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kansas279 09-26-2012 07:17 AM

Looking for answers...
Hi All,

I am a 33 yr old male, who was diagnosed as OCD when I was 19 yr old. I have had numerous issues with BDD, hypochondria, as well as generalized anxiety.

I have been on and off different medications for the last 10+ years...most recently, I have been unable to tolerate SSRI's. Lexapro made me crawl out of my skin, and most recently Luvox made me feel as if I were going to go crazy.

2 years ago I took 25 mg of Anafranil and it kept me stable. Was not a wonder pill, but it helped me get a good job, get married and overcome my fear of flying.

A big issue I have is that my mind just won't slow down. The thoughts come a mile a minute, and I have difficulty focusing on one thought. I also have trouble sleeping, which is take Klonopin for.

A worry of mine, is that I have a mild form of bipolar and that I am not being treated properly. I know bipolar can be difficult to diagnose, but if I have it I want to be treated for it. My therapist chalks this up to my OCD worry. My concern is, that somehow I caused my brain to become bipolar from stopping and starting meds so many times.

Right now, I am back to taking 25mg of Anafranil, yesterday was my 1st day, so we will see how it plays out.

Sometimes I wish I just had a "normal" brain...

Thanks for letting me vent

Midgard 10-02-2012 02:15 AM

Re: Looking for answers...
You don't mention what triggers your OCD. If you really have OCD then you know what I'm talking about if not your just about everyone Ells who belives they have OCD. I on the other had do have OCD and I can tell you it's not nice. I pluck my the lashes I blink my eyes rapidly I do so many things. It sounds to me like your focusing on our medication to much. That may be your only problem. Get off your medication most of those pills are plasibos anyways. Funny huh. Another bing your therepist doesn't sound like a good one. Why is he even pushing you to believe you have OCD ? Fearing you are not being treated properly is not a form of OCD it's you bein spoiled. Sounds to me as if it's time I sit down and really think about what your doing. Taking all these pills are only causing you harm. I have actual OCD , I have actual hypochondria an insomnia to be the chery on top. Please move on with your life you don't need plasibos your therapist is not a very good one.

Please help me with my problems as well, Im in a mental panic at this moment
I have a thread on this board on metal health

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