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Barefoot8302 01-21-2011 09:55 PM

Just thought I would Share my Story
So first thing first, I also have NF1 on my sciatic nerve. I think the only rare thing about my situation is that i am active duty military, and i guess I was not suppose to be allowed to join due to the growth. In the last three years i have had two major operation on my leg due to the growth getting that big. Yet I am still in Active duty. I am not sure if there is anyone eles in the Military with NF1, and if there is hit me up. I would like to know what options i have for treatment after i get out since i did not sign a medical waiver at all. Also knda wanted to jsut let others with NF1 know that I wanted to join hte Army ever since I was real young, and all thought the extent of NF is as different from one person to the next, with the treatment that we have now do not give up on your goal, you mihgt have to work harded for it than others but it is worth it.

Anthony204 12-22-2012 02:15 PM

Re: Just thought I would Share my Story

Hope this reply is finding you in better, I have a mild case of NF-1 I'm not in the militarty I did'nt want to at the time I could of joined but in the past few years on other NF boards I have read that most people with NF are not allowed to join but a few have if memory serves those people were mostly Navy,

Thank you for your service


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