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wannarun 10-31-2007 11:33 AM

chiropractic neurologist experience
I was introduced to a chiropratic neurologist last week. I had never heard of this specialty before, but they are a cross between a neurologist and a chiropractor. There aren't many around so a lot of people may not have heard of them before. They are not an MD, but the one I am seeing teaches MD's classes on neurological stuff!
This specialty seems to pick up where neurologists leave off. They deal with a lot of dizziness/vertigo/migraine clients. I had all vestibular tests done, brain MRI's etc. So once those tests are done and major illnesses are ruled out (ie brain tumor, stroke, MS etc), then neurologists generally say they don't know and you need live with it. Then you continue going from doctor to doctor trying to find someone that will 1)believe you 2) know that it is NOT anxiety and 3) will say, "gee, I don't know, but let's look into it further".
Some find relief this way. Some do not.
I received a prescription for Propanolol, and the day before had been told about this chiropractic neurologist. So, before I "cash in" my prescription, I thought I'd give it a try.
Everything seems very logical and this guy really seems to know his stuff about the brain! Best part for me is no drugs. I am on supplements from his office, for my stomach (antioxidants and such) and co q10 for nerve health.
I have only been in treatment for a week, and today I feel more energetic. i still have some woozies, so I am not saying this is a miracle cure. In fact, I have my "what if's" floating through my head. My biggest what if is "what if he's wrong". But this guy is so confident, I just can't help but believe him-especially when I have any question at all, he goes into great detail explaining his answer and even with my limited knowledge of the brain/nervous system, I can understand him and what he's telling me seems very logical. I am giving it a try and have told myself that if it doesn't work in a month or two, then I'll cash in that prescription for propanolol. I just hate taking drugs!
One thing I like about this guy is although he's technically "alternative", he doesn't say all drugs are poison, he doesn't claim that he can cure anything and everything without drugs. In fact, he knows I'm on an SSRI and didn't even tell me to get off it. (I thought he might) The only thing he said about it was that eventually he'd like to see me off it, but that I shouldn't go off it right away based on all that I have had/have going on. I was relieved to hear that because I get turned off by alternative medicine people saying things like "poison" and tell you everything you're doing "wrong", when it's the only thing that has helped that problem. I am not opposed to going off the SSRI, but just not yet!
I don't know if anyone wants to check out this route, but thought I'd put it out there. Look up chiropractic neurologists on the internet and you'll find more info about it and see what it's about.
I hope I don't look back 6 months from now and think "how stupid was I"?! But everyone close to me says it sounds good, (sometimes it's hard to look at things objectively) and I like this particular guy's honesty.
Hope this may help someone, even if it's ultimately not me.

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