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mazvazmazvaz 11-05-2009 01:48 PM

Diagnosing MS
Hi there,
Ok, I have been having symptoms which are associated with MS like dizziness, shaking etc but I put this down to physical anxiety becasue it all started to happen when the stuff about swine flu came out! (silly i know)
When I went to see a doctor about it all he spoke about was anxiety and I said I was worried about it being something like MS and he dismissed it and was not going to pursue any tests on it. The only thing he did was test my reflexes, balancing, vision, movement and coordination and he said all of that was fine. Since all of this was fine does it mean I do not have MS?
Thank you! :)

MSJayhawk 11-05-2009 01:52 PM

Re: Diagnosing MS
Anxiety can present with MS-like symptoms. If you are continuing to have these symptoms long-term, then a return visit to the doctor might be appropriate. If your anxiety worsens, you might need to seek help for that problem and then determine whether symptoms were continuing. :angel:

MSNik 11-05-2009 04:50 PM

Re: Diagnosing MS
Hi, agree with Jayhawk...however, you stated that you have been experincing symtoms which you feel are MS like--- dizziness and shaking. Those arent necessarily MS symtoms...they can be symtoms of anything from anxiety- to the flu!
MS Symtoms are more of numbness, tingling and sometimes sensorary and memory sypmptoms...and they are determined by MRIs...balance, vision , movement and coordination are usually impaired as well. Since you tested well for those things, I wouldnt assume this is MS related.
I think you probably can rule out neurological disorders, however if you really truly think something is amiss, then consult a Neurologist for further examination.
Hope you feel better soon.

mazvazmazvaz 11-05-2009 05:35 PM

Re: Diagnosing MS
Thanks very much!
I do get tingling now and then as well, but also read it's also another anxiety symptom. I had my smptoms mainly during may/june and then they went away and came back only a few times during the summer but I started feeling dizzy again a couple of weeks ago (gone now) and now have some shaking. I also started having some joint stifness (when the symptoms went away during the summer) in my right knee and thinking I might have arthritis but had blood work and an x-ray done and it all came back normal. I told my doctor about it and he ruled off MS. But I just can't help think it might be MS since I haven't had a proper test done.

MSNik 11-05-2009 06:28 PM

Re: Diagnosing MS
There is no proper test for MS! MS is diagnosed by ruling out things which MIGHT be MS far, you have ruled them all out. Stop worrying and start counting your blessings!:angel:

MS isnt a joint disorder- its a central nerous system disease....its found in the brain and spine- there is no single test which proves MS....but, the tests that you have had are showing that it isnt. Because you are not showing any symtoms which scream Neurological- consider yourself blessed and fortunate.

Im not trying to make light of your situation. Unfortunately, anxiety is a very real disease as well....and you might be experiencing some panic disorders on top of it, causing you to have some of your symtoms. My advice to you, is treat what is happening to you exactly like you have been. Talk to your doctor about each and every episode that you experience, but TRUST your doctor...if the tests and exams prove negative, then TRUST him (or her) that they are telling you the truth and try NOT to worry. Possilby some anti-anxiety medication might help you to cope alitle bit better. Those of us who have had to cope with MS diagnosis's, have sometimes been put on Xanax, or other similar drugs with success. I myself, have been on Xanax and have had to resort to using it when things get tough....theres nothing wrong with using a medication the way its supposed to be used, to help you get thru rough patches.
I wish you only the best...

mazvazmazvaz 11-05-2009 06:37 PM

Re: Diagnosing MS
Thank you for all the advice! I greatly appreciate it!
It's just you can't help worrying but you have reassured me greatly and I appreciate that SO much!
All the best and thanks for putting my mind to rest!
Much love and God bless,

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