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Tingling Feet And Legs

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Old 09-04-2004, 05:17 PM   #1
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Tabitha111 HB User
Question Symptoms Of Ms?

Hi. Thanks for pulling up my post. I know this somewhat long, but please take the time to read it. This is my story.

My dad passed away of skin cancer 16 years ago when I was seventeen. Ever since his passing, I have been a hypochondriac and a constant worrier. I have suffered severely with anxiety and stress, physically and emotionally. With family support and a wonderful husband, I have tried desperately to deal my dad’s passing, hypochondria, a fear of dying, and my anxiety symptoms, but finally had to make a trip to the doctor. My main problem, which has really been quite annoying and sometimes disabling, has been what I call “my breathing problem”. I always feel like I am not getting enough air. Breathing for me has become a chore as I acknowledge just about every breath that I take. Sometimes I get to the point of hyperventilating with tingling in my face and lips, a lump in my throat and nausea. Occasionally over the past 15 years I would have short episodes, maybe lasting a day or two, but now the episodes last for weeks at a time. When I finally went to the doctor in April, I had this “breathing problem” for three weeks and I was literally to the point of tears. Only at night time while I am sleeping do I have relief. Of course I have other symptoms, but this one is the worst.

In April, my doctor put me on Zoloft and I also take 0.50 mg of Xanax every night to help me sleep. I also take Xanax during the day for those really tough days. I am worried about addiction to Xanax, but at this point, I just want to be able to function normally on a daily basis. I was taking 100 mg of Zoloft a day, but couldn’t have an orgasm, and there is absolutely no way that I will give up orgasms. After all, that is a natural medicine that puts a smile on my face. So, my doctor cut my dosage to 75 mg a day. Thankfully, that isn’t an issue anymore. At any rate, some of my anxiety problems have gotten a little bit better, but I still have my “breathing problem”, just not to the point of hyperventilation and tingling.

These are my new symptoms. Over the past two months, I have had on/off tingling in my feet that sometimes radiates up my legs, but not to the point of pins and needles. The tingling would come and go, but over the past week or so, the tingling has been constant and is either in one foot or both feet. I also get some cramping in my right calf and have had charley horses in the middle of the night. I also get these creepy / crawly sensations on my legs. It feels like there is a bug crawling on my leg and usually lasts for a few seconds. Over the past few days, I have started to get mild tingling in my hands that comes and goes. The tingling seems to worsen with each passing day. And for the past two days, my right eye has been twitching, driving my absolutely crazy.

Has anyone had this “tingling” and “eye twitching” as side effects of Zoloft? Could these new symptoms I am experiencing be related to anxiety? I have also read on other posts that vitamin B-12 deficiency can cause tingling and eye twitching. Does anyone have any other suggestions as to what might be going on with my body? I AM REALLY SCARED !!! Any feedback or information that you have would be so very much greatly appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my sob story.

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Old 09-11-2004, 09:48 AM   #2
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smeg HB User
Re: Tingling Feet And Legs

Hi Tabitha111

So sorry to read of your concerns - you sound very frightened. I have had MS many years - now Secondary Progressive. Personally I don't think you have been having any normal MS symptoms but what do I know. There are plenty on this site that know more than me.

My only thoughts about your foot and leg tingling was that you may be experiencing early symptoms of Peripheral Vascular Disease but you don't sound old enough. However, I know PVD can be hereditory so it might be worth looking into but PLEEEASE don't go frightening yourself - I'd never forgive myself. Have a look at [url][/url] so that this might be dismissed. You must see your doc if you are concerned in any way. He or She will know all about this and they will be able to test you fairly quickly.
If I have learned one thing over the last 27 years of MS it is that being proactive about your self and your health, always works. I really do hope you start feeling better soon. Smeg

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Old 09-11-2004, 10:10 AM   #3
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lacydog HB User
Re: Tingling Feet And Legs

Smeg, that is very, very smart advise you gave Tabitha111. It is so scary, but self-advocacy? is the key. Tabitha111...please let us know how you are doing.

Old 09-12-2004, 09:36 AM   #4
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Lyn38 HB User
Re: Tingling Feet And Legs

I don't know if this will help or not, but this is my story.

