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scottyg354 07-12-2012 10:59 AM

Night Terrors
Ok guys, I have been having these very rarely for years. Mild ones were I might feel like I'm falling and wake up suddenly, pretty common stuff. About two years ago, I got very bad Health and Social Anxiety due to some issues I was having that I thought were worse than they actually were (turned out I was hypothyroid and had high blood pressure), anyways, during that time I was put on Lexapro, which totally killed the anxiety but caused major weight gain and made me not worry about anything stopped it after about 9-10 months. Anxiety started back up 3 months later also feeling depressed. Asked the doc to try me on Wellbutrin (didn't increase anxiety, but didnt get rid of it). So I stopped the WB. I am currently medication free as I don't like to feel like I am in chains if that makes sesne. I feel I can handle my issues through exercise and healthy eating.

Anyways, about 4 months prior to my health and social anxiety starting my night terrors started getting more frequent and a lot worse. They are not constant and unpredictable. I can go weeks without having them or I can have them 3 days in a row. I only usually have 1 a night. They started like I said from when I was young feeling like I am falling. Now I keep waking up to the thought of somone hovering over my bed. Sometimes I jump up swinging, sometimes I throw my pillows, sometimes I just wake up quivering, sweating and my heart pounding. I am just curious if anxiety and stress can cause this, or could it by my thyroid and bp. Or could it be the Armour Thryoid I take or the Avapro. It's really getting annoying. I am going to bring it up to my doctor when I see him in 3 weeks.

The only other thing I could think of is I do tend to drink a little on the weekends. But the majority of these always happen during the week.

The Lone Gunman 08-01-2012 11:21 AM

Re: Night Terrors
hey scotty,

Im VERY new here, this is my 2nd post.

I too have suffered from NT's my whole life, and i can relate for sure. Im on wellbutrin and sice being on it my NT's have decreased exponentially...except when im under alot of stress or pressure.

I dont drink or smoke so i cant really say if either of those has any relation.

Ive foud since ive been working out too, thats helped me.

Hopefully you find better ways to reduce them for you. good luck friend!

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