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KikiKalena 11-06-2009 03:53 PM

Smashed Toenail - Cracked in half
Four days ago, a heavy piece of wood landed on my big toe. I damaged the skin on the toe just above the nail and the nail cracked all the way from the base to the tip. It is a fairly straight crack. It bled for several hours through the crack. It was a little painful to walk with pressure on the toe initially, but with each day it feels so much better. Almost painless now to walk on it. I am careful to wear sandals that don't put pressure on the toe. I don't hink I could bear to wear shoes, yet.

I removed the polish today to look at the nail and it has a small bruise near the tip of the nail. And there is a very tiny bruise near the base of my nail.

I am putting Neopsporin on the skin wound and over the nail crack, then covering with a bandage and gauze. Is there any other care I should be doing? It does get wet when I shower. Is that OK?

A few friends have told me that I should see a doctor and have the toenail removed, because if I don't it will grow back really weird and deformed. That totally grosses me out...the thought of it being removed. But I don't want to have an ugly toenail. I teach yoga, so I am barefoot all the time.

Can I just wait an see if it grows out normally? Is there a way to tell if it will grow back damaged? In some ways the nail doesn't look too bad. If I don't have it removed, do I mess up my chances for an attractive, healthy nail?

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