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crystalgail 06-15-2006 07:40 PM

black spot under toenail... very worried ! ! !
The other day I decided to remove the toenail polish that I've had on my toes for the past few months and after I did so I noticed that I had a black spot under my toenail on my big toe. I then proceeded to remove the polish from my other toenails and noticed another black spot under my big toe on my other foot. Both spots are in the same area of the toenail but the spot on my right big toe is larger than the spot on my left big toe. The area appears to be black with a bit of a purple undertone and a hint of red around the borders of the black spot. I have not dropped anything on either of my toes and the areas are not painful. I am on my feet for 8 - 10 hours a day at work but I always wear open toed shoes so I don't think my shoes would be the culprit either.

Also, I am a 28 year old caucasian female if that is of any help. Any info on this matter would be greatly appreciated. I am hoping to seek an appointment with my dermatolgist to find out what these spots are.

Many thanks to anyone who responds to this post.

Marti 06-19-2006 09:21 AM

Re: black spot under toenail... very worried ! ! !
Are the spots soft? You may have contracted a pseudomonas bacterial infection. This type of infection begins as a yellow/green discoloration, then will progress through the stages of dark green to brown to black. Pseudomonas bacteria live on our bodies and are not normally a problem until they get trapped between an artificial overlay and the natural nail, nail polish and the natural nail, or get into the space between the nail plate and the nail bed through a cut, tear or break to the seal surrounding the nail unit. Yes, please see your dermatologist!

AndraLee 04-30-2007 03:55 AM

Re: black spot under toenail... very worried ! ! !
I have the same thing that you are describing... I am 29. Have you been to a dremotologist yet and if yes, what did they say? I am a little worried aswell!!! My Dr appointment isnt for a few days yet...:confused:

The black spots just appeared one day... i didnt notice anything leading up to the black/purpleness, no redness tho... the spot is bigger and more prominent on my left toenail... I always wear open toe'd shoes and have not dropped anything on either of them.... and yes they are a little softer than the rest of the nail

Marti 04-30-2007 05:35 AM

Re: black spot under toenail... very worried ! ! !
When one wears open toe shoes/sandals all the time or go barefoot in the grass or dirt, it is very easy to contract a Pseudomonas bacteria linfection under the nail plate. Pseudomonas is easily treated with a prescription for Naftin from your doctor. It will take a while to actually 'kill' the infection since it lives in a hrd to reach area.

The softness is a characteristic of the infection as is the discoloration which is composed mainly of iron compounds and is the 'waste' of the infection.

Marti 05-14-2007 05:37 AM

Re: black spot under toenail... very worried ! ! !
Consistently wearing open toe shoes will allow for dirt, dust, etc to collect around and under the nail plate. Dirt, dust, etc., contain large amount of bacteria which can become a full blown infection if you do not clean your nails really well every night. This means cleaning out any debris under the free edge and scrubbing the nails with a soft toothbrush and warm soapy water every day to eliminate any bacteria from deep within the nail folds.

The characteristics of pseudomonas bacterial infection is a green to brown to black spot under the nail plate. The nail plate will turn soft from the waste of the infection which is the discoloration - this is composed mainly of iron compounds. You can 'kill' the infection by keeping the nails clean and dry at all times; however, if it is already black, you may very well need medication from your doctor to totally kill all the bacteria. The stain will remain and will grow out with the nail plate.

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