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bethcar 11-20-2012 06:49 PM

splitting peeling nails
My nails grow but start splitting halfway down. i have tried keeping them short thinking its bending and spliting. It mostly occurs on my right thumb but now its starting to happen on my big toe nails. I take extra vitamins beta carotened then A with D because nail salon suggested it. Any ideas? I would love to get a pedicure again but am afraid with open nail, I could be prone to more infections or fugus.

I also dont really grow hair in armpits or on legs anymore. I am 36 and endo says there is nothing wrong with me.

SanyBelle 12-07-2012 10:50 PM

Re: splitting peeling nails
6 years ago my fingernails used to be very thick and strong. About that time I took medicine for fungus toenails. I think this medicine weakened my fingernails but the podiatrist refuses to believe that.

I also have a nail that is split vertically down the nail near the middle, almost 1/2 to the cuticle. It's been split for about 5 years and nothing I do helps it. I have decided to get a manicure every two weeks to strengthen my nails and they put a little powder acrylic on that broken nail. It seems to help.

I take a lot of vitamins too. Nails are composed of keratin, the same protein found in the hair and skin. Nails require not only this protein, but key vitamins such as the B-complex, C, A, E (alpha tocopherol), D, calcium, zinc, iodine and iron. When our nails are not receiving enough of these vitamins, or when our body cannot absorb them properly due to illness, stress or other factors, they will begin to become brittle, dry, weak and dull.

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