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AmyNick 10-11-2012 08:05 PM

Getting scared again!!! :/
Ok my husband was diagnosed in may with rrms. His symptoms are left leg weakness and balance problems. He's been on copaxone for 1 1/2 months. He just had a second relapse after just 5 months from the last one. Does this mean he's got a worse prognosis of ms??? He had a MRI in sept and another one just last week after hospital stay. they seen more lesions within 2 Weeks!! So im scared with everything I read hes outcome is not good!! His symptoms..being a man..and shorter span of attacks means pretty much he's going to be disabled and our lives are over??? Seriously how did it come to this?? Let alone I keep having these dreams that seam so real and feelings that the drs are missing something and I keep getting told to keep searching!!! I have no idea what I'm searching for! I've always had good intuition and my gut feelings have never done me wrong! He had lesions and positive spinal tap. Apparently its Ms!! So why do I keep feeling like its also something else even after he's had so many tests done??? can anyone tell me if they think his Ms is going to be bad and why I feel like its something else?? The drs don't seem concerned I just keep getting told so many people live with Ms and I feel like they act like its no big deal that Ms has come along way! Ugh my husband thinks im nuts and im going insane having this feeling of trying to find whatever im looking for when its obviously ms. please anyone I need sometimes oppionion!!!

MSJayhawk 10-11-2012 08:47 PM

Re: Getting scared again!!! :/
Having a respite of 5 months does not mean that your husband's MS type has changed. I have had progressive MS for 35 years. I would only encourage you to lay aside your fears because you will go through good days and bad days, BUT every day will bring blessings.

No MSer has any way of knowing how or what their future will become. My disability did not come for 20 years (25 from onset). Other MSers may have a shorter time to disability. Also, there is no way of knowing to what degree one will be disabled.

Your worries and fear can affect your husband. You need to calm yourself. If your husband is fine, you need to be as well. If you have to vent, please vent here but remain strong and steady when you are with your husband. MS is not something to fear. You are in my prayers. :angel:

MSNik 10-12-2012 03:11 PM

Re: Getting scared again!!! :/
First of all, as we told you last time, the Copaxone hasnt even begun to start to work yet....1.5 months on it, is like he started it yesterday- it will take 6 full months on it before you will know if its working.

Secondly, a second relapse means nothing...especially since he just started treatment. How many Lesions does he have and where are they? I have over 80 lesions, all on my brain and brainstem- and I work fulltime, go to school fulltime and manage a household with kids. Number of attacks and lesions means very little.

Most importantly, and I think we covered this too- youre making yourself sick with all the reading you are doing and worrying you are doing. You will wind up losing your husband and your mind if you dont reel yourself in and realize that MS is not a life threatening disease....he will lead a very normal, very happy life, if you accept this - and allow the doctors to make decisions on protocol. Youre supposed to be supporting your husband- not having your own anxiety attack for him to deal with on top of all he is learning to cope with.

Give him some slack. MS is not life threatening- and nothing has to change at all- but he just started the drugs...give them some time to find out if they will keep his disease under control. What other choice do you really have? There are many other drugs out there to choose from, if after 6 months and his next MRI, things are still showing up....but chances are, the drug will start to work and he will be stable. Have faith, okay??

Try to calm yourself....maybe talk to YOUR doctor about taking something for the anxiety that this is causing you. Youre absolutely no good to anyone, including yourself, in this state of mind. Treat your husband exactly like you always did...and let life unfold. You are worrying about things that havent happened - and more than likely wont happen. As for the dreams you are having, thats YOUR ANXIETY TALKING. The MRIs which your husband has had have proven he has MS.....just like most of us. We are all okay...he will be too...just try to take a deep breath and get yourself under control before your stress multiplies his problems. No one wants to live with a hysterical spouse...he needs you to be calm and supportive at this time. If it will make you feel better, get a second opinion- but the tests and his symptoms are pointing towards MS.....which is actually a whole lot better than 100 other diagnosis's he could have.

Try to realax. I realize you are scared, but you HAVE to take care of yourself, otherewise you will not be there for him when he has bad days...and we all have them. It doesnt mean we cant lead productive and happy and lengthy lives...ok?

Hang tough.

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