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Sheevagirl 07-13-2017 06:02 PM

Did three cortisone injections in my neck cause further injury?
Hi there. I hope this is the right fourm to post this.
So my story starts three weeks ago when I got three cortisone injections into my neck for an injury I recieved at work about a year prior. Well as soon as I got home from the injections I noticed my private areas were completely numb. It felt like you would after a dental procedure. I left it for two days thinking somehow the numbing stuff that is mixed with the cortisone caused it. Eventually I got worried when no sensation was coming back and went to a walk in clinic. The doctor there seemed to think it was amusing and said the two probably weren't related, but that I should go to the ER if I was worried. So I go to the ER, and by this time my feet are slightly numb as well. They do blood work and a CT and everything comes back normal. They discharge me saying as long as I haven't lost bladder or bowel control then it probably isn't serious. They did however set me up to see an orthopaedic surgeon in a weeks time. So the week goes by and the numbness in my feet get worse. Now it feels like pins and needles and burning. It's constant and does not stop. 24/7 pins and needles and burning sensation. I go to the specialist and I tell him all this and he says he agrees that the injections were probably the cause he cannot fully explain to me what happened. He said something like the doctor may have hit my spine and the cortisone travelled down my spine and is causing the strange sensations. He said if it doesn't go away to call my family doctor and she will refer me to a nuerologist. Anyway it's been 3 weeks and my feet are still in constant discomfort, my gait is affected slightly, the numbness is still in my privates and now my calves are also quite numb. My family doctor will not see me for another 2 months. I am in constant discomfort. I'm saddened no doctors would give me a proper answer on what happened to me and I am slightly worried this has not gotten better what so ever since the symptoms started. Does anyone have a similar experience or have any idea what could have happened? I can find no similar stories online and could really use some support.

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