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Toe and Finger Nail Infections

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perseverance HB User
Toe and Finger Nail Infections

Candida (Yeast) Overgrowth in the gut is common according to my research. *It causes dry mouth, intense itching, frequent urination, insomnia, Sinusitis, nasal drip in your throat, Acne, bloating, nail infections, and more. Treating your skin a week with antibiotic ointment or taking an oral antibiotic can cause "Candida Overgrowth" in some people causing weird burning or tingling sensations in the legs that come and go, eye itchiness, pain in fingers or toes, and nail infections. Candida likes to create colonies in the Large Intestine. It helps to treat this from the inside out, by rebalancing the digestive tract with "Candex (an Enzyme)" and "Probiotic Supplements" like a combo of Acidophilus, Lactobacillus, and Bifido (friendly bacteria). You will probably need "High Potency" Probiotics to have any effect, meaning those around the "50 Billion organism" range. You can buy Lactobacillus Milk at the grocer, and find Supplement pill bottles there or at vitamin stores.

Yogurt may help but since Yogurt contains sugar it may be less beneficial. (You are trying to eliminate Candida dominance of the intestine, so don't help it multiply by eating sugar). It's hard to find a Yogurt that is truly sugar-free, but if you find one, try sticking your Candida-infected fingernails in it as a regimen, and post back to this board the results! The friendly bacteria oral supplements mentioned above should stop the body itchiness and keep the nails from getting worse. An immediate measure to help with intense itch is a "Benadryl" Antihistamine capsule, best taken at bed time due to the side effect of drowsiness.

A Gynecologist mentioned it is helpful to "change your diet" too for about "four months" until the Candida infection is under control. Write the "don't eat" foods on a small notecard and carry it with you. *Avoid foods with yeast initially--breads, beer, yeast dough cookies and sweet rolls, soy sauce. *Then, avoid food containing fermented Vinegar like ketchup, mustard, salad dressings, pickles, barbeque sauce, even mayo. *Avoid mold-supporting foods like cheeses, peanuts, pistachios, and miso. *Avoid pickled items like sauerkraut, olives, pickled fish, and dried meats. Avoid raisins. The doctor said you can put a little unrefined olive oil and lemon juice on a salad. I read that carrots and cabbage are antifungal.

Candida seems to love sugars and a little too much can cause Candida Overgrowth in some people. Avoid high fructose corn syrup, fruit juices, dried fruits, and even concentrated sugars found in brown sugar, honey and maple syrup. Your immune system can be supported too, by trying a "Fish Oil "Capsule supplement. And "Vitamin D" is said to stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies that clear infections. (Having a cold could make a person more susceptible to Candida.}

You can eventually introduce these above mentioned forbidden foods back into your diet one at a time and if the Candida reflares, you'll know which food culprits to avoid permanently. I read too that Candida can even cause you new Allergies, by creating small pinholes in your intestine which allow new substances to pass into the blood triggering hives, etc.

Treatments: Fermented Vinegar applied to the nail is not a treatment choice if your problem is Candida Yeast Infection. (Vinegar is made from yeast cultures.) I think antifungal "Monistat" cream application to the nail would be more sensible. Candida often starts with bright red skin on the sides of the nail and then a white spot on the nail. I read about "Goldenseal "(Berberine) Herbal Oral Pill Supplement being used, it is said to inhibit fungi. But I also read read that Goldenseal is meant for short-term treatment, i.e. a few weeks use at a time. (And you wouldn't want to use it if you are allergic to it, you could be itching even more.) I read that Green Algae Supplements like high quality "Spirulina" can help you get rid of Candida Yeast Infections of the nails, because Spirulina "detoxes" and alkalizes" the Colon. (Candida don't thrive well in alkaline environments.) I read also that "Fiber" Supplements containing "Phyllum Husks" can help you get rid of Candida, because Phyllum as it moves through the intestines, has a scrubing, clensing effect. (Make sure that anything you eat is not moldy, including Supplements.)

Use common sense: Prescribed Topical and Oral meds may work against Candida, but they won't if you work against them by eating a diet rich in yeast and high fructose corn syrup. Give yourself a chance to heal. Since few people on the post mentioned a diet or supplement review, I thought this information could be of help. If you have other health problems and are on medications already, check with your primary care physician before adding any new substances to your regimen.

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perseverance HB User
Yogurt for Toe and Fingernail Infections

Yogurt can't be your only line of infection fighting, because the helpful
probiotic bacteria in it is in too low a dose for nail infections and the bacteria might never
make it to the intestinal tract where the fungus lives.

However, it may complement your other fungus fighting methods. Try to find sugarless
Yogurt to eat.

Immunity Yogurt has 13 g. of sugar in some flavors and a combo of helpful bacteria. At least it is lower in sugar.

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perseverance HB User
Using Probiotics For Nail Infections

I have just learned that you should by Probiotic Products as Capsules, which
have a better chance to get through the stomach to the Intestines to aid
your fungus infections.

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perseverance HB User
Acidophilus Dosages to Restore Gut

A National Institute of Health service says that a L. Acidophilus dosage of
between 1 and 10 BILLION "live" "viable" Acidophilus bacteria taken in a divided dose daily is sufficient to establish a stable probiotic population of this organism in the gut of most people.

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scunnered99 HB User
Re: Toe and Finger Nail Infections

Yay! A forum where I can HAPPILY report success!!

A probiotic worked for my chronic nail fungus, immediately and completely. I'd struggled with an infection for over 4 years and even tried Lamisil countless times. I'm still hoping I never have liver damage from that!

I began taking a probiotic for digestive issues about 3 years ago. It helped my particular issues, but a wonderful side benefit was that my toenail fungus disappeared within weeks! I couldn't believe it. It's been over 3 years and my nail has stayed clear.

Please experiment with different probiotics. Different brands have different strains of bacteria and you have to find what is right for you. In my case, I simply got one off the shelf at Meijer (also at Walmart) called Sustenex.

I hope this helps somebody who is as frustrated and defeated as I felt. I wish you the best of luck!

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