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  • lots of mental health problems unsolved even with meds

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    Old 08-15-2006, 02:30 PM   #1
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    Exclamation lots of mental health problems unsolved even with meds

    Ok my husband has a lot of problems, I dont even think his psychiatrist understands him. His depression has lead him to cutting and trying to overdose a few times, which I know happens to a lot of people, but I want to stop it if possible. He has a lot of anger issues, has been through anger management, and it didn't help. His anxiety is a constant thing, he goes crazy at times for no reason. These things happen for no reason and at any time. He has been disagnosed as bipolar, having personality and anxiety disorders, possible schizophrenic, imsomniac. I think his main problem is his depression, and his anxiety.

    His medicines include Wellbutrin 300 mg/day- for his depression, Trileptal-2400 mg/day for anger, Cymbalta- 60 mg/day for chronic knee pain and for premature ejaculation, Thoriazine - 50 mg as needed for anxiety, Risperdal - 4 mg at night for sleep, Fentanyl patch 50 mcg/hr- chronic knee pain. None of his medicines are really helping his depression, nor his anger, even though his fentanyl does help his knee pain (he was shot in the knee and has serious tissue damage).

    He goes through a lot of mood swings and his nerves are really messed up. He shakes uncontrollably when he gets anxious, and starts to throw fits so to say. He has anxiety attacks 2-3 times weekly, at least. His anxiety used to be treated with Klonipin and Ativan, but not his psychiatrist said he can't put him on them because he needs something long term, yet the thoriazine he put him on now doesn't even work. His psychiatrist changes his medicines once every month or so, because nothing seems to work.

    He has been on Lexapro, Seroquil, Trazadone, Paxil, Effexor, Abilify, Remeron, Neurontin, Haldol, Klonapin, Ativan, Visteril, and god knows what else. Hes immune to everything he takes, and when he does start to feel better, a month later, things get worse. I dont know if his psychiatrist is putting him on way too many meds, and something isnt working right, or if he is just going to be stuck with his problems forever. He can't work due to his problems, and has been waiting on disability for 17 months now, so we're kinda poor.

    I don't know what to do. There is only one psychiatrist in the area, and everything outside of town doesnt accept our insurance. I'm kind of giving up, because I feel as if there is nothing left except to dope him up on thoriazine. Hes been through a year of seeing a therapist, but that annoys him. The therapist really sucks, and can't ask questions that make any sense to my husband.

    My husband spent a lot of time in juvie/prison from 13-21 because his parents abandoned him and he got with the wrong crowd. I think this is a lot of his problem, but he needs to let it go. Hes been in and out of mental hospitals throughout his life, and the only thing they would do was dope him up with haldol or such.

    I want him to be well, and I want him not to be so depressed, but there seems like theres nothing I, the psychiatrist, or therapist can do.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: lots of mental health problems unsolved even with meds

    suggestions anyone? or anyone whos dealing with the same crap?

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    Re: lots of mental health problems unsolved even with meds

    I have been trying to think of some encouragement to say. Sadly at the moment i am going through my own bit of stuff. I do see some possible either Borderline or Bipolar stuff but again I have no degree to say for sure. I know it is not gone well in the therapy department especially when there is only one who sees patients in your area. Still I do think it is best to stick with it and keep trying. Being med resistent makes it that much more difficult but perhaps some CBT or DBT therapy might work well for him. I have wonderful things about both though I have not done either of them. It is hard to sit or stand by and see those you love suffer as they do. Especially when you don't have any idea on how to help them or make it better.

    I would say that he has a lot of painful issues to deal and hence perhaps there lies a bit of the anger problems. Perhaps slowly if he were to look at a piece of the puzzle deal with it. Then he could move on but again who am I to suggest anything really when I myself have a hard time doing just that. The most painful parts of our lives are often those things we run the fastest away from.

    Love him, be there for him, and do the best you can with what you know and percieve it to be. Listen when he asks it of you and know that no matter how quiet the boards might be you are never far from someone's hearts, or prayers.

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    Re: lots of mental health problems unsolved even with meds

    Try and get your husband off of thorazine its a horrible drug this about it...I do wonder though if its affect is somewhat permanent or now.

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    Re: lots of mental health problems unsolved even with meds

    First of all I would ditch the therapist. If the therapist doesn't answer questions and is annoying. Then maybe the therapist is a bad person. IT does happen. Also there are state licensing boards so that you can report the therapist. Each state should have a licensing board website where you can read on how to file a grievance and you can look up the code of conduct and ethics policies that the Therapist is supposed to obey. Believe me therapists are supposed to do more than just sit in a chair and ask you questions. Sometimes therapists are judgemental and wrong and use projective identifcation to confuse the client into thinking he or she is a hopeless case. You need not give your therapist the benefit of the doubt if your husband has not improved over the last half a year or year. Please find out what theoretical orientation (style of therapy) the therapist implements on your husband and then tell me.

    In my opinion your husband could be on way too many medications. Also would it hurt to save up money and drive to another city and visit another psychiatrist for a second opinion? Only visit a Board Certified Psychiatrist or two. They must follow more strict and meticulous guidelines in treating their clients. They can also be easily reported for malpractice and negligence and be dealt with effectively. Believe it or not doctors can be very selfish and incompetent too. You may also call the board and ask for a background check on your doctor - just to see if he has had any grievences filed against him. Call around and ask questions. Use your intuition about who might be able to help or give the best advice.

    To assess for Mental Illness a therapist needs to give your husband an MMPI and or PAI Test. These tests have over 300 questions and will test more reliably whether or not your husband has a disorder and it will test for which disorders he has. This of course helps with the treatment plan. The disorders are Axis 1 or Axis 2 of the DSM 4 Psychiatric disorder manuel. Sometimes they are called cluster a or b disorders by psychiartrists. You may choose to do research online about those disorders and those tests.

    Also some of the best ways and inexpensive ways of helping with anxiety, depression, panic, and other problems is with self help audio books on tape or CD. Books written by psychologists or therapists who will tell you how to cope with it and how to manage the problems in life. It is relatively cheap compared to the price of meds and bad therapy from a bad therapist.
    Good authors are Dr. Phil (self matters and life strategies), Lyanla Van Zant (until today and etc.),Louise Hay is a great author who records some of the most uplifting, loving and positive affirmations and guidelines for living, and Creative Visualization is a very positive self help book. These books are not childish or rip offs in fact they will offer more advice than most therapists will in a year.. Anybody can use them to help with their severe anxiety or depression.

    I would suggest checking out some psychotherapy or Abnormal Psychology Text Books from your Library. I know that Aaron Beck, Christine Padesky, John Rowan, Carl Rogers, Sue Johnson, Alfred Adler and Jill and David Scharff are great authors of Psychology. The main forms of therapy are Cognitive, Behavior, Humanistic, Psychodymanic, Object Relations, Adlerian, Jungian and Freudian. CBT means cognitive Behavior Therapy and DBT means Dialectical Behavior Therapy founded by Dr. Marsha M Linehan whom is also a great author of psychology. Each form of Therapy can be used to help your husband but they can also be used to hinder and hurt your husband. It depends on the knowledge, training and empathy of his Therapist. It is best to educate yourself on psychology so that you are more aware of how to help your husband and more aware of when a therapist or psychiatrist is competent or not. This way you will be more prepared. It doesn't take a genius to understand psychology. You can do it!

    To lighten the mood of matters you may want to start listening to stand up comedy!

    PLease keep in touch and let me know how things go.

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