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bethies30 10-20-2006 08:21 AM

low fetal heart rate and subchorionic bleed??
i'm currently on my 8th pregnancy. I have 3 live children, 3 losses and 1 termination.

i went for an u/s at 5wks5days and they saw the yolk sac and everything measuring perfect.
i went a week later at 6wks5days and saw the baby measuring 6wks2days and a heart rate of 153.... BUT... they also saw a subchorionic bleed... basically a "collection of blood" near the placenta in the uterus.... dr. told me it could be from implantation and should reabsorb.... OR it could be the start of the placenta tearing away (m/c)

so.... we go in the next week... i'm 7wks5days (i'm certain of my dates... had u/s on day of ovulation etc.) anyway, the good news is that the "bleed" was almost completely gone.... reabsorbed like the dr. said it should..... BUT... the bad news is the baby was only measuring about 3 days bigger
(6wks5days) and the sac measured about 7wks2days.... the WORST part is the tech said the heart rate is 90. (i had a different tech from the last week, who hardly spent any time with me or measuring) the dr. never came into the u/s room ... only took the tech's word .... and told me to expect another m/c.....

has anyone gone through something similar??? how possible is it that the tech was just wrong? it's not like she "double checked" her answers...kwim??
ALSO.... would the "bleed" have anything to do with maybe the baby growing a bit slow while the bleed healed?????

i go back next tuesday to my RE.... but im terrified to get that same tech and think i might just call my OB for an u/s..... he's much more compassionate and does these early u/s's by himself....

i guess i need some help and hope...although i can handle the "bad" stories too....


ps: i have TONS of pregnancy symptoms still..... with all of my losses, i had lost my symptoms prior to knowing the outcome of the pregnancy.

Dragon Fly 10-28-2006 04:39 AM

Re: low fetal heart rate and subchorionic bleed??
All I can say is good luck and all the best. I have lost 2 full term babies, baby one (boy) died at 6days and baby four (boy) was still born (true knot in cord), we have 3 children girl 9yrs boy 7yrs and girl almost 20mths, so I can relate to your feeling.
I hope all works out well for you.

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