection? (or is there any slackness to it? can the skin move at all? or is it stretched very tight?) If the skin is painfully (or almost painfully) tight with an erection, it makes the skin more likely to tear. This also takes place at the scar. I think usually these tears are really tiny and don't look like anything (though they can sting a lot). Maybe such a tear might also be able to form a noticeable scar on healing. I've never seen that before though, so I have no idea what it might look like.

Incidentally, I don't know if it was obvious, but this excessive (potentially painful) skin tightness can only result from circumcision. And then, the weak point where the skin can tear, the scar, doesn't exist except after circumcision. It seems like you might be among the men most shortchanged by circumcision. It's a real shame what a good idea everyone thought it was when we were infants.

avenuex 02-01-2013 07:50 PM

Re: dots on my penis
nope, none of they symptoms you mentioned were happening to me.. No pain no itch no irritation. I guess this is just scarred skins that pops up in a way?

anyway doctor said it was nothing to worry about again, this time i showed him the pictures. same reply.. so I suppose I should just ignore it?

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