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blessedw3 01-11-2011 10:17 PM

Pressure behind ears after neck is stretched
I am deeply concerned. I was in a MVA over a month ago, had concussion. Collision was about 80+mph almost head on. My c-6 and c-7 are herniated. I demanded to start therapy 3wks ago. When they started extracting my neck, about 4days later I had pressure behind my rt ear. The next week, when they pull on my neck again, I had pressure behind both ears. I am deeply concerned, because i was told i had a sinus infection, no fever, and almost done with antibiotic and I Still have pressure. I am concerned I have fluid pressure. I can't stand now for more than 5 minutes and I've extremely nauseated. I am demanding a full MRI of my body. My body is telling me that "something" is Not right! Does anyone have an idea? Could other disks in my back that are damaged be causing this? I have researched Intracranial Pressure and I have most of those symptoms. I can't get anyone to listen to me. I should be feeling better now, not getting worse. Please Help....Thanks!

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