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manc1978 09-05-2011 03:54 PM

Do these symptoms seem like Muscular Dystrophy?
Hi guys, I am in desperate need of some kind of information, My father is 65 years old and the past 2 days he's been feeling achy and stiff, I have noticed that his hands shake and to be honest they have for a while but its got much worse over the past couple of days, A hour ago me and my mother heard a a bang and ran upstairs and found him on the toilet floor, You could tell his legs had gone from underneath him and I had to physically carry my own father to bed which was majorly upsetting has you can imagine, I was just wondering do these sound like symptoms of Muscular Dystrophy? I also noticed that his legs are like sticks, they are so thin which also made me think maybe his muscles over time have wasted away. I did noticed earlier tonight that he seemed to be in a world of his own aswell, He was trying to turn the TV over with the wrong remote and he seemed to be looking at the remote like it was the correct one, dunno he just seemed lost and his head was gone somewhere, I'm hoping someone who has or knows someone who has suffered similar symptoms can help, Cheers guys I appreciate the help :)

Dreaman 09-06-2011 02:09 PM

Re: Do these symptoms seem like Muscular Dystrophy?

I'm not an expert on MD but have lived with limb-girdle MD for as long as I can remember.There are so many different ones out there it is hard to speak about them all but from what I know and have heard and read I would say it is highly unlikely he has MD.
MD does not just happen overnight. Some of them develope in childhood while others are a slow but sometimes rapid wasting of muscles.

Has he been experiencing symtoms over time? MD should not affect his mind. His shaking hands also would not make me think MD.

I hope someone out there can give you a better avenue to explore.

Good Luck my thoughts are with you. Dreaman

michigani 09-08-2011 11:48 AM

Re: Do these symptoms seem like Muscular Dystrophy?
Hi manc1978,

I've had adult muscular dystrophy for 10 years. Like Dreaman I also feel that it is highly unlikely that your father's symptoms are MD. Muscular Dystrophy is usually a slow process. Usually there is a suspicion for YEARS that something is wrong before there's a diagnosis. If these symptoms happened that rapidly I would certainly get him in for some tests. I am no doctor or expert but I would worry that maybe it was a stroke (maybe a small one). I've seen similar symptoms in family members who'd had a mild stroke. Sometimes they are called a TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack). But it could be many things. Best of luck to your dad, but I wouldn't worry too much about it being MD.

manc1978 09-08-2011 11:52 AM

Re: Do these symptoms seem like Muscular Dystrophy?
Cheers guys, It's been weird because now he seems to be kind of on the mend, He reckons it's flu tho that's not a medical diagnosis just him guessing lol ... He's walking better now but he's not totally 100%, I did notice his hands shaking ages ago and it's still happening but he's a stubborn old sod and says he'll be ok, Were keeping a eye on him and I have told him if it occurs then it's docs :)

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