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Blathanna77 05-30-2019 01:17 PM

Second Opinion
Hi I saw my neurosurgeon today. There have been no changes on my scan and I asked about the white area I saw on a post contrast image and he assured me that's just blood vessels and contrast shows them up. He did say I was weird when I asked more about it like I thought if something is white in post contrast that it may mean inflammation he said I was saying weird stuff. I am only asking questions because I am ill. I am being called weird, demanding and difficult but I can't make head or tail out of anything anymore.

He advised me to go see another neurologist. He will arrange it with my neurologist so I can go and see another neurologist. It's a terrible situation. I have awful symptoms but no answer. My neurosurgeon said he thinks the best thing to do is see another neurologist and take it from there.

Infective is in this latest report as well. He said radiology lists many things but my scans are stable and this is very reassuring.

My scan report from last week bascilly says, Punctuate foci of increased T2W/ Flair signal in both cereberal hemispheres most marked in frontal lobes. Bilateral punctuate foci of increased deep white matter signal which appear unchanged relative to prior studies.

Again the differential diagnosis is broad including infective, inflammatory, migrainous and vascular aetiologies, however stability over time is somewhat reassuring.

I know it's great to have stable scans but it's my symptoms that's the problem. I have really awful symptoms and now I am going for yet another neurological opinion. It's looking very much like a dead end.

If nothing is wrong on my scans why use the word stable. Perhaps it's just a word like infective. Means nothing. The confusion is just so frustrating. If something is stable what is stable the common spots seen are stable or something else. I'm being told there are very common findings on mri so why use stable in common findings. It's not making no sense to me I'm sorry. I don't get it.

I might as well be dumb in all this because it's really making no sense to me.

yayagirl 05-30-2019 04:45 PM

Re: Second Opinion
Dear Blathanna,

The word stable is a positive. It is not weird or negative. That was a very positive report.

Maybe your symptoms are psychosomatic or produced by depression or fear or other emotions. Psychosomatic doesn't mean it is not real. It just means that symptoms might be from constant fear and worry.

Emotions and fear can make us physically sick and that would not show up in scans.
Perhaps some health counseling would help you feel better.


Blathanna77 06-02-2019 09:32 AM

Re: Second Opinion

I am not sure my scans are normal. Stability is positive but considering I have been told I have spots that are very common in the general population, my neurologist said, why then would stable and infective be used under such normal circumstances. I have awful symptoms as well.

I don't think a normal mri report would have words such as these in them, especially if radiologists and neurologists see such common findings every day. I am to be somewhat reassured that there is stability. I am not reassured at all because I am very unwell and my reports talk of infective many years later when change did happen so if normal change happened way way back, why now over the course of a couple of years is stable being used and a new word infective added. I do not think infective is a word used in common normal findings on brain mri reports. Whatever about inflammation, migrainous, vascular, infective looks odd to me among these other possibilities. I know I do not have infection buts its like there is a different meaning. Something can likely infect.

I am not happy with my reports because all reports before I became ill, were normal reports. These last few years of reports are very different in that words like these have never been used until the last couple of years, so I am going to wonder what these mean especially when I am unwell.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Titchou 06-02-2019 09:45 AM

Re: Second Opinion
Perhaps you should talk with a radiologist? The neurologist is simply interpreting what the radiologist said so maybe you need to see what he meant?????

quincy 06-02-2019 09:50 AM

Re: Second Opinion
I suggest seeing the radiologist as well....if that's possible.

Blathanna77 06-02-2019 03:29 PM

Re: Second Opinion
Thank you both for your thoughts. I might try to talk to the radiologist who reported on my scan. I know the neurologist feels there is nothing of concern and did say nothing has changed as too the neurosurgeon.

I don't feel well and I do wonder what stability means. I don't know what it is referring to. They have advised another second opinion, here first and then London if this neurologist cannot come to a conclusion. No neurologist here can come to any conclusions so I just may see this neurologist here and then maybe go to the one in London.

I may never get answers. It's very difficult to know what it is but I know its something. Infective is a word that concerns me but not the docs. Yet I am very unwell. It is all just bewildering. They advised I go see a neurologist who specialises in a particular neurological condition that none of them here feel I have so I don't know whether it is of any use then to go there.

What should I do, Several here say it is not this particular condition and it will cost a lot to see this specialist. I think I should see the new neurologist here first.

Thanks for your thoughts.

MSNik 06-02-2019 06:38 PM

Re: Second Opinion
Blathanna, just my insight based on my own MRIs (I do have MS) but stable means there is no change since the last scans and infective means the area of the brain in which there is anything seen. This area is infective...

Stable is the best you can hope for. If there was something new, they would be pointing it out and discussing it with you.

Unfortunately, nothing mew means no further conversation at this time. At least with your doctors.

You could go see a radiologist, but he will tell you that he based his findings on your last scans and they are "stable" he will also explain to you that the area that is infective is the area which has damage as seen previously.

Blathanna77 06-03-2019 09:23 AM

Re: Second Opinion

Thanks for your thoughts.
I don't know whether to go to the neurologist who specialises in MS in London or not. I don't know why I need to go to him in particular if by all accounts here in the past and my own neurologist feel it is not MS.

At the moment my neurosurgeon and neurologist feel I should see one other neurologist here first to see what she thinks. I really feel like I am going around in circles and like you say, no change means no further conservation with the doc's. I would really like to know why I am ill and I don't know if it is MS that could be the cause seen as my neurologist did advise before to go to London but I didn't go at that time.

I am of course wondering MSNik why infective is in with the other kind of common ones, migrainous, inflammatory, vascular. I understand what you are saying that the area of infective is stable, but supposing my something changes, what would follow as in an actual infection and nothing is suggestive of MS in particular.

Do you think it is some type of infective process being the likelihood of my scan reports. I find it all bewildering MSNik. I am like a zombie and extremely drowsy and severe exhaustion. Its like my head is woozy and fluy all the time.

I struggle to keep my focus with this awful thing whatever it is. It is so hard. I am not myself at all and haven't been for a long time. It is definitely something that's wrong. I know it is. if this the effects of stability, what it has done is bad enough and I only ever wanted to know what it is so I know.

Thanks for everything MSNik.

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