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pootle123 08-10-2012 06:33 AM

New here and would like some advice.
I am in my late 40's and on and off since I was in my late twenties I have had bouts of pain and tiredness and a few other symptoms. Drs at the time put things down to stress so I gave up pushing things.

Anyway 2 weeks ago things got much worse and I went to the hospital where they ruled out stroke and tumour and I am being referred to neuro.

Just wondering really how many of my symptoms can be put down to stress or something else. Here is my list;

Pretty much constant pins and needles in hands, arms, legs and feet. Also parts of my face.
Stabbing pains in legs and arms
Cold and hot spots in various places.
Legs and arms jerk with what feels like an electric shock
Occasional blurred vision and eye pain
Extreme tiredness
Forgetfullness (can take an hour to make a cuppa, go to shop and have no idea what I went for, go upstairs to bathroom and go elsewhere forgetting why I came up etc)
Dizzy spells, many times a day.
General weakness
Problems with concentration
Funny vibrations in various parts like a mobile phone going off on vibrate.
Fogettting words or using random silly ones.

Any ideas?

Thank you

MSNik 08-10-2012 06:46 AM

Re: New here and would like some advice..
Hi and welcome to healthboards. Im sorry you are in the midst of all this.

You asked how many of your symtoms could be attributed to anxiety. All of them could; but also many of them could be neurologic in nature. You defintely need to see a neurologist and have some tests done. Anxiety, can create very similar symtoms- but only YOU know if you have anxiety problems in general, or if you are under massive amounts of stress at this time.

MS is a disease of the central nervous system. It can affect the eyes, brain and spine. The symptoms you describe can be symptoms of MS, however they can be symptoms of over 300 other diseases as well.....MS is very hard to dx, and in order to do so, the doctor follows the revised McDonald criteria- you can research that. HE or she will start with an MRI. You want to make sure it is with and without contrast, and of both the brain and Cspine- anything less than that, ask why you cant have the whole MS workup. Its important, because lesions hide in strange places and just doing the brain- and not using contrast- isnt enough information.

Once they look and see if there are any lesions (scars- which are from attacks of the immune system on the central nervous system) they will probably do some other tests. Nerve Conduction tests- (EMGs), eye tests (VEPs) and possibly some stress tests and even a lumbar puncture- these are all to rule out similarily presenting diseases. This will give them a place to start..

You really should request to be seen by a MS specailist if you can, not a general neuro. Neuros specialize in things like migranes, parkinsons disease, ALS, or even stroke....finding one who is completely centered around MS is not always easy, but they exist- these docs know what they are looking for and wont overlook anything.

Ruling out anxiety is not so easy....but imperative, as the symptoms CAN mimic neurologic symptoms. IF you have ever been on anti axiety drugs, or antidepressents, make sure the doctor knows this...

I wish you the best in your future adventure, because thats what it is. Unfortunately there is no quick answer to what you are going strong and take it day by day....and the worst thing you can do is worry about it. Whatever it is, it is. You cant change it....but you CAN live with it.


pootle123 08-10-2012 06:56 AM

Re: New here and would like some advice..
Thank you Nikki

To be honest I wouldnt say that I was under stress, I used to do yoga and meditate and am generally a calm person but knowing what doctors can be like I thought I should consider that.

It will take weeks to get an appointment here and as far as I know it is a general neuro appointment.

I am seeing my doctor tomorrow to see if she can give me something to help with these symtoms which are driving me crazy. Sometimes the pain gets so bad I cry. Can I actually ask her to get a ms neuro specialist? Not sure how she would react to that.

I have not been able to work for a few weeks which is causing some worry with regard money.

Thank you again


MSJayhawk 08-10-2012 08:02 AM

Re: New here and would like some advice..
:wave: Welcome.

I have a friend in Japan who teaches Yoga and when she misses a day she can feel the stress. I say this because you mentioned that you used to do yoga. If you are not, you may wish to start again. The inherent stretching in yoga can alleviate some of your pain. If a swimming pool is available to you, I would also make use of it because water therapy (pool therapy) can help. Just make sure the water is not too warm because this can make you feel worse if you have MS.

If your pain is due to MS, there is, sadly, very little you can take in order to feel better. Pain caused by CNS problems is difficult to treat.

Should you run into difficulty finding an MS Specialist, the MS society in the UK is very well organized and their website should be useful to you. They also have some good information on their website. :angel:

MSNik 08-10-2012 12:16 PM

Re: New here and would like some advice..
Youre welcome and I would not hesitate to talk to this neuro about recommending a MS specialist if there is any doubt that you may be looking at MS....they dont get offended, and they usually appreciate that you want another opinion.

Best of luck to you....I hope it goes well...keep us posted.


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