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Old 01-26-2005, 02:44 PM   #1
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Location: Central Indiana
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indianangela HB User

I had a fun trip to the ER last night. (with the hubby and BOTH kids...eeg) I felt like I couldn't catch my breath. They checked me out...EKG, heart monitor, 5 vials of blood, the works. I even had a CT scan of my chest ran to make sure it wasn't a blood clot in my lungs (I'm Factor V Leiden) and it all came back clear. They finally let me go home after more than 4 hours. I told the resident doc about my symptoms and my appointment with the neuologist on Friday. He wouldn't say anything but told me to be sure to call my neurologist and let them know what was going on.

This is crazy. The tightness in my chest comes and goes. Sometimes it feels like my back is so stiff that I can't inhale all the way. I've heard people talk about "MS hug". Is this it?

I appreciate all of your input. This board has been a lifesaver!

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Old 01-26-2005, 03:41 PM   #2
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blueslvr53 HB User
Re: Craziness

WOW, I could have written this. I was just in the er on Sunday with that same feeling in my chest. It feels like I am paralyzied. I had posted asking about that "ms hug" also. All my cardiac tests came back neg also. It is such a yucky feeling. I am still trying to figure out if it is "the hug" or extreme anxiety. Have you been dx yet? I havent. I had an abnormal mri and a neg spinal tap. I also have the
Factor V. I have been getting the feeling on and off for a few weeks now. It does go away especially if I take anti anxiety meds. Thats why I am confused about what it is. I dont like the idea of the anxiety meds but I am at my witts end. Hope you are feeling better keep me posted.

Old 01-26-2005, 08:44 PM   #3
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Join Date: Jan 2005
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indianangela HB User
Re: Craziness

Hi! I haven't been dx yet. I have an appointment with my neuro on Friday afternoon. I know I probably won't know anything that day but it will feel good just to be finally doing something about this!

I don't know if mine was the ms hug or anxiety either. I can understand why it would be anxiety though! The things that my body is doing these days is enough to drive me batty.

Thank you so much for replying. It makes me feel better just to know that someone else is having the same symptoms, let alone to find another Factor Ver. You can count on me being back here Friday evening after my appointment to vent!

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Old 01-27-2005, 06:24 AM   #4
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SuzU HB User
Re: Craziness

I haven't been dx'ed yet either. Almost six years ago, the chest pain was one of my main symptoms. I had it pretty much every day, along with a sensation of being pushed backward or walking through water. There was a period of a few weeks where I also developed weakness, tremors, difficulty with fine motor coordination, etc, but that resolved and the chest pain and weird dizzy feeling remained for almost two years. Even since then, extreme stress could bring back the strange sensation-though not near the severity of my first episode. At the time, I was tested for a variety of viruses, one being Coxsackie B, which can cause neuro symptoms and guess what-chest pain! I had a very high titer for the Coxsackie-so my doctor and I were both satisfied that this was the problem. I'd had mri's, bloodwork, neuro eval-all normal at the time.

Now, it is all back-only much worse, the weakness is severe (I can barely get myself off the ground from sitting when I'm normally quite strong...) I have a lot of trouble typing this, and my chest pain/dizzy feeling has come back full force. Also with worse tremors, bladder and swallowing and sensory problems. Once again, bloodwork, mri's, neuro work up are showing normal except for mildly brisk reflexes. (I don't recall what my reflexes were the first time around...) My neurologist is stumped. He thinks I'm having too many symptoms and not enough signs to dx MS. With all these symptoms, he thinks the mri's should be showing something. I'm getting a lumbar puncture next week. There is a questionable lesion on my cervical mri which everyone thinks is a syrinx, but it also could be an atypical MS lesion.

Also-a neuro recently told me that back injuries can cause chest pain-make sure you get an mri of your spine-you could have a simple disc herniation (well-not so simple, but better than ms...) and this may be correctable with physical therapy and medication.)

Good luck in your pursuit of a diagnosis!

