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klstoneking 06-30-2007 10:12 AM

neuro says im just nuts
Had my neuro visit, left in tears and so confused, he tells me that its all in my head, that i dont have MS, that im stressed out and i just need a shrink. II wish it was that I was just "crazy" that would be but i dont think that is the case, but now what?? my MRI he says is ok looking, no issues there. anyone else been told its in your mind, your symptoms arent real? how could i be making myself feel like this, or fall in the shower? He said i was psychosympomatic (excuse the spelling) what the hell is that? lol
I dont know if i should see another doc, find a shrink? just any advice would be good :dizzy:

klstoneking 06-30-2007 10:13 AM

Re: neuro says im just nuts
psychosomatic disorder i mean

aardvark200003 06-30-2007 03:36 PM

Re: neuro says im just nuts
you must have the same dr i went to lol -- i was newly diagnoses with a mild seizure disorder about 6-8 wks ago -- i possibly had a reaction to the lamictal they put me on inducing moderate to major full body & head tremors -- they had m get off the lamectal, but was still having the tremors 2 weeks later -- they did a spinal tap which i'm not supposed to get the results until the 27th of july (almost 5 week after the test) -- the neuro started me on neurontin 300mg three times daily -- my tremors got worse -- they raised it to 600mg three times daily (over the phone -- refused to see me in the office, no openings) tremors got worse -- raised me to 900mg three times a day -- tremors got so bad i was non-functional (trouble speaking walking head was shaking back & forth as fast as it would go) -- called neuro & was told that he would be out of office for the next week & 1/2 -- called primary dr & he told me to try to go to houston to a tremor specialist -- went to the tremor specialist & was told it was psychogenic tremors (all in my head, example was somebody trying to get out of work -- i went because it was affecting my work & i need to work!!!! he said maybe it was my subconscious & i should go to a psychologist & get some biofeedback) -- he did say to get off the neurontin though d/t he didn't feel i needed to be on a seizure medication -- miracle happened within about 2 days my tremors are almost non-existant (have my old slight head tremors) -- think it was a side effect of the neurontin -- anyway i have a new neurologist that i'm going to see on tuesday -- don't get me wrong, i do not want a dx of ms -- but i do want somebody to care enough to get back with me within a reasonable timeframe & listen to what's been going on -- hope you're feelin better & i know i'm not crazy & neither are you (keep trying) -- angie

duttin 06-30-2007 06:56 PM

Re: neuro says im just nuts

I'd find a new neuro.Did he examine you?Did he do any of the standard neurological test,heal to toe walk,reflexs and so forth?

Get a copy of the MRI report,read it yourself,usually they are self explanatory.Get copies of all your med records and keep for your personal use.

Many patients here have been where your at,keep searching for a DX that explains your symptoms.

jprinz99 07-01-2007 05:29 AM

Re: neuro says im just nuts
After seeing a neuro for 5 minutes (!) he said I was a housewife and that "housewives can't handle stress and make things up to get attention". Hah - the only stress I have is arogant doctors and no solution/answer! How can he diagnosis this or any problem in 5 minutes? I wrote him off as a disinterested, biased quack.

Will seek a new neuro, not mention MS, but let him know what is going on and ask him what I can do to stop it from getting worse and hopefully get back to as close to normal *** possible.

I think the minute you bring up MS to a new doc they assume you are "diagnosis seeking" and a nut job who reads too much. Just my 2 cents. Funny part is I was told by my doctors to mention MS or a neuromuscular disorder - as soon as we did that the neuros change thier posture and attitude. I think going in "fresh" and just telling them some of the symptoms, then letting them ask about other things going on is my next approach. Will see how it goes. At the end of the appointment I will mention that the other docs thought neuro muscular disorder or MS if all else fails (actually my husband will probably bring it up if he thinks the doc isn't thinking it).

By the way I do recommend bringing a spouse/parent/friend with you intot he office to back up your claims of symptoms. In fact, they can not add validity to the issues but may notice other things you are unaware of yourself.

Good luck and keep us posted-

w0rldflame 07-01-2007 01:34 PM

Re: neuro says im just nuts
sorry to here you are having so much trouble with the neuro. mine said almost the same thing, even though I lost my balance on the heal to toe walk. He said it was arthritis without even examining my spine. when I finally asked about MS ( I didnt want to bring it up because he looked at me like I was crazy the minute I walked in ) he told me two things. 1. that people think because they have multiple symptoms that they think to generally and come up with Mulitple sclerosis because of the multiple symptoms. 2. he told me he wouldnt do the spinal tap because even with the spinal tap he could only give me a possiable diagnois and not a definate one and he didnt feel I had MS at all.
I have been told several things by the doctor as well. so I can sympathize with your situation. unfourtnatly the diagnosis of arthritis doesnt explain the 10 other symptoms and how they get worse in the heat. for that they said fibromayagia and sent me on my way. keep your head up and do what you feel is right, only you know how you feel. I did bring my husband with me to my nuero apt and the funny thing was the nuero wasnt even paying attention to what I said until my husband started to talk.

jprinz99 07-03-2007 04:49 PM

Re: neuro says im just nuts
Same with me! Not until my husband piped up did the doctor even give a semi decent answer. I now have an appt for another opinion with a different MD.

