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michstate2004 12-02-2009 10:14 AM

Getting pregnant while miscarrying???
Hi I have an interesting situation here. I have a friend she was around 2 months pregnant with a child. The babies father isnt in the picture at all. We are both clean...a couple nights ago one thing led to another and we had unprotcted sex...cause you can't get pregnant while you are already pregnant. Well the next morning she has bad cramps and bleeding while I am at work so she goes to the hosptial. She tells me that the Dr. told her she had miscarried. The thing was the Dr. said she miscarried about a week or two ago but the pain and bleeding is the fetus, etc just coming out (sounds disturbing, sorry) I am now wondering if this is true we had unprotected sex after she already unknowlingly lost the baby. She said the Dr. gave her a couple of shots one for the pain and one to help get rid of the fetus. Anyone have any clue if it is possible for her to get pregnant again? Its hard to look this up online because unprotected sex came apparently after the miscarriage but she was just now showing signs...and I dont know if the medications she was given would kill any conception? Im a man so i dont know if you can ovulate during miscarriage, anything would help. Is it possible she could get pregnant again during miscarriage?

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