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firefly18854 01-16-2010 07:56 AM

Depakote ER, Zoloft, Seroquel
I was diagnosed as Borderline Personality Disorder, Impulse Control Disorder (NOS), Severe Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The solution this time around is 100 mg Zoloft/day, 100 mg Seroquel/day, and 1000 mg Depakote ER/day. Is anyone else (with similar diagnosis') on this coctail? What have you noticed about it? Has it helped with the hypomanic symptoms? With the impulses? Or does it just turn you into a zombie?

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!:wave:

trg247 01-20-2010 09:40 PM

Re: Depakote ER, Zoloft, Seroquel
I take a similar cocktail: 100mg Seroquel four times per day, 35mg Temazapam, 150mg of Effexor, 60mg of Cymbalta. Diagnosed with BPD, Severe MDD, PTSD, GAD. The Seroquel helps to keep my brain running at a slower pace so I can think instead of just reacting and it has helped a great deal for impulse control. Two of the meds are for depression and the last is for sleep. The only drug that caused the zombie effect that I can remember is Seroquel but only when it was at a lower dose now it just puts the brakes on in my head

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