Must be all the blood needed by another region that is limiting the brain and manners...
{with apologies to the good guys}

klstoneking 07-05-2007 06:38 PM

Re: neuro says im just nuts
sorry havent posted replies yet, been trying to ignore the whole "MS" thing!! after the neuro appt. i did get checked out by a im fine up there, no mental illness so thats good, i did get something odd told to me today from an oral surgeon that has set off some signals and makes sense now! see i have had dental issues for yrs, never knew why, nor the dentis, was told i just had bad teeth, so i thought id go see about getting them all removed for the placement of dentures, they did an xray and i was told i have osteonecrosis, i know right, what the hell is that?? lol it means rotting of your jaw!! i was shocked, this can be fatal, he told me i could be feeling the way that i do because of this infection in my jaw that can spread to all over, thus my neck pain and all these crazy nonstop sinus infections, among all the other sys. of MS. i hope it is only this, im having teh surgery on the 17th will kepp you posted if it helps me any....pray for me that it wil

jprinz99 07-05-2007 06:51 PM

Re: neuro says im just nuts
lots of prayers this might be your answer and your cure (even tho it sounds dreadful)

CJRT 07-06-2007 05:18 AM

Re: neuro says im just nuts
Why are neuro's as a whole, incredible egotists and refuse to even do testing?
What does it hurt to do a test? He's not paying for it.

I saw a neuro 3 years ago that told me I just needed to lose weight. No tests, even though my primary dr. sent me to him saying she thought it was MS.

I've lost 150 pounds, symptoms worse than ever, so its not my weight. It was the dr.

I have an appt. next week and i swear it this dr. pulls this crap, I am going to go OFF on him.

I did write a scathing letter to the first neuro after my visit and I copied it and sent it to his chief of staff as well. I got an apology and an offer to come back and see him, but it would be a cold day in hell before I saw that particular dr. again. I did feel better after writing the letter even though it did me no good medically.

klstoneking 07-06-2007 08:09 AM

Re: neuro says im just nuts
well atleast im not the only one who has had "bad docs" he did do the normal exam, which i stumbled while doing and couldnt even feel some of the "sticks" on my feet and legs. he didnt do any futher tests though, so i donno whats the deal with that, maybe ill write a would make me feel better im sure. i thought there would be a spinal anyhow, but nope, im just nuts and its in my head....lmao i hope this "new find" will help matters, but i dont think it wil help some of my issues with hot water, dizzy, etc the stuff that goes with MS. anyhow ill update you when i know more, thanks for the replies, much needed =)

AggrevatedinSD 07-06-2007 11:59 PM

Re: neuro says im just nuts
I am new to the board and wondering how many Docs actually say that. My neuro said the same thing when I went to him by referral--from my doc...she thought MS because of the increase in lesions, dizziness, tremors, when I tip my head down, tingling and numbness throughout my whole body, like little shocking sensations...This doc has been a neuro for 34 years...Guess what?
I need to see the shrink!!!

jalo123 07-24-2007 01:58 AM

Re: neuro says im just nuts
[QUOTE=AggrevatedinSD;3084777]I am new to the board and wondering how many Docs actually say that. My neuro said the same thing when I went to him by referral--from my doc...she thought MS because of the increase in lesions, dizziness, tremors, when I tip my head down, tingling and numbness throughout my whole body, like little shocking sensations...This doc has been a neuro for 34 years...Guess what?
I need to see the shrink!!![/QUOTE]

Oh my god!!!!!! How can Dr. Justify a statement like that without doing the tests such as an MRI. You live in Watertown, your not that far from Sioux Falls, which I'm sure has the type of MRI needed to diagnose you. Check Sioux Falls, and see a neurologist there, there's one by the name of DR. Church, if he's still in practice, he's a good guy....and the rest of the gals are right, just tell em your symptoms, dont mention MS. and see if he orders an MRI!!!!!!!
Later, good luck

moore170 07-24-2007 11:50 AM

Re: neuro says im just nuts
Any Dr. who says you are just nuts should not be practicing. That is why Dr.'s at a M S center are so great. They have a myriad of specialists.
Keep pressing on, get rid of that neuro and find one who is willing to check until a diagnosis is found.
Even if it were true that you were nuts which it certainly doesn't sound like it, it is something that should be treated.
Hang in there. Dr.'s are just regular people and there are good ones out there to counter the bad.

bella67 07-24-2007 04:11 PM

Re: neuro says im just nuts
Well, I've just been through the very same thing. My family dr thinking it was MS after an episode of ON,, and being numb on my left side for 6 wks. I get to the neuro he finds problems, sends me for an MRI. He claims it was negative, and that was it. He didn't think of sending me for other tests, and told me to go back to my Rheumy. He had me thinking I was crazy too. I found myself trying to convince myself that I did just have the fibro, and everything else was in my head. Ok, so then I start reading the fibro message boards. I post about my symptoms and what's going on. Not a single person could relate. They all felt bad, but immediately said go for a second opinion. I did make an appointment with the Rheumy for Aug. 7th, but now I'm having second thoughts. I have enough going on in my life to be going to useless appointments. Isn't there dr's out there like dr house who keeps trying all the angles until they figure it out? I want one like that!

I'm sorry to everyone else who has to put up with all this poop.

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