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Dana91579 11-19-2009 02:47 PM

Possible MS question about MRI Kinda long
Hi I am a 30 year old female. Went to the eye doctor who did a routine eye exam. She said my pressures were high so had me come back in for a dilation. Said that the optic nerve in my left eye was swollen and I did bad on my visual fields test so she sent me to an opthomologist thinking I had glaucoma. When I went to the optho he did the same things and said everything looked normal on his end that I should go see a neurologist because my optic nerve was slightly large in my left eye. I made an appointment with a neuro but due to my crappy insurance I had to see a resident at the hospital and then an attending comes in for about 5 minutes and then that's all. They sent me for a brain MRI and said that everything looked ok just sinus problems but everyone who gets an MRI seems to get that feedback. Now my question is I had a .7 open MRI done is that a good thing for MS? I am thinking I should have had a closed normal MRI. They also sent me for an EMG/NCV that came back normal. I am currently on 40 mg celexa daily for anxiety and 100mg Topamax daily for migraines. I also take meclizine as needed for vertigo.

My list of symptoms that I have been having are the eye trouble, gait disturbances, pins and needles in hands and toes mostly, headaches, frequent urination accompanied with recurring UTI's, muscle twitching, fatigue. Those are the normal symptoms. Then from time to time I have vertigo or just plain dizziness, feeling of burning in my legs and upper arms, pain in facial muscles (like in cheek area) shooting pain in my forehead above left eye, confusion or forgetfullness like I can't remember what I had for dinner the night before stuff like that just kinda draw blanks.

Not all symptoms last most come and go some don't come back for weeks or even months then some kinda just never go away. I just made an appointment with a new neuro affiliated with a completely different hospital as the other resident one seemed to think it was just anxiety. I know my body better than anyone and I am 30 years old and know better. This isn't anxiety. Don't know if it is MS but is something and I need answers this has been going on long enough and I need help. I can't stand feeling this way. Oh I also seem to do worse at night. I am thinking because my room gets hot. I am in the basement and have no windows to open and it gets hot in there. I recently bought this thing called a chillow. It helps so to anyone else out there who thinks the heat bothers them try it you can get it on ebay for 25.00 and worth every cent. Any response would be great and let me know what you think about the open MRI vs. the closed one.

MSJayhawk 11-19-2009 05:31 PM

Re: Possible MS question about MRI Kinda long
If you suspect MS,you really need to get into see a MS specialist. Now, that said, the MS Specialist will have to determine the extent of your anxiety. Many symptoms of MS can be mimicked by anxiety,A good neurologist can sort the symptoms out, but the answer may still come back as anxiety.

The MRI is only one tool in the diagnosis of MS. A doctor uses all the tools at his disposal to eliminate what you do not have. The MRI should be with and without contrast. This allows lesions to be most likely to be found, but a MRI can also miss lesions. That said, not all lesions are caused by MS. There are a plethora of causes. You cannot get a diagnosis of MS in one visit because it takes time to get the tests completed, read, reviewed, and then the results are provided.

Try the MS specializing neurologist route again. If necessary, you may need to visit a teaching hospital or one with a MS Clinic. I hope I do not come across as dismissive. What you are experiencing is real; I truly hope you can get to the right doctor and be well attended. :angel:

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