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Prairie Fairie 08-16-2013 06:58 PM

Seddon - New Zealand quakes
I'm not in New Zealand, but I am from there. Most of my family lives in Canterbury or in regions around Marlborough or Wellington. I've read about the recent geological activity affecting those around Seddon and Wellington and wish to extend my thoughts to all my fellow Kiwis there.

I left Christchurch a year before the big ones, but saw the devastation and heartbreak. I don't wish that on anyone and I certainly understand that there's a few people that are feeling pretty frazzled right now.

Love to you all, and keep your emergency supplies stocked. It seems the country is on the move. I said in an email to Mum - what if a new mountain springs up and the Cook Strait disappears (her reply - the Ferry would be out of business). All joking aside...I am thinking of you all. I know the recent events haven't resulted in loss of life, but it still results in stress and fear. The best empowerment I can offer, is stock up on canned food, bottle some water, candles, flashlights, perhaps get a gas heater (I know it's still Winter there) and have a spare LPG bottle in a safe place. A gas cooker wouldn't go astray either.

Don't fall behind on your insurance (contents, home or both).

lubyj2 08-24-2013 01:14 PM

Re: Seddon - New Zealand quakes
That's sage advice for us all - to be prepared for an emergency, be it hurricane, tornado, flood, earthquake or whatever. It must be nervewracking to be living in an area that has had such earthquakes, especially so recently.

Prairie Fairie 08-25-2013 06:30 AM

Re: Seddon - New Zealand quakes
As my Dad said, you can't outrun an earthquake. I live in tornado alley and while we haven't had a twister here since 1966, having a child makes one less inclined to be fascinated by nature's force and more worried about safety.

It's hard to be prepared for the unknown, but, even some basic things purchased over time, if need be, can make the difference in an emergency situation when people might not get help for several days. I recall watching from a distance the plight of those in Louisiana after Katrina. Total chaos. I'd like everyone to try and have something -better to not need it, but have it. And you can rotate your supplies so they don't go bad. If I lived closer to the river, I'd probably save for a small boat (even an inflatable dinghy, if I had nowhere to store it).

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