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mrbilly 06-26-2011 12:24 AM

Mom has Mesothelioma
My mom was diagnosed 3 years ago with mesothelioma. She has been thru everything (surgery-chemo) We just got the news, she has only a few months to live. If there is anybody out there i can talk to i would appreciate it.


mrbilly 07-26-2011 09:59 PM

Re: Mom has Mesothelioma
This disease is awfull!!!! My mother is still fighting, but i dont think the disease is going to kill her ,its everything else. Not being able to eat, hardly drink, its just awfull. I wish so much that there was a cure for this terrible disease. This time last year she was 160 lbs. NOW UNDER 100. I don't wish this disease on anybody.

If there is anybody out there that has this disease, then think before you do chemotherapy. My mom was normal, until she had chemotherapy. Never getting her appetite back. Lost her energy, its like her cancer was asking for chemo. Going thru this cancer you need to EAT HEALTHY, EXERCISE, DO EVERYTHING YOU WOULD DO. GOING THRU CHEMOTHERAPY IT MAKES YOU FEEL HORRIBLE, YOU CANT EAT, EXERCISE, GET OUT OF BED. THEN WHEN YOU CANT DEFEND YOURSELF, IT WINS!!!! IM JUST ASKING YOU TO THINK ABOUT IT BEFORE YOU MAKE THIS DECISION.

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