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someone192 02-26-2014 07:12 PM

toenail not growing
hey guys!
ok, I have a very very weird problem going on and it'd be wonderful if anyone knew how to solve it
it was in january when I was doing my toenails and noticed a weird skin (or whatever that thing was) pulling out of my nail. so I pulled it with nail pliers and a bit of the nail came off too, revealing the nail bed underneath. I do have a picking problem, I pick everything I can (cuticles, nails - I'm a nail bitter too -, scabs, etc etc)
I ended up cutting the nail at the lunula part (the whole white part, I cut it hehe)
my nail haven't grown since
it did grow at the very corners, but that's all
the nail bed is now a solid kind of skin, I don't know how to explain it
if anyone needs pictures to understand my problem a little better, I can post one

the thing is I did not damaged the matrix (I think/hope), because there was no slamming, etc etc, though, I do think I removed the nail from the matrix
will it ever grow back normally?

(ps: that happened before on my thumb nail and it grew just fine)
(ps2: I know, I might have problems to do such thing)

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