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jfatl32 01-22-2013 07:48 PM

New-Family Doctor thinks I have MS
Hi, I have been on the board a few times reading as much info as I can. My Family Doctor suspects I have MS and is sending me to a Neurologist at the end of February. Short History. Last march I started having tingling in my upper arm, chest and face. Family doctor sent me for an MRI (June). Results came back stating it could be MS but wanted a follow up MRI done 6 mths later. I had the second MRI this past Dec and the MRI came back the same as the first so he says he says its MS. Hence the Neurologist appointment. I do have problems with tingling in my both legs and lower back and burning pain in both upper thighs. I do have sicatic problems as well as an artifical hip, scoliosis (18 degree curve) and well as 4 bulging disks in my back. I do see a Phycial therapist, chriopractor on a regular basic. The only medication on am currently on is antiflammitorys. Any suggestions on how to deal with the pain/burning or any suggestions if my doctor is right just by going my the MRI. PS. I do find that a heating paid does help with my sicatic pain. Thanks in advance for any info you can share.

MSJayhawk 01-22-2013 09:02 PM

Re: New-Family Doctor thinks I have MS
:wave: Welcome and thanks for posting!

Family doctors do various rotations in Medical School which allows them to see many different cases. I think the referral is a good help towards getting resolution. Your disc and scoliosis could certainly be related. IF you have MS, I would encourage you to eliminate chiropractic treatments. Chiropractic treatments can worsen an MSers symptoms. At least wait until you have had a full diagnosis.

I am glad you find the heating pad helpful. My sciatic pain would be unbearable without my heating pad. If your pain is nerve pain, there are few effective treatments available. My pain settles in my left hip and my current pain has continued since August. For the burning sensation, I stick with the heating pad too because I believe that the relief comes when the nerves get over stimulated by the heat and just "shutdown". For burning sensations in my arms or hand, for me these are summer time problems and a nice cold soak usually handles the problem.

I also have found that during the winter the lower temperatures can bring on problems. For me it happens when the temperature falls below 52 F (11.11 C). It can affect my legs, but not as bad as my head and hands. I dress in layers and add or subtract as needed to maintain a comfortable feeling. Most days in the winter I will wear my sock cap indoors and outdoors.

I hope you get the right answers.

Please note that the MRI on its own should never be the sole diagnostic tool. You are being done a tremendous disservice if your doctors are relying on the MRI alone because there is no specific test for MS. The neurologist needs to see your MRI, but a number of disease probabilities in addition to your current physical problems needs to be excluded before a diagnosis can be made. Again, WELCOME!! And thanks for sharing. :angel:

MSNik 01-23-2013 04:37 AM

Re: New-Family Doctor thinks I have MS
Hi. Welcome to healthboards.
First thing you want to do is stop seeing the chiropractor. Chiropractic care is not recommended in case you have MS, because any manipulation of the spine, can cause nerve damage if in fact the nerves are already precarious with disease.
You asked about the MRI. There is something called the revised McDonald criteria, which is what all doctors folllow in order to give a MS diagnosis- the first step is a MRI of the spine and brain, with and without contrast. When you see this neurologist, if he orders the MRI for you, ask for both tests, with and without contrast and if he says no to any of it, ask why not......seeing lesions in the spine or brain is the most important step towards finding out if you have MS...if contrast isnt used, then "active" lesions, which will glow under contrast might be missed...
There are 400 diseases which mimic MS, so just having "something" show up isnt enough, they will then need to eliminate other diseases. MS is usually diagnosed by elmininating all the tests which can be eliminated. Things like Lupus, RA, Fibro and brain infections are all easily enough eliminated. Vitamin deficiencies can cause the numbness and tingling as well. If you havent already had blood work, thats probably next.

Go get the MRi- its a very important test. And let us know what happens!
Thinking of you and sending you happy wishes for a quick resolution.

Barb8Y 01-23-2013 05:41 AM

Re: New-Family Doctor thinks I have MS
You should follow the advice of your Family doctor but if you're in doubt you can always seek a second opinion

jfatl32 01-23-2013 05:44 PM

Re: New-Family Doctor thinks I have MS
Thanks for all the infor everyone. I will talk to the neurologist in February about the chiropractor. The reason I see one is cause it was recommended by my bone specialist for my hip and sciatic pain. I will give you a follow-up once I see the neurologist. Thanks again.

texas71 01-24-2013 05:06 PM

Re: New-Family Doctor thinks I have MS
What about massages? Do they affect MSers?

MSJayhawk 01-24-2013 05:46 PM

Re: New-Family Doctor thinks I have MS
A fellow at our dojo just got his license for being a masseuse. At the school where he went they had a sign indicating a variety of people they could not serve and MS was on the list.

I use acupressure for my right eye pain, but I gave up on massages too. Do I miss them? You bet. But I do not want to have even one problem result. Stick with stretching and a low impact exercise (walking, yoga, tai-chi, modified pilates...) to be safest. :angel:

MSNik 01-25-2013 04:11 AM

Re: New-Family Doctor thinks I have MS
I also see a sign where I go for facials, it is a medical spa in NYC- which has a list of conditions which should not be treated. MS is on the list.

When I first went there, 6+ years ago, I asked why that was...and argued that massage is supposed to be "relaxing" and help with the stress. The answer I was given is that anything which stimulates the nerves can be harmful to the MSer due to the manipulation of the spinal cord.

I verified this with my neurologist who then gave me tons of paperwork on why both massage and chiropractic are to be avoided...


bha320 01-26-2013 09:54 AM

Re: New-Family Doctor thinks I have MS
The MS society supports massage as a therapy to aid in spasticity, anxiety, contraction pain, etc. Several MS'ers I know and a few friends I have that are LMTs specialize in massage techniques for MS...

So, is this conflicting data??

MSJayhawk 01-26-2013 10:25 AM

Re: New-Family Doctor thinks I have MS
There is a difference if a masseuse has been trained to deal with MSers. There is still a risk to MSers even with one trained to assist MSers. Some masseuses have a liability release that must be signed. Another problem exists in that there is no standard training in all states for a masseuse who deals with MS. For that matter, each state varies in the number of hours of practical experience which must be recorded before a license exam can be taken. :angel:

MSNik 01-26-2013 03:14 PM

Re: New-Family Doctor thinks I have MS
I dont think its conflicting data, so much as a conflicting term. To massage a leg with spasticity, is completely different, from giving a body massage, where the neck, spine and sometimes head are rub out a cramp, is one thing, but to do deep tissue massage is quite another.

Jayhawk brings up an important point- there is no such thing as being "licensed" for MS massage; there are massage therapists who have knowledge of neurological issues- but the ones I have met, will not do a massage on a full body, but rather only work on the appendage which is tight, or cramping- and even then, only lightly- without pressure and never with deep tissue. Massage in general can backfire, and all massage therapists I have ever known in a reputable salon/ spa or even chain massage store, have a liability clause which needs to be signed.


texas71 01-27-2013 05:59 AM

Re: New-Family Doctor thinks I have MS
Thanks you guys

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