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  • Seeing a Neurologist Next Week... What do you think?

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    Question Seeing a Neurologist Next Week... What do you think?

    I'm seeing a neurologist next week for vertigo that I've been having for the past ten months. I've been having a couple of other problems more recently, too.

    I was hoping that you could give me an idea about what the neurologist will do during my appointment and what I can expect in terms of any follow-up.

    I'm going to outline my symptoms so that you can give me any ideas on what it might be and so that you'll have a better idea of what the neurologist may be looking for. I'm sorry my list desribing my symptoms is so long!

    I've been having minor episodes of vertigo for ten months. It started after a night of drinking and lasted for about ten days straight (I felt like I was still drunk!). This was the most severe, and I was told I had a little fluid in my ear. Ever since then I've been having short episodes of vertigo. It has been off and on, and there have been months where I've been vertigo-free. Othertimes I've had episodes maybe 8 or more times a day. The episodes are minor. I'll feel like I'm tilting, rocking, spinning slightly, moving forward, etc. Lately episodes have only been lasting a few seconds, though in the past they've lasted minutes. They almost only happen in the afternoon and evening and almost only while I'm sitting or lying down (though I'm normally sitting that time of day anyway). The vertigo is not associated with vomiting, tinnitus, fainting, headaches, changing head position, or anything else.

    In the past few weeks, I've been getting new headaches. I normally get them in the morning. They hit about 10 seconds after I go from a lying/reclining position to a standing one. It feels like just tremendous pressure in my head. It's a feeling I've never had before. I've been told I have a high pain tolerance, but these are very painful. Tons and tons of internal pressure, usually centered at first on the right side near the top of my head and then often spreading to the other side. They usually only last a couple of minutes. I've also found that they disappear immediately if I bend down. I might not get any for a day or two, or I might get it a couple of times in one morning. Sometimes I get similar headaches during the day, but they are much more mild. These can last off and on for a couple of hours, and they don't interfere with my work. They sometimes come right after straightening up from bending over, but othertimes they don't seem to have a cause. Again, the worst ones are in the morning after standing up and only last up to a few minutes (sometimes only seconds).

    In the past few weeks I have also been getting pains in the area around my right ear, but every once in a while my left ear. It might be just a one inch area right in front of my ear (toward my face) or it might hurt behind my ear. It's not super-painful, and they don't last too long.

    I sometimes get intense "headaches" in a wide area around my right ear. I get these rarely (maybe one every month or two), and they only last maybe 10 minutes. They hit suddenly and the pain starts fading almost as soon as it comes. Very painful and surprising.

    Tingling, etc.:
    I've had tingling in my hands and feet for a year and a half ever since taking a certain medication (I had two doses and then stopped). It had almost faded, and it doesn't bother me. In the past year, I have sometimes gotten other tingly feelings. It's normally a small area in my face and doesn't last long. In the past few weeks, I have also been getting very "loud" buzzing sensations in my left foot at times. This is new for me.

    I do get tinnitus. It's in both ears. It doesn't bother me much. It doesn't come at the same time as my vertigo episodes or anything like that. I'm a musician, so I figure it's a normal hearing loss effect. In the past couple of weeks I've had some very minor pain inside my ear (usually right, but also left).

    Other than this, I'm pretty healthy. I'm a college female. I have had blood in my stool starting around the same time, but it's mostly gone and my colonoscopy and upper endoscopy were clean. I would attribute my symptoms to stress, but I'm emotionally healthy, and I don't feel very stressed out. It doesn't get worse during stressful times. I saw a nurse at school who said she thought it was stress. She looked in my eyes and my ears for a long time and said that everything looked normal. She also had me walk heel to toe and a couple other things, which I guess I "passed" fine.

    I do feel silly since I had these tests after having blood in my stool that were all clean. Even though I know that I still had to be checked out, I feel as if nothing will come up on this either and I'll just look like a hypochodriac or as if I'm making it up. My parents didn't want me to see a neurologist, but three health professionals (the nurse I saw at school, a nurse I saw at home, and my primary doc) all told me I should. I feel kind of embarrassed because I'm seeing a neurologist, and I don't think anything serious is wrong. I feel healthy, but I know that the vertigo isn't normal, and I know it should be properly checked out. The neurologist is associated with my primary care practice, so it's not at a hospital or anything.

    If they don't find anything wrong, what happens next, if anything?
    What will the neurologist do during and after my appointment?
    Is there anything I should do to prepare for my appointment?
    How long will my appointment last?
    Will he ask about headaches and such? Should I bring these things up if he doesn't ask?
    Do you have any ideas about what any of this could be? I listed all the symptoms I've been having, but I know some of it is probably perfectly normal.

    Sorry for my very long post! And thanks so much for your help!

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    Re: Seeing a Neurologist Next Week... What do you think?


    I'd suggest your also read the Inner Ear Disorder forum on this board.

    Most likely the neurologist will do a neurological examination, will check reflexes etc. As you have vertigo, s/he will likely to perform some basic balance tests like Romberg, Hallpike-Dix. It usually takes about 15-30min depending a doctor. You're likely to be sent to do some imaging like MRI or CT. Visit to ENT doctor may also be recommended. And don't forget to bring everything up during the appointment. The best thing is to keep a diary of your symptoms.

    All the best.


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    Re: Seeing a Neurologist Next Week... What do you think?

    Thank you so much for responding (and getting through my post!). I was wondering why I wasn't referred to an ENT in the first place, but everyone said "neurologist" so I guess they have some sort of system.

    I'll go read a bit on the inner ear board. Thanks!

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