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pacegal 08-21-2011 07:56 AM

I have Polymyositis
I'm 72 years old and had a difficult time getting this diagnosis...This disease is very hard to diagnose and it comes on so gradual they usually misdiagnose as other things. Like my swallowing problem they thought it was due to the hiatel hernia and acid reflux. little did they know that that muscle was dying and I couldn't swallow properly. I even woke up in the middle of the night strangling on my own salavia. When my legs started going they figured it was my spinal injury that was the cause. They just kept getting worse and worse until I couldn't even get up from a chair without using my arms. I got down on the ground once and I couldn't get up so Grandpa had to put his arms under my arms and lift me up. i was afraid I was going to be in a wheel chair before long. Then my doctor finally sent me to a neurologist on the 26th of July after several tests and 7 blood test they gave me the muscle biopsy to pinpoint my problem and it came back Polymyositis. Which is where the nerves send out antibodies to attack the muscles because they think they are the bad guys in my body. They really don't know why this happens and very little research is done on it. They usually use the prednizone and sometimes add other meds with it. So far I'm just on the prednizone a mild dose (10 mg) daily. I still get awful tired at times and can't do a lot but one day at a time I'm trying to gain my strength back. I start Aquatic Therapy next week. So maybe I can get the use of my legs and arms again. I'm already swallowing better so my esophagus is doing better too.

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