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Old 01-27-2005, 07:03 AM   #5
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llcoolbeans1 HB User
Re: Craziness

I don't know if my chest pain is anything like any of yours but I will post in case it helps. In July of 04 I began having severe tightness in my chest. It first began on the right side so I thought it might have to do with my peck and shoulder muscles because I had some muscle strain there. However the pain got more intense and moved to the center of my chest. I am over weight and very much out of shape so I immediately thought I was having a heart attack. To me it felt like someone was sitting on my chest. The first time it happened it was late at night and my husband was at work, so I prayed it would go away and tried to ignore it. I didn't have any other heart attack signs which gave me comfort. I was finally able to fall asleep and the pains went away. They returned the next evening just as intensely. I actually had my husband come home from work because I was really scared. I went to the doctor the next day. He did an EKG and a complete work up. All was good. He said it heartburn...I thought he was nuts. I had experienced heartburn in the past and it was nothing like this. I was put on Ranitadine right away. The pains continued off and on for weeks. I panicked every time it happened because the pains were intense and occured just as a heart attack would. I even began having sweats and heart palpitations. Then one day I walking around Walmart with these pains. Suddenly my hands and arms went numb. I went home and tried to relax. Then my face went numb and I was sweating. Hubby rushed me to the ER. They did all the cardiac tests which were perfectly normal. They even gave me a concoction of Bella Donna and Maalox and an IV of protonix which rules out reflux. Nothing worked to get rid of the pain. The doctor sent me home stumped. I then went to a gastric doc who did an endoscopy. Lo and Behold it was severe GERD! Who would have guessed my doctor was right! I was told that severe reflux can mimic a heart attack! I had a huge polyp removed from my esphogus which helped tremendously. I learned I have a hiatal hernia and my esphogus was raw from all the reflux. I never had any of the other reflux symptoms: metal taste in the mouth, burning in throat, sore throat, feeling of food coming back up etc. I just felt extreme chest tightness, pain and pressure. I was put on a double dose of protonix and was good to go. The only time since then that I have had problems was when I took myself off the protonix. I thought I no longer needed it.

I have never had any of the other symptoms you are all describing so I may have been lucky with having such a simple problem. Just something to think about.

Old 01-27-2005, 08:17 AM   #6
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susan62 HB User
Re: Craziness

one quick? WHAT IS FACTOR V

Old 01-27-2005, 11:02 AM   #7
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indianangela HB User
Re: Craziness

Factor V Leiden is a genetic clotting disorder. It basically raises your chances of getting a blood clot. Alot of people have it and never even know it. Some women find out when they go on birth control and end up with a pulmonary embolism. In my case I got one in my IV site after I had my son. That one was in my left arm and bad news because it could have traveled to my heart. I was in the hospital for almost 2 weeks with that one. The second was at my IV site after I had my daughter 19 months later. At least it was in my right arm that time! Much shorter hospital stay, thank goodness. They tested me for clotting disorders while I was in the hospital and it came back positive for Factor V Leiden.

You know what's scary? Both times I knew something was wrong before I was even released from the hospital after giving birth. (or, more precisely, laying on an operating table while the doctor did the work I even asked the doctor that released me if it could be a blood clot. Her exact words were "You can't get a blood clot from an IV site". Over the next 2 weeks it traveled from down by my wrist to right below my elbow. It was unbelievably painful and just plain ugly to look at. I called the office first thing one morning and they got me into the office. Even after looking at it, they didn't think that it was a clot but they sent me for a doppler of my arm to be on the safe side. After the doppler they sent me straight to the hospital. Thank God they did. That night it broke up and landed in 5 different places up my arm and shoulder. The one right above my elbow was the worse. I have a stretch mark from where my skin stretched so much from the infection.

The first time I could excuse because it was my first one. The second time I kept a close eye on the site and, sure enough, there were red streaks on the 3rd day. I explained my history to the nurse and she just blew me off! Even the doctor that released me didn't think that it was anything. (of course, it probably didn't from across the room where he was standing!) I ended up going home and calling my internist. She got me into the office that afternoon and by the next afternoon I was back in the hospital. A different one than I delivered in, of course!

I ended up changing OB/GYN practices after that. I loved my OB but he is part of a huge practice and you never knew what doctor you were going to get.

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