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Micheemak 06-29-2009 10:12 PM

Weird Nail Disorder
Hi - looking for some advice on a weird nail disorder I have had now for at least 10 years. The nail on my middle finger grows in split in two -- one half is a perfectly normal nail, the other side is a weird amalgamation of nail and skin combined. When I trim my nails, I have to be very careful with this one because the one section hurts to cut it, and the nail itself will also bleed. I often get infections in the nail, for which I end up having to go on strong meds and, on three different occasions, having the nail pulled.

The problem is that when the nail is pulled, it grows back with the same issue -- only worse. The damaged section of my nail is now significantly higher and more noticeable than it ever was. The finger itself appears deformed because of the way the nail is growing. Twice now I've had appointments to go see a plastic surgeon about this, and both times they cancelled on me because they don't 'do' nails, and they didn't want their time wasted.

I need to get this situation resolved. At this point in time, even permanent removal of the nail is preferable to what I've currently got. No one seems to know what's causing this, and so far, none of the doctors I've seen (or attempted to see) are able to help.

Any suggestions?

pitcherred 06-29-2009 10:30 PM

Re: Weird Nail Disorder
well without seeing it - i would say its a damaged nail root or possible fungal infections can cause splitting. sounds more like a damaged nail root. sounds like it will just keep growing this way.. strange that you cant find anyone to take care of this . sounds crazy but pediatrists do this stuff all day long - i would consult one - he can get you to someone who can take care of it.

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