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nelsonhallgal 01-09-2010 06:46 PM

Freakin' foot cramps :(
Hello.... I've been dx'd since '02, and had issues with my feet twitching and burning, and cramping up at night to a degree, but LATELY... I can hardly bear it.... my feet are nearly keeping me from walking they hurt so much!!

The bottom of my left foot is numb too, and I am really off-kilter! Was wondering if there is a med for this.. I have never had to worry 'bout this symptom to THIS degree til now, and haven't bothered to ask my neuro. I take tysabri, but have been off since October due to a surgery in November.

Wondering if I'm paying the price for that...... :( I appreciate any information and help. Hey, maybe it's this darn cold weather.... :)

Thank you and happy weekend!

MSJayhawk 01-09-2010 09:35 PM

Re: Freakin' foot cramps :(
You might want to do stretching before bedtime. I will cycle through periods of bedtime cramps. The stretching will bring relief to the pain and often helps eliminate the cramps- for me. You might also need to check your hydration. In the winter months dehydration can "creep up".

Lastly, you might try cold compresses on the cramping or numb areas. I hope your doctor can help you. :angel:

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