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slkrohn 03-19-2010 12:24 PM

MS attacks?
:confused: Where to begin? I have been having many things happening to me for about a year, 3 different attacks (felt like I had a small stroke). It starts with pressure in and around my ears, then moves to my whole head and neck, I start to get dizzy and nauseous and I begin to feel like I'm going to have a stroke or a heart attack until something happens and it quits. I have been to the doctor and even the emergency room. There is nothing wrong with my heart, not a heart attack. I am wondering if MS has what seems like an attack, it takes about 3 weeks from the time I notice it starting until it abruptly ends. I have other symptoms that seem to be classic symptoms of ms, numbness and tingling but I know they fit many other conditions and I have had back and neck problems almost my whole life. My doc keeps telling me it's menopause and tmj. I am looking for answers, and need to know what to ask and how to approach this.

MSJayhawk 03-19-2010 02:56 PM

Re: MS attacks?
Due to the length (3 weeks) of your symptoms, MS or a neurological concern would pique my interest. You need to see a neuro who works with MS. If you have, already, perhaps some fresh eyes are needed. :angel:

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