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lizz08 09-26-2011 04:32 PM

Looking for some opinions….
About 2 months ago I started to get pain in my hands and wrists and a traveling pain in my legs and arms. I went to the dr. and was told it was tendonitis. The pain spread to my feet and neck, but seems to travel every day, each day i wake up with pain in a different place. Its worse when I wake up, gets better throughout the day but then gets bad again towards evening. I had an MRI and was cleared for MS, the EMG came back fine, and the only thing the blood work shows is that I have inflammation. The Neurologist said I have myositi / polymyositis. I am on my 3 round of predisone, and that’s the only thing that helps. But each stepdown I can feel more pain and more side effects.

I’m 26, lost a bunch of weight last year, and up until 2 months ago very active. No one else in my family has any muscle / joint / arthritis problems.
Does this sound right? Does anyone know any reasons why this started?

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