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dkbladez 07-22-2008 06:49 PM

Feminine issues
Hello ladies,
Yes it's that time for me again---you know mammogram and pap smear time! I'm dreading it like the plague and I was wondering if any of you had suggestions. Has it been easy to find a practice that is accessible and accomodating? I use a wheelchair full time when I'm out and about so I need to know what different practices and hospitals have to offer.:confused:

Madalot 07-23-2008 06:53 AM

Re: Feminine issues
I would suggest contacting your doctor/facility and asking them how accessible they are. For me, even though my chair is much better and easier, I use my rollator for doctor's appointments. Even that sometimes can be a challenge as the exam rooms frequently are too small to accommodate them. My powerchair would be a joke as it's big.

Any regular doctor's appointments are always a challenge for me (except my yearly with my neurologist as his office is much more accessible and the rooms are larger). When they want a urine sample, I've learned to ask them if their restroom is handicapped (some, believe it or not -- aren't). Most of my doctors have figured out that I cannot climb up on the table (the step at the bottom is too high for me) and they just do whatever examination they can from the chair or my rollator seat.

For my yearly OB/GYN exam, however, you HAVE to be on the table. I tell them up front that they will have to help me (and it sometimes takes both the doctor AND the nurse) because I cannot climb up that stupid step. My OB/GYN is really good and this practice has one "procedure room" where the table is lower. She told them at the desk to schedule me for that room, if possible, for every appointment so that I can get on the table more safely. Obviously, I still may not get that room if they need it for someone else, but it's an attempt to accommodate me if at all possible, which I appreciate.

My suggestion is to think about these things and try to plan ahead as much as possible. Most doctor's offices will do their best to accommodate you if they can.

Good luck!! I hope it goes well.

dkbladez 07-23-2008 10:15 AM

Re: Feminine issues
Thanks Mandalot,
My PC doctor's office is not very accessible and the rooms are very small. I may have to look into a doctor at the medical college where I see my neurologist and pulmonary. They usually have the most up to date equipment. Thanks for the suggestions.:)

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