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please share your first symptoms

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Old 03-03-2006, 08:24 AM   #1
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kw123 HB User
please share your first symptoms

please share your first symptoms and attack with me. i just need to here from some of you.

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Old 03-03-2006, 08:39 AM   #2
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evolution88 HB User
Re: please share your first symptoms

Not real sure, I think my first symptoms were fatigue and an arm issue I had years and years ago.

My first symtoms that got me diagnosed were:
Loud ringing in one ear (the nerves were inflamed causing the ringing)
Followed by Double Vision,
Followed by dizziness,
which put me in the hospital and resulted in my diagnosis.

All better now, only occasional tingling in my left foot.

Been on Avonex for one year, had some ups and downs with the treatment. Also take a lot of Vitamin D, fish oils, and powdered vitamins.


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JulieDe HB User
Re: please share your first symptoms

KW-my first symptoms were tingling in my feet and numbness in my pelvic region. Numbness went away. Still have some residual tingling in my feet. I've also been on Avonex since Oct 2004. Hope it helps!

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Natatude HB User
Re: please share your first symptoms

well now that i know it was MS i can tell u a lil of what i remember,, i know i was really really tired,,, i would sleep 18 hours a day,, on days i had off from work,, and i can remember when my daughter was like 6 or so,, and would have to wake me up to get her something to eat because i was so tired and would fall asleep,, on the couch watching tv,,, in the summers,,, when i got hot my eye sight would god real bad in my right eye and my right hand and right foot would go numb and i was very clumbsy and fell alot,,, in 2001 i worked in a restaurant and pizza shop my sister in laws owned,, and i got sick and couldn;t see,, the whole right side of my body was numb,, i went to the eye dr first,, they ordered me glasses went back in 2 weeks eye sight changed,, so he sent me to an opthonuero which did testing and is the one who found the MS so she sent me to a neurologist,,, i had pnuemonia that summer in june and it all went from there to find the diagnoses within a couple of months,,, but after i found out it was MS and the symptoms were numbness and eye sight change and so forth,,, i figured i had it since about 1994 or 95 and got real bad in 97' cause i was a home health nurse and was working in the hot summer and was getting sick and as soon as i would cool off and take a nap for about 5 hours i was ok, i ended up quitting the job i was better off at home in the A/C in 2001 on 9/11 is when i found out i had MS.

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Re: please share your first symptoms

my ms came with actually no warning at all. I had ear surgery a few days earlier and when i was recovering i kinda felt lopsided. My equalibriaum was off and i was running into walls and dropping stuff. My whole right side of my body went numb so my pcp sent me immediately to the hospital for an MRI. He was worried i had a stroke. After a couple hours he called me and asked me to come back to his office. He than informed me of his findings and immediately told me i had MS. But my symptoms consisted of numbness and lopsidedness.
Hope that helps .


Old 03-03-2006, 12:10 PM   #6
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sunshine149 HB User
Re: please share your first symptoms

ON in the left eye, weakness in the left leg (buckling) numbess in my legs up to and including the crotch.

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lestoby HB User
Re: please share your first symptoms

eye trouble (pain and rolling of eyes) for 3 years prior to attack
R calf burn for 5 months prior to attack
Freezing/burning feeling in R foot 3 months prior to attack

I ignored these warning signs (thought it was old age or the way I sit at the computer for hours)

Immediately after my attack (thought I had a stroke):
Vomiting for 6 hours
Unable to see for 10 hours
Double-vision for 3 days
Extreme Vertigo for 10 days - could not get out of bed for 3 days - could only move short distances for 5 weeks.
BP elevated for 3 weeks
Constant Drop foot for 3 months (became a wall hugger)

Now 6 months later...... I feel just "dandy" compared to what I was. Just some eye trouble and frequent burning in R calf.

After attack, MRI revealed 2 lesions.