In January I started having a tingling sensation in my right arm, mostly when I tilted my head down toward my chest. Then it became a constant tingling/"bugs running up and down my arm" feeling. I had x-rays and an MRI of my neck ordered by my GP. The x-rays showed some lesions, that's why he ordered the MRI. When the tests came back, he referred me to a neurologist.

After another set of MRIs (with and w/o constrast) on my brain and cervical (neck) the neurologist was ready to count out MS. The brain scan came back clear. Basically he was opting to do nothing but wait. When I pressed him, he asked if I wanted a spinal tap done. Being totally stupid about the procedure, I said "sure, if it'll tell me for sure one way or the other". The tap was clear. But after 4 days of agony, I'm not so sure I will EVER have that done again.

By May, the sensation stopped. I thought I was "cured" although nothing had ever really been done. In June, I lost most of the feeling in my left leg (from my foot all the way to my groin) and the feeling in my right foot and ankle. I went back to the neurologist, had an MRI of the brain and neck with and w/o contrast and an MRI of the thorax. Still no lesions in the brain, lesions on the neck were shrinking, and the back MRI showed, in his words, "something that appears so insignificant that you have to use your imagination to even see it". I'm still not quite sure what that was supposed to mean. His "plan of treatment" was to do nothing and see if it went away. I was supposed to go back and see him in September (this month).

Well, needless to say, I still don't have a lot of feeling in my left leg and foot or my right foot. I guess I've gotten used to it because I'm walking better most of the time. But now when I do more than 10 minutes of walking and then stop, I get a crawling sensation all over my body (head to foot).

I'm going to see a different neurologist (one who specialized in MS) in November (hopefully sooner if I can get my appointment bumped up). I still don't know if it is MS, but I also don't know what else it is either. My vision is playing games on my every so often and I'm really tired most days. I could be psyching myself into symptoms, but who knows? I hear MRIs and spinal taps can't always detect MS. I would just like to know one way or the other so I can get on a treatment plan if I need to be on one.

Thanks for listening! Lyn

Old 09-12-2004, 06:38 PM   #5
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Tabitha111 HB User
Re: Tingling Feet And Legs


Thanks for responding to my post. I am so sorry to hear of your problems. I will say a prayer for you that someone will come up with the right diagnosis soon, but hopefully, it will be "just nothing". The waiting is the most painful part.

My tingling in my feet and legs has progressed little-by-little everyday. At first it came on and off, and now I mostly have it 24/7. The sensation is more noticable, sometimes pins & needles. Although, I really only notice it when I am off of my feet. I also get a little bit of tingling in my hands now too. My eye has beent twitching now for about 6 days.

I spoke with a girl that I work with yesterday who is in her last semister to be a cardiac surgical nurse. She told me that she had thought that I have a vitamin deficiency. She said I need to eat more red meat cooked under medium. Yuk!!! I like red meat, but it has to be cooked well done. I really only eat chicken and maybe 1 or 2 servings of red meat a week. At any rate, I have an appointment to see the doctor tomorrow. I am hoping that he will have some answers. I hope that maybe he will just start with blood work and go from there. I am still worried, but I am hopeful and do not think that I have MS. Although, sometimes I still worry it's could be a brain tumor.

I will keep you informed. I am just glad that I am not in this alone. It is nice to have other people to talk to who can understand.


Old 09-13-2004, 06:16 AM   #6
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KittyInCarlisle HB User
Smile Re: Tingling Feet And Legs

Tabitha, Your "Breathing Problem" is what I used to call "My Breathing Thing" and I have had it for years. I have been tested for asthma, depression, you name it. And I would keep switching doctors because nobody understood that I could not get a deep breath!!!!!! Until a doctor told me I was having panic attacks I could not control it. Yes! A panic attack that would result in me not getting a deep breath and it could last for months!!!!! Try this.....tell yourself that it is a panic attack. Xanax works for me. Take a strong dose before bed and believe it will take it away. You have to believe that you can make it go away. Forget about it!!!!! Really try hard. Read a book...exercise. Do anything to take your mind off of it and IT WILL GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you focus on it....and panic will not go away. Make sense? Let me know. I do know EXACTLY how you feel!!!!

Old 09-13-2004, 03:13 PM   #7
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Lyn38 HB User
Re: Tingling Feet And Legs

Thanks, Tabitha! I hope all goes well at your appointment!

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