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madcast 05-17-2012 08:37 PM

Am I Mentally Ill?
Hi, this is my first time posting on this site, but I need help. I'm really scared. The problem is that I have extreme moods swings. For a month or more I am perfectly happy and then all of a sudden I'm miserable. This has been going on for years. During my sad times I have panic attacks and insomnia, I feel depressed to the point that I consider suicide, and for some reason, I can't stop lying. Then a week later, I'm back to my normal self.
I've tried to talk to my family and friends about this, but no one listens to me. My parents tell me I'm just a drama queen looking for attention and my friends just freak out and stop spending time with me.
I'm really worried I might be sick, really sick, but no one believes me. What should I do?

flamesabers 05-18-2012 12:04 AM

Re: Am I Mentally Ill?
Hello madcast.

I think a good starting point would be talking to your doctor and/or a therapist about what you've been feeling. By talking to either or both of them you should be able to develop a treatment plan that will make your mood swings less severe.

Whether it's a physical or mental issue I think it's normal to worry if something is really wrong with us, especially if we have little to no control over what's bothering us. I think the fact you're aware something is wrong and you want to get help is definitely a good sign. I hope you're able to find a professional who can help you get through this difficulty you're facing.

Chrissy26 06-14-2012 01:54 PM

Re: Am I Mentally Ill?
I for one have severe mood swings. I'm raging mad one minute and the next I'm all smiles again. I know I just had a baby 7 months ago so that could definitely be why. But I always believed I had some type of mood disorder, maybe bipolar. It's possible that's what you have too. It doesn't mean you're "mental". It's a mental illness yes, but you're not crazy. And it's good that you recognize something isn't right. Most people have to be told over and over again that they're behavior is extreme.

Maybe seeking counseling can help?

flutterby1982 06-14-2012 02:06 PM

Re: Am I Mentally Ill?
Mood problems are quite common during teen years due to hormones. However, anxiety/mdd/suicidal thoughts are NOT good. I was in your shoes. I had my first panic attack in Engligh class when I was 15. I went to the school nurse. She said to see a doc. My parents, however, dismissed it, like yours did. You need to talk to a counselor (at your school) and see about setting up an appt with a pshychiatrist soon. The earlier you start treatment, the better. I was not able to be treated until I was 18. I am 30 now, and still on meds. Get some help honey. You are not alone. I am not saying you will need meds. Maybe cognitive behavior therapy is all you need, or just someone to talk to. Keep us updated!

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