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Re: please share your first symptoms

1993, Fingers On Right Hand Went Numb, Dr's Thought I Had Pinched Nerve. After a few days my fingers on lt hand starting tingling. My shoulders got very tingly also. I Had A Weird Shocking Feeling That Went Down My Spine To My Toes When I Tilted My Head Down. I finally was sent for a Mri. Showed A Lesion On My Spinal Cord And 1 In The Brain. I was told I Had Ms. I Had Weird Symptoms For The Next 4 Yrs. Finally I was feeling better. Went To Neuro For Checkups And Was Told I Probably Didn't Have Ms. I Have Always Had Pain In Neck Shoulders And Back. Thought This May Be Due To Work. I Sit At A Computer All Day. Jan 2005 Had A Severe Case Of Vertigo. Was In Bed For Two Months. Was Told I Has A Viral Infection. Had Numerous Tests. Had another MRI. Was Told It Was Probably Not Ms. Dec 23rd I was driving home from work and I was seeing double. I thought it was the laser surgery last year acting up. I never thought it could be MS. Had Another Mri, Had A New Lesion In Brain Stem. I Started Avonex 1 Month Ago. I Wish I Had Been Told That I Had Ms Years Ago. I Could Not Get A Definate answer for so long.. Finally I Know. I Just Wonder How Long The Double Vision Will Last Or If It Will Get Better .....anyone with doulbe vision out there.. please advise... I just pray it goes away.....

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Old 03-03-2006, 09:45 PM   #9
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journey4me HB User
Re: please share your first symptoms

In Aug. of 2002 I fell. After that I noticed that each time I would bend my head forward, an electrical shock would go into my left arm. It was the weirdest thing. I was hospitalized and many tests were run--mri, mra and others but they had no idea what was wrong. It wasn't until October when another dr ordered a spinal tap and the proper mri where they were able to properly dx me. I have been on Avonex since Dec. of 2002. My yearly mri's show that I am "stable". I have not had any flare ups since I got on the Avonex and neurontin. The neurontin is the best. If I am late taking a dose; I can tell as the tingly feeling is present. I can forget things more easily now. That is difficult especially if I get frazzled. Good luck.

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lilc HB User
Re: please share your first symptoms

About a year ago I had what I call an emotional meltdown after a very bad day. The next day my sister came to visit. I was sitting and reached down to pet my puppy and my legs momentarily went numb. Over the next month it happened more frequently, and spread to my arms and torso. I figured out after a couple of weeks that it happened when I bent my neck forward. For about a month I had a constant, pulsing vibration in my spine. Looked on-line and found it was called L'Hermitte's Sign and could be MS, went to the doctor last April. "Vibrating" calmed down, but both arms stayed partially numb. Had MRIs, EVPs and in August LP. Got dx in September, started Copaxone in November.

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LisaB123 HB User
Re: please share your first symptoms

Originally Posted by JulieDe
KW-my first symptoms were tingling in my feet and numbness in my pelvic region. Numbness went away. Still have some residual tingling in my feet. I've also been on Avonex since Oct 2004. Hope it helps!
Hi there,
Just reading and came across your first symptoms...What kind of numbness or should I say please elaborate on the pelvic region... Since my c-section from my last child I have had all my sypmtoms and the first was that numbness in that area and still there. Not too many people share that with me. Your imput might be helpful. Thanks in advance.

Old 03-05-2006, 06:37 AM   #12
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vlynncurtis HB User
Re: please share your first symptoms

I was diagnosed Nov. 23, 1999. In Oct. of that year, I began having vertigo problems (Bad!!). When I was able to go to the doctor without having to call an ambulance to carry me out, I was just really dizzy and had numbness in the right side of my face and impaired vision on that side. My primary Dr. sent me for an MRI to rule out a tumor in the nerves around my eye and in the inner ear area. The MRI showed both old and new lesions on my brain. I went throught several tests to rule out brain cancer and other possible causes. The neurologist said the old lessions had probably developed around the time I turned 40 but did not cause a problem that I went to doctor for. I was 43 when diagnosed. I'm now 50 (how did that happen). I've been on Avonex since Nov. 27, 1999. I've had one relapse since, 2 years ago. Avonex is working to slow down progress of disease.


Old 03-08-2006, 05:41 AM   #13
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AllyG HB User
Re: please share your first symptoms

My first serious symptom was a numbness on left side of my face which went after oral steroids for 2 weeks. About a month later I woke up unable to move my left arm or leg and was hospitalised for 6 weeks and diagnosed.

Looking back I think there were other symptoms over the years but I didnt really take any head - I was in my late teens - didnt want to know!!!!

Old 03-10-2006, 12:20 AM   #14
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gib70 HB User
Re: please share your first symptoms

First symptom in Aug '05 that I was aware of was a heavy left leg. I could barely lift it. My right leg had cold patches and was numb. Two weeks after these symptoms appeared, my left side began feeling numb. Although I do have many other persistent symptoms, the only initial one that remains is the back numbness. Been on Avonex less than one week now.

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LisaB123 HB User
Re: please share your first symptoms

Thank you for that insight.
Hope all is well.

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