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smeebee 11-01-2012 07:38 AM

Problem with thumb nail - help please
About a month ago I developed a swollen, red painful thumb in corner just below the cuticle. The pain and swelling eventually went but whatever was going on now seems to be attacking the actual nail as opposed to the cuticle. The base of the nail has started to turn whitish and rough/crumbly looking. Any advice on what this is/what I can do to cure it?


Nailbed30 11-16-2012 12:24 AM

Re: Problem with thumb nail - help please
I'm going through the same thing. Look up paronychia. Soak it in warm Epsom salt twice a day, keep it clean with hydrogen peroxide and cover it with a bandaid. There's probably puss in the swollen area and it drained naturally for me over some time. The nailbed is infected so it affects the actual nail - mine actually separated from the nailbed and turned white, etc. now I'm just waiting for the new nail to grow. Ugh!

meo42 11-16-2012 10:44 AM

Re: Problem with thumb nail - help please
I developed paronychia in a thumb about seven months ago. It spread to the other thumb and then to two fingers. A culture diagnosed it as fungus. My dermatologist recommended over the counter ointments as well as warm water soaks with salt added. He suggested waiting to use the prescription medicine because there is a risk of liver and heart damage. The fingers were all very sore, especially to pressure, red and swollen.

I <tried> to cure the fungus by soaking my hands in full strength white vinegar for ten minutes twice a day. I started this two months ago and gradually have cured the paronychia.

My fingers no longer hurt, are no longer red or puffy and the nail separation is looking less white. I read that vinegar keeps the fungus from reproducing and it is a very inexpensive and benign solution. I will NEVER push my cuticles again